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  • Sun, June 12, 2016 9:00 AM | Tim Murphy (Administrator)

    Leader: Tim Murphy

    Members: Just me, Tim Murphy, the ride leader.

    Guests: Scot Seiss

    Route: Indian Head to Marshall Hall and Back for 20+ miles. We took Chapman's Landing Road on the Way back.

    Weather: 88, hot and humid, Welcome to summer and getting acclimated to the heat/humidity.

    AMS: 15.2 AMS

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None. Although I pumped two peoples tires that were going to ride the rail trail. On my way home I  stopped to check on the group from the 48 MILES AFTER THE RURAL LEGACY who appeared to have a flat tire. They waived me on and said that they didn't need any help.

    Report: We were training for our Sprint Triathlons. I'm up to 20+ miles and working on increasing distance each week. Also, working on the hills. Going back up Marshall Hall was a little bit of a grind.

  • Sun, June 12, 2016 8:30 AM | Blake Altman

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman

    Date: June 12, 2016

    Ride Name:  Mill Run Loop

    Ride Distance:  38 Miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  18.4 MPH

    Ride Class:  AA/3 Sport

    Mechanical Issues: None

    Mishaps: None

    Weather:  86 to 91F, mostly sunny, becoming breezy – a nice day

    Guest Riders:  None

    Member Riders:  Matthew Lewandowski, Chris Zabriskie

    Ride Report:

    This ride was designed to be a recovery ride from yesterday’s club metric ride.  Therefore, the plan was to ride a fairly short ride at just within the AA pace.  We met our objectives.

    We all stayed together throughout the ride and I think we were all pretty comfortable with the pace other than that there isn’t a lot to report for the ride except it was fun.

    On the way to ride start, I heard a voice from a passing car say “good morning Blake”.  I believe that voice belonged to the famous Jean Wright.  Hello Jean!

  • Sat, June 11, 2016 8:30 AM | Scott Walker

    Class: AA/3

    Category: Training

    Description: OHBTC Patuxent River Rural Legacy Ride

    Speed Limit Imposed: 21mph

    Gain: 3047ft

    Distance: 64.1mi

    Max Grade: 8.8%

    Rest Stops: Magruder’s Landing, Eagle Harbor, Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary

    Riders: Brad, Blake, Aron, Jessica, Darin, Matthew, Pete, Cindy, Dave, Adrian, David, Scott

    Weather: Sunny and close to 90 degrees by ride end.

    AMS: I had 19.3

    Mishaps: None

    Mechanicals: None

    Report: Thanks to the AAs for coming out. I personally enjoyed greeting all the smiling faces on the parking detail, the rather tame and social first half of the AA ride and the playful format that later ensued.  Something for everyone.

  • Fri, June 10, 2016 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Beautiful weather, but only the ride leader came.  Nothing of note to report.

  • Thu, June 09, 2016 10:30 AM | Barbara Haney

    Leader: Barbara Haney

    Members: Tom Short, Jan Tucker, Bob Howell, Tom Roberts, Regina and Mike Saizan, Barb and Ron Haney, Travis Proctor, Holly Carr, Lisha Peacock, Janell Saunders, Sharon Miller, Jane and Jim Hudnall, Linda Bankerd

    Route: Steve P. wanted to completely avoid the Rural Legacy roads today; the result was a very entertaining route exploring the less-traveled roads in PG County on either side of Rt. 301, from the Cedarville area to Piscataway and almost up to Clinton. Highlights included a tour of the Pinefield neighborhood, the challenging surface of Floral Park Rd, beautiful pavement on Piscataway Rd, the longish climbs of Windbrook Dr and Floral Park, and fun descents of Danville and Thrift. Rest stops at Wawa on McKendree and Mill Farms.

    Weather: Fantastic! Low humidity, temps 70s up to about 80, a breeze but not the crazy winds of the previous day. 

    AMS: 16.4 for ride leader

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None!

    Report: We had a great turnout of 16 riders this morning to enjoy the fabulous weather. It was a spirited and chatty group, at times riding all together, then splitting and regrouping, but for the most part very cohesive. It seemed that a good time was had by all. 

    Worth noting: Although the rest stop at Miller farms was much-anticipated, the bakery cashier situation was so inefficient that we got sick of waiting for them to get their act together and left without patronizing the store. Will hope this is not a regular occurrence. 

    Also: as we were returning on Dyson Rd, in a nice orderly line, a police car drove up alongside us, lights on, and the officer had a little discussion with Jim Hudnall, who was leading at the time. Apparently the officer was not thoroughly versed on MD Bicycle law; he requested that we ride further over to the right of the road, although we were riding "as close to the right side of the road as is safe", just as we customarily do; in addition, we do have the right to use the full lane "in a lane that is too narrow for a bicycle to travel safely side-by-side with another vehicle within the lane" (quoting MD SHA website on bicycle safety). 


  • Thu, June 09, 2016 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Tim Ahern, Patricia Sanders, Ron Altemus, signing with the CCs and riding the first half with the Bs while joining us at Miller Farms, Rita Z; and, signing with the CCs but riding with the Bs, Sonja Newman.

    Weather: Breezy to windy, 70s to 80s, sunny and pleasant, almost chilly before 10:00.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14220162  1135' of elevation gain, about 2 miles of road patches so badly done as to defy belief, and not one single centimeter of the Rural Legacy route.  No anticlimactical deja vu all over again feelings come this Saturday!  We took a more comprehensive look at Pinefield than ever before on a Best of Brandywine, and had the rare treat of going down Thrift Rd instead of up it.  Windbrook's not bad, even has a bike lane, and recent road work has widened Piscataway in some places.  It's still not exactly pleasant, but since it is signed as a bike route it's nice to see some work has been done to make it at least bearable.

    Mishaps, mechanicals and rogue ignorant police: none to report. 

    AMS: just under 13

  • Wed, June 08, 2016 5:30 PM | Scott Walker

    Class: AA/3

    Category: Express

    Description: Hammerfest

    Speed Limit Imposed: None

    Gain: 701ft

    Distance: 25.8mi (TT segment 25.1mi used for CJE records and PRs)

    Max Grade: 5.1%

    Rest Stops: None

    Founders: Benny Budd and Joni King

    Support: OHBTC and Paul Bales/Casey Jones Restaurant

    Motto: “For the love of the people and the ride” - Michael Blaine

    Course Record: David Kemp / Andrew Harris (June 13, 2013 – 1:00:57, 24.7 mph average)

    Course QOM: Claire Chiamulera (Aug 22, 2012 – 1:07:56, 22.2 mph ams)

    Course KOM: Davey Hearn / Robert Golding (September 23, 2015 – 1:02:43, 24.0 mph ams)

    Ride Leader: Scott Walker

    Riders: Douglas Carter, Brad Francisco, Darin King, Blake Altman, Kishia Clemencia, Matthew Lewandowski, Travis Proctor, David S. Kemp, Michael Blaine, Doug Cline

    Weather: Windy, 18mph from the WNW at ride start, sunny and 73 degrees

    AMS: Leaders: 21.4 mph

             Sweep: 18.0 mph

    Mishaps: None

    Mechanicals: Kishia rode with the A’s but I noticed that she paused on Rt-6 between Penns Hill Rd and Kentucky Ave for about 13 minutes. Thinking this delay could have resulted from a flat or other mechanical.

    Safety Topic: Caution due to fallen branches and other debris resulting from the strong winds

    Report: Welcome back to Doug Cline; good to have you with us.  Well done to those who rode to the ride start (Darin, Brad, Blake, David, Michael). I think David and Michael may have been some training work during the ride as well. An action packed ride in the wind especially for those with deeper rims. I ended up in the front line again tonight simply on luck.  I got dropped up Spring Hill Newtown and pretty much resigned myself to linger 100 meters off the lead pace line steadily losing ground. But, early into the Rt-6 climb David came flying by me (I didn’t even try to catch his wheel).  Then Brad came past ¾ to the crest so I jumped on. At the crest Brad yelled back: “Scott, you still there?”  “Yes” and at that, Brad ramped up the speed and soon we had the leaders in sight, now trapped at the Penns Hill light.  The light turned green releasing the lead pace-line, but thanks to Brad we were through the light and on their wheel before they made it to Kentucky Ave.  From there, the lead pace-line remained together through the rest of the course (David was with us early on but dropped back for more training work); the line actually splintered up the Budd’s Creak ascent but we (Blake, Douglas, and me) very quickly reacquired the two off the front (Travis and Brad) early after the turn on 301.  The trip into the wind north on 301 was demoralizing but made for good conversation after the Ride.  Thanks for coming out folk; fun ride! 
  • Wed, June 08, 2016 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    Ride Leader:  Daniel Zavorka 

    Date:  08 June 2016

    Ride Name:  Tour de Accokeek

    Ride Distance:  About 17 miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:   The ride leader averaged 14.5 over 16.2 miles. The other riders clocked in a little over 15.0

    Ride Class:  CC - Touring and up

    Guest Riders:  N/A

    Member Riders:  Bob Howell; Sean Lloyd; Tim Murphy; Ron Leak; Dan Zavorka 

    Weather:  Mild and windy (70 F) while we assembled. The wind tapered off as we road. The ride was perfectly pleasant!

    Mechanicals and Mishaps:  None.

    Report:  We had an outstanding ride with no issues and perfect weather. The ride was billed as 'CC plus' class, but we rode a bit faster.  We had a 5 minute pause at our rest stop. After the rest stop, riders completed the remaining route (approximately 5 miles), with Barrys Hill Road providing the only challenge before the ride's completion. Today was a great day for a ride! Thanks to everyone for coming out today.

  • Tue, June 07, 2016 10:00 AM | Thomas Short

    Members:  Tom Short, Larry Peed, Mike & Regina Saizan, Darryl Lowery, Dave Schnirel, Jane & Jim Hudnall, Alan Kurzweil, Sam Perry, Barb & Ron Haney, Tom Roberts, Joni King, Travis Proctor

    Route Malfunction:  At ride start, Joni King announced that significant road work was being done on Livingston Road and suggested that we take an alternative route to avoid it.  Ron Altemus and Steve Palinscar, both possessing extraordinary map skills, quickly devised a route to bypass the construction on both the way out and the way back. The bypass routes were excellent and simple to follow and only added about 4 miles to the 35 mile original route.  Much thanks for their expertise!

    Riders: As usual, we had a group of varied skills but very compatible people who naturally split up into an "A" group and a "B" group.  The "A" group rode reasonably but still faster than we could handle. This, in no way, is a criticism of the "A" group. We all enjoyed each others company at the two rest stops. A faster group allows the opportunity for others to test and improve their conditioning knowing that there are others following in case of difficulty.

    Larry Malfunction: Shortly after we left our second rest stop (Pisgah Store), Larry Peed touched wheels with another rider and Larry went down.  We were all concerned but it turned out OK.  Larry suffered road rash on his right leg, right arm, and right shoulder. The good news was that (1) his Pinarello was not damaged at all, (2) his Pinarello jersey incurred road rash and now sports a battle scar which adds to its character, and (3) Larry's helmet was scarred and prevented what could have been a serious injury.  We all wear helmets and know their importance. Larry's spill demonstrated the worth of a helmet.

    Sam Malfunction:  Following the second rest stop and after Larry's spill, Sam Perry had serious muscle cramps.  But Sam, in his Spartan manner, never said one syllable to anyone about his cramps.  When we arrived back at Bryans Shopping Center, we were waiting for Sam to appear when Joni King's car appeared with Sam in it.  Joni was on her way home when she saw Sam struggling and offered him a ride.  Please riders, if you have any problem let others know. This group is only too happy to assist.

    Kudos to Joni King: Thank goodness Joni showed up today.  First, she advised us to avoid Livingston due to the road work.  Second, she was a good Samaritan and assisted Sam when he needed it.  Just one extra about Joni - The "A" and "B" group all left the first rest stop at about the same time and Joni was with the "A" group.  However she decided to join the "B" group and waited for us by doing hill repeats on Durham Church Road.

  • Tue, June 07, 2016 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Member:  Steve Palincsar

    Route:   Alerted by Joni King as to resurfacing occurring on Livingston Road, minor changes were made to the route to avoid the construction area.  We turned off Livingston onto Pomfret and used the IHRT to get back on route with the easy climb up Bumpy Oak to Marshall Corner.  East on Hawthorne, south on Ripley/Annapolis Woods/Fire Tour to a rest stop in Welcome at Scott's.  Continuing east on MD-6, we went up Durham Church, across Ironsides, over Smallwood Church, and used Sweetwater/Bicknell to a second rest stop at Pisgah.  Mason Spring delivered us to Hawthorne, and then to avoid going up Livingston, we went up MD-210 instead on our return.

    Weather:  outbound temp of 78 degrees rising to 84 by the end of our ride.  The brilliant sun and blue skies of the morning did give way to a fair amount of clouds which were appreciated as they provided a bit of shade on 210.

    AMS:   12.7

    Report:     Currently, it's only a CC duo out riding!  (In popular culture, the CC duo stands for the "Caped Crusaders" - we haven't yet decided which one of us is Batman to the other's Robin.)  A pleasant ride with trees providing ample amounts of shade, especially on Durham Church and Smallwood Church.  I don't have a memory of doing the latter in an east-west direction nor traveling on Sweetwater going west-east.  It was nice to get a different perspective on each of those roads.  Our relaxed touring pace allowed for plenty of conversation concerning the morrow's Rural Legacy route marking:  best practices; mental arithmetic as to number of feet traveled at various speeds; and, walking rates keep us occupied for a good part of the ride.  We came upon Sam Perry on MD-210 and within seconds, Joni King appeared as his rescuer.  See Tom Short's report for all the details.

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