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11/20 Friday IHRT All Class ride

Fri, November 20, 2020 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

Leader:  Ron Altemus

Members:  Barbara Haney, Belinda Acre, Donaro Gardner, Fran Jezisek, Jackie & Randy Schoch, Susan Altemus

Route:  Friday Favorite - the Indian Head Rail Trail from the Livingston Rd parking lot to White Plains and return.  ~20 miles w/negligible elevation change.

Weather:   clear blue skies resulting in copious sunshine with a significantly lower sun angle, temps ranging from the low to mid 50s, air movement out of the southwest quadrant in the upper aughts.

AMS:  varied per each individuals preferred riding style

Mechanicals/Mishaps:  none

Report:  Barbara's presence was a welcome addition to the core Friday IHRT group.  She joined us to get some miles in on her "new" fixed gear bicycle - new in that a 90s Hollands frame had been modified to become a fixie.  Thus, a bit faster riding for some of us while others enjoyed the trail at their usual rates of speed.  Not that many other trail users today; in particular, it seemed like less than normal walkers and joggers.  Deer and turtles (! - haven't they heard that the area has had its first frost of the season?) constituted the wildlife sightings. 

Item of note:  the running water/indoor facilities at White Plains were locked, probably now until Spring.  All portolets were still available in their regular locations.

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