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Riverside, Durham Church & Annapolis Woods - CC 45mi

Sat, January 02, 2021 10:00 AM | Janell Saunders (Administrator)

Leader: Janell Saunders

Members: Randolf Sims, Ron Altemus, Joan Oppel, Donaro Gardner, Alan Kurzeil

Route: Riverside, Durham Church & Annapolis Woods - CC 45mi

Weather: A foggy morning which cleared to a sunny afternoon. Temps in the mid 50s by the end.

AMS: 12 – 13 for the ride leader

Mechanicals/Mishaps: The ride leader was feeling the effects of not riding or working out enough and shortened the ride after leaving Friendship Farm Park, staying on 425 back to the park. Of note, I did have an issue after the final climb o 425 and had to stop and sit, feeling nauseaus. I felt I had not drank enough water by that point so downed half a bottle and just waited to feel better before continuing.

Ride Report: We waited about 15 minutes past start time to let more of the fog disperse and it definitely lightened up by the time we started but still a little chilly. The roads were still wet, so fenders were the call for the day.We split up to a faster group and the slower group, and did the rubberband as we progressed. I wanted to make the stop down at Mallows Bay, but Alan and Randy did not join us, so we didn't see them again the rest of the ride. The sun was out so enjoyed the long ride on Riverside and after turning on Maryland Point, I was noticing my fatigue. As we made our way on Hancock Run, the road was flooded at the lowest point but not impassable. As we progressed, each little climb made my fatigue more obvious. Ron suggested I could shorten the ride as I did above. I'm glad I did as with my unscheduled stop, I made it back only 10 minutes or so prior to the others. I ended up with 42 miles.

Note to self: Drink more water and listen to your body.

Mallows Bay and the 911 reminder

Hancock Run

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