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For a good article on Ride Reports and adding photos to Ride Reports, see pages 7 and 8 of the March 2018 "Spoke-n-Word" .

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  • Sat, August 13, 2016 8:30 AM | Brad Francisco

    Leader: Brad Francisco

    Members: Phil Mitchell, Zach Peacock, Darin King, Robert Smith, Matthew Lewandowski, Blake Altman, Travis Proctor, and Rob Golding (signed in with A's)

    On ride but not on the sign-in sheet:  Douglas Carter & Pete Czapiewski

    Guests: Corey Wells & Justin Rodbell (signed in with A's)

    Route: Picnic - 48 mile route

    Weather: Warm, very warm.  I would call it hot, but Robert Smith just returned from deployment with the Air Force band and experienced temperatures of 140 degrees while on deployment.  That is hot!  For us, about 84 degrees at the start and 90 and sunny at the end.  Approaching 100 degrees by the time the picnic was over.

    AMS: Ride leader had 18.58 mph, most were faster

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: Cory Wells had a flat tire before leaving the driveway.  The rear tire had a damaged sidewall and needed to be replaced.  Cory just happened to have both a spare tube and a spare tire in his saddle bag.  Pete provided assistance and all AA riders waited until we could make our mass start together.

    Justin had a problem with his rear derailleur not shifting into the small gears for the first half of the ride.

    Justin had the tension spring break on his right pedal about 15 miles before the end of the ride.

    Report: I think that I have everyone accounted for in this ride report.  I don't know if the riders who rode with the AA's signed other sheets or just failed to sign in.

    After a late start due to a flat tire (see above), we were on our way.  Pete was in the lead until the left turn on Lowery Rd.  He missed it, so it was now my turn at the front.

    By the time we were back on Hunting Creek Rd, the group was fracturing a bit.  When the lead group failed to make the right turn onto Thanksgiving Lane, this allowed the slower riders to catch up, and we were all back together and fortuitously crossed MD-4 onto Cox Rd. with a perfectly timed traffic light.

    Justin dropped off the pace and Matthew slowed on the uphill on Cox Road.  At Plum Point Road, Matthew was slightly behind me.  Dilemma time.   Justin just joined the club and was not using a cue sheet (I also found out later that he is 15 years old).  Do I stay with him and make sure that he doesn't miss the next turn, or wait for Matthew (a more experienced rider)?  I stayed with Justin and as it turns out Matthew did not turn onto Emmanuel Church Rd. as he should have.  I turned back to look for him, but his GPS sent him on a different route.

    Justin knew how to draft, so on we went at a pretty good clip.  Darin joined us and now we were three all the way to the rest stop at Bayside Market.  There I found out that Justin was having shifting problems and had not been able to use the gears needed to go fast on the downhills (I was wondering why he was coasting so much).  Justin fixed the problem before the ride resumed.

    Still no Matthew by the time that we left the Market.  Is he ahead of us or behind?  Darin called and left a message for him.  Sue Estes joined us for the ride back to the ride start (riding from home).

    Bayside Market was great to us, water and ice was available.  Covered seating was a treat.

    A lot of talk about how everyone was going to take it easy due to the heat for the last half of the ride.  They don't know easy!

    About 15 miles from the end of the ride, Justin's right pedal had problems.  The tension spring that locks the back of the pedal to the shoe broke so that he could not lock into the pedal.  He decided to pedal on anyway and declined to use a shortcut.

    The last miles, had a lot of fracturing of the AA group.  Some had leg cramps, others were just overheating.  All made it back safely.  The leg cramps continued for some during the picnic.

    Thank you Linda for the picnic at your farm.  It is a very nice place to hold this event.  Thank you to the club for the grilled meat, cold drinks, and all the support needed to hold this event.  Thank you to everyone for the food!  It is great when the club can get together and socialize to this degree.

    If I missed anything, please add a comment.

    It was nice to get home to air conditioning!

  • Sat, August 13, 2016 8:30 AM | Kirk Saunders

    Leader: Kirk Saunders / Lisha Peacock

    Members: Sherwood Byers, Travis Frank, Chantal Briere, Bob Thompson, John Harris, S Cohen, Rob Golding

    Guests: Corey Wells , Justin Rodbell    ( some of the handwriting was hard to decipher ^^^) .

    Apologies for any names being incorrect. 

    Route: Smooth road conditions for the most part with stretches of the route being shaded . Beautiful scenery was everywhere to be seen. Farms, Ponds, North Beach & the Horses at Fresh Meadows Farm too .

    Weather: Extremely hot, Kudo's to anyone who toughed it out, showed up & went riding today.

    AMS: 15.7

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  One rider will be getting a front derailleur adjustment this week & had lost the chain several times during up shifts.  

    Report: Much Thanks to Lisha Peacock for stepping up & Co-leading today's ride. It really is comforting to have two ride leaders looking out for the flock. Lisha is a good rider & interested in leading some club rides in the near future. Stay tuned!  Great turn out on a terribly hot day. The first 25 miles weren't too bad heat wise as the group stayed together wisely with a relaxed tempo in respect for the temperature. The second half of the ride was like crawling on the desert to an oasis as the hills & the temps changed the ride from fun to survival. The different ride classes then became quite intermingled. I did like seeing many riders being safe pointing out objects, calling cars back & clear for up coming riders. It's the way it should be to look out after each other & it gives me comfort in my own safety also. Thanks to Fresh Meadows Farms, anyone who volunteered anything & Jim & Jane for a wonderful cycling day .  

    P.S. I noticed a lady rider inside the Equestrian building who didn't look well. I asked her if she was ok & her answer was garbled up. She said she was gonna pass out. I moved her into a chair at the entrance where the wonderful breeze was rushing in. I took the hose & started spraying her limbs with water to cool her down. Some thought I was just playing with the hose & making a mess. I didn't think much of doing it at the time but when her husband picked her up she gave me a huge hug.  I just did what instinct told me, but I'm glad I picked up on it & it's heartwarming.

    P.P.S.   Dreamy Jersey, Barbara, lol

  • Sat, August 13, 2016 8:30 AM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)
    Members: Larry Peed, Bob Howell, Tom Short, Dave Owens, Joni Owens, Dan Wells, Jan Tucker, Joni King, Benny Budd, Kelly Bikowski, Mark Hoover, Sonja Newman, Linda Molesworth, Dawn Byed Carter, Douglas Carter, Paul Miller, Liam Healy
    Guests: Wesley(sp?) Meredith, Pat Silva, Kathi Canesu(sp?), J Keehn
    Ride leaders: Mike Saizan and Debby Bowman
    Route: 43 miles, 1600 feet of climbing, a fair amount of much-appreciated shade, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14560420
    Average speed: Just under 14 mph at the back
    Weather: Record-breaking heat
    Mishaps and mechanicals: One cyclist had shifting/dropped chain problems; don't know if anyone else had problems though I did not encounter anyone stopped by a mechanical.
    Winner of the "Looking Like Something That The Cat Dragged In" Award for the B class: Debby
    Highly recommended for summer cycling: Carry an extra bottle of water so you can pour some on yourself and still have plenty to drink during the ride. Pour water on the back of your head to prevent a headache. Keep Blue Ice in a cooler and a spray bottle full of water in your car -- put the ice inside your jersey (front and back) and spritz liberally for a quick post-ride cool down. 

    Twenty-six(!) cyclists joined Mike and me for the B class picnic ride. Due to the forecast of extreme heat, we decided several days in advance that we would only lead the 43-mile route; I don't think any Bs chose to do the full 48-miles on their own, though it's difficult to keep track of so many riders with the different groups intermingling at times. The first half of the ride was hot but bearable, thanks to the early hour, cooling effect of the bay and mostly flat route. Most folks rode a brisk pace, well ahead of the sweeping ride leaders. The AAs passed us on Cox Rd after their flat-tire delay, and since they did the longer route they passed us again somewhere between Bayside and Old Bayside.

    After the rest stop at Chesapeake Market we climbed up Friendship Rd and the temperature seemed to climb with us. Six or seven us rode together for about ten miles, down the long stretch of Old Solomons Island/Grovers Turn/Fowler Rd. We passed opportunities to get more water and ice as we crossed Chesapeake Beach Rd and Route 4, but no one wanted to stop.

    As we rode along Chaneyville Rd we heard sirens behind us. We were quickly passed by a fire truck, followed a minute later by an ambulance. I think I was not alone in hoping that none of the friends who were riding ahead of us had had to call for help. As it turned out both vehicles turned into the lot at Northern High School; we hope whoever needed them was not seriously hurt. A shady mile later we reached Friday's Creek Winery. At this point I stopped but everyone else kept riding. I bought a cold bottle of water (should have bought two) and enjoyed a nice chat in the shade with the owner. As I rode on Tom Short passed me (maybe he had done the full 48-mile route?). I enjoyed the view of the river on Lower Marlboro, but then the heat really kicked in as the road kicked upward, and the hills on Mill Branch and Huntingtown made things worse. It helped to stop several times under shady trees to take off my helmet and pour water on my head, back and arms, but the water dried fast in the hot sun. The last time I stopped, a man in a red minivan pulled over and asked if I needed any help. Thank you man in red minivan! I'm sure I was not the only one who was glad to finally reach the smooth new (downhill) pavement on Hunting Creek Rd for the last few miles of the ride.

    Many thanks to our hostess Linda Molesworth, everyone who coordinated the picnic, Ron Tucker for offering to SAG, and Troy and Mary Ann Eddy for working the grill. As always, the delicious food and the chance to visit with folks from different ride classes made for a great picnic!
  • Fri, August 12, 2016 9:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Ride Leaders: Jackie and Randy Schoch

    Members: Michael Dong, Desiree Holcomb, and Steve Palincsar.

    Guests: None

    Weather: Very warm summer weather (near 90 and humid).

    Route: IHRT 

    Mishaps & Mechanicals: None

    AMS: 12mph (for the leaders)

    Only a few members came out to ride this morning. There were many trail users including bikers, walkers, joggers, and many dogs taking their humans for a walk. We didn't see a lot wildlife out and about today. Member Bob Moye was riding the trail today. We decided to do the abbreviated route this morning since the weather very hot and muggy. We took our break at the "Jim and Jane Hudnall" bench with lots of discussions. After the rest break, Des, Jackie, and I turned to go back but Michael and Steve wonted to ride further. So, we said out "good byes" and rode in opposite directions. In September, this Friday IHRT Ride will go back to the fall schedule of 10AM start and doing the entire trail.



  • Thu, August 11, 2016 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Chris Roell, Calvin Conyers, Rita Z (who turned back after 1 mile)

    Weather: Sunny, hot and humid, reaching the high 90s by mid-day

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/8701424, a flat run straight down to Hughesville, then back up via not-quite-as-flat roads, meant to end with Molly Berry / Martin / North Keys but revised to stay on Horsehead to Baden Naylor, then Baden Naylor to Brandywine and back on Gibbons Church.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none

    AMS: 13.5

  • Thu, August 11, 2016 9:30 AM | Barbara Haney

    Leader: Barbara Haney

    Members: Ron Haney, Larry Peed, Bob Howell, Holly Carr, Jan Tucker, Tom Roberts, Lou Dallorso, Lisha Peacock, Randy Hadden, Jane and Jim Hudnall, Brad Francisco

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/8701424, a flat run straight down to Hughesville, then back up via not-quite-as-flat roads, ending with Molly Berry / Martin / North Keys

    Weather: The heat and humidity was back, starting out merely steamy and ending like an oven, with a heat index over 100; sunny and somewhat windy. In other words, rather uncomfortable at times. 

    AMS: 17.3 for leader, with a range of faster/slower averages, as is normal for an A/B ride

    Report: A hardy group gathered to ignore the Heat Advisory, and we kept up a brisk A pace to the first hydration stop in Hughesville, by which time it was already starting to feel pretty gross out. There was some discussion of shortening the route, given the conditions, reserving final judgement for the Moreland Market stop. By then it seemed the wisest decision, so the majority opted to return via the more direct Malcolm Horsehead and Aquasco-Brandywine, leaving only five of us to do the complete route. Despite the extreme conditions, it was a good morning of riding in excellent company. 

  • Wed, August 10, 2016 5:30 PM | Majesta Hartley

    Leader: Majesta Hartley

    Members: Sherwood Byers, Larry Peed, Mike Bivens, Jane Hudnall, Jim Hudnall, Matt Schwaller, James Denmark, Dana Trevas, Lou D.

    Guests: Chris Shea

    Route: Tour de Accokeek

    Weather: Hot and a little windy


    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report: Fun ride as usual!!!! Everyone enjoyed a nice easy ride at their own pace. Lou rode to the start from home. Sherwood skipped the rest stop and headed back to the start up bumpy oak.  Dana and Chris took their time and enjoyed a romantic date ride :-).

  • Wed, August 10, 2016 5:30 PM | Blake Altman

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman (Substituting for Scott Walker)

    Date: August 10, 2016

    Ride Name:  Casey Jones Express

    Ride Distance:  25 Miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  See report

    Ride Class:  AA/3 Express

    Mechanical Issues: Flat tire

    Mishaps: None

    Weather: Low to mid 90’s, high humidity, breezy, clear

    Guest Riders:  None

    Member Riders:  Paul Bales, Mike Dent, Brad Francisco, Robert Golding, Douglas Carter, Darin King, John Choate, Mike Wilson, Zack Peacock, Michael Blaine, Chis Zabriskie, Robert Smith, David Kemp

    Ride Report:

    The big news tonight was Robert Smith is back from his deployment.  He is looking great and riding well.  He said it was great to be home and he appreciates the cooler weather we have here!  I guess 95 degrees is nothing compared to the high temperatures where he was deployed.  It is great to have you back Robert.

    I got was dropped early in the ride when I stopped for traffic at the intersection of Bel Alton Newtown Road and everyone else kept going.  I caught some other folks who fell off the pace later on but never really got with a group until I saw Rob Golding and Brad stopped on 301 fixing Rob’s flat.  After the flat was fixed we took off at a blistering pace.  I was able to stay with them until St. Mary’s Ave where a gap developed that only widened.

    Since I wasn’t really with a group I don’t have good information on the speeds of any of the groups.  Brad reports he and Rob Golding had an overall average of 22.1 and an average on the TT portion of 22.8.  I had an average of 21.7 which may be a bit high since I started my computer on St Mary’s Ave after our short warm up.  I’m not sure what the front group had for an average – perhaps someone could add a comment with that.

    It was another good ride.  Scott will be back leading next week.

  • Tue, August 09, 2016 9:00 AM | Barbara Haney

    Leader: Barbara Haney

    Members: Ron Haney, Larry Peed, Mike Bivens, Holly Carr, Kishia Clemencia, Regina and Mike Saizan, Tom Roberts, Jane and Jim Hudnall, Vernon Daley, Randy and Jackie Schoch

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13607695, clockwise route on familiar favorite roads down to Welcome and back, with the added attraction of a rest stop at Goose Bay Marina

    Weather: Refreshingly cool, temps topped out in the 70s, total cloud cover, a few sprinkles at the rest stop that fortunately didn't turn into anything worse

    AMS: ranging from mid-to-upper 16s 

    Report: Despite the grey sky, there was no rain predicted and we had a good complement of riders. Randy and Jackie departed early and followed their own agenda; we greeted them again on Bumpy Oak and then on Ripley. The rest of us benefitted from the break in the heat to keep a good pace throughout the ride: we were all A riders today, and there was never much distance between the front and rear of the group. We took a pleasant break at Goose Bay, taking advantage of the indoor restrooms, store, and comfortable porch, enjoying the company and cameraderie, before returning to Bryans Road shortly before the noon siren sounded from the firehouse. Many thanks to Mike Saizan and Mike Bivens, who both offered to sweep; although today their were no incidents, a reliable and reassuring presence is always appreciated and helps make a combined-class ride with a larger group a viable option.

  • Tue, August 09, 2016 9:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Ron Altemus, Karl Craton, Calvin Conyers and (joined yesterday and riding with us for the first time) Jessica Hirschhorn

    Weather: overcast with heavy gray clouds, chilly low 70s when I left Accokeek, rising to the low 80s by 1 pm and humid.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13607695  One of Mike Bivens' routes, this one goes up Bumpy Oak, jogs over on Hawthorne and down Valley, and up 6 to Blossom Point.  Return is Mill Swamp, 6 to Fire Tower, Annapolis Woods and Ripley, breath-taking descent of the western face of Mighty Mount Pisgah followed by an impromptu jog up Livingston to the portolet on the IHRT, then back to Hawthorne to Lower Wharf, Chapmans Landing, etc.  Just over 37 miles with the portolet detour, and 1152' of elevation gain.

    AMS: 12.something at the back, 13.something at the front

    CCs have been pretty thin on the ground on Tuesday mornings of late, and with Ron suffering from the heat and Joan out with crash injuries I thought I would have to cancel today's ride.  And then Jessica wrote to say she was coming on her first ride with Oxon Hill, and with the heat abating, Ron felt much better; and then this morning, Karl joined us, having recently returned from a two-year stint as an ex-pat teacher in Korea, and Hallelujah, Calvin joined us too!  

    We regrouped a few times at the top of significant climbs that spread the group apart, but we never had to wait very long to reform the group, and everyone enjoyed themselves and wanted to stay together.  We even arrived at Goose Bay with plenty of time in hand to socialize with the ABs.  I'd be thrilled to have this group on a regular basis.

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