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  • Sat, August 09, 2014 9:00 PM | walter carr

    Leader: Walter Carr

    Members:  We had the following Club members Rosemary Pollard, Paul Bankerd, Janice Wallace, Gloria Gladden, Carole Gardener, Bob Seay, and Celeste Conyers.

    We did the 28 mile River Ride, which included the short steep Flint Hill and the climb on Mill Branch Rd.  I brought up the rear with an AMS of 11.5 mph.  No mechanical mishaps were encountered.  Weather was sunny in the mid 80's.  We returned a few minutes after the serving of the food started, so no shortage of food was encountered.

    I personally enjoy riding that area of Calvert County and in particularly visiting Linda's zebra.  Looking forward to the day when Linda can see the need to obtain a Giraffe.

  • Sat, August 09, 2014 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    Ride Leaders: Calvin Conyers / Eric Petersen

    Members: Robin Garnett, Bernie Cohen

    Guests: Patrice Coss, Rebecca Wedding

    Route: 15 Mile Picnic Ride

    Weather: Nice, Low 70's at the start working its way to the low 80's.  A bit humid, but for August this was great!! (stolen from Brad's report)

    AMS: 11.82mph leader

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report:  The C/D Riders, being the last ones out of the barn, had greater opportunity for the pre-ride photos, etc. and so while Jane was working on the ominous task of getting a good photo of Calvin and I, our group, who was eager to ride, headed on out without us.  Calvin and I hopped on our bikes and exited the farm thinking that once we got onto the road we would see our group, so we proceeded out, took the first left, and much to our chagrin, no group was in sight.  We immediately started thinking of the professional and personal ramifications of being completely dropped by our group and so we picked up the pace and took the second left, still no group.  Our angst began to build and we further increased our pace, wondering if our group had received special racing injections at the farm that we were not made a party to.  Finally, as the road straightened out, there was our group, moving along at quite a good pace, not in  the least bit concerned about the fate of their infamous ride leaders.  (Apparently all were aware that good food was on the other end of this ride, and that each minute of delay in arrival times would represent the potential loss of that best salad or dessert).  We hit the first set of hills, and one person in our party who was having issues with their knees struggled up the first hill, walking the second with ride leaders one ahead and one behind.  At the top of the hill Calvin noted that not all of the gears on that riders bike were being utilized and began coaching the rider on when to shift which allowed the rider to clear the second set of hills without issue.  (Calvin's coaching and encouragement was very impressive).  When we reached the final set of hills this rider had had enough and wanted to turn back.  Calvin and I were not going to let this rider return back alone and wanted to accompany, but the rider really did not want to inconvenience us, but did not want to continue on either.  We were at a stalemate.  Finally a solution was reached in which a shady place was found where the rider could wait to return with us after we doubled back from King's Landing.  The remainder of the group went up and then down the final set of hills to King's Landing where the beautiful scenery was noted.  Bernie called his wife from Patrice's phone to explain that his phone had been forgotten, but had to leave a message.  Bernie's wife called back, Patrice answered, Bernie's wife hung up, leaving Bernie in a precarious place despite his best efforts.  Calvin spotted what appeared to be a giant, red velvet covered ant, who looked hungry, headed our way and we knew that it was time to be going.  On the way back up the hill we speculated on whether or not the rider would still be waiting, realizing that we had left ourselves wide open for a duping.  Not soon after, my cell phone rang, and suspicions were confirmed.  The rider was announcing a safe arrival back at the farm without us.  We had been duped.  On the way back Robin, Patrice and I speculated on the origins of Patrice's Lighthouse Century Jersey, which was later to be determined to have been the product of a ride in Morro Bay, California.  Also discovered were numerous other Lighthouse Centuries on both East and West Coasts.  All that being said, we returned back to the barn without incident, only to be amazed at the sight of AA riders already having arrived.  So much for any good desserts being left.  (Just kidding, there was an overabundance of great food).   

    Many thanks to the riders, ride leaders, ride coordinators, and to Linda for use of the farm, and to all of the OHBTC members who pitched in to make this ride happen.  

  • Sat, August 09, 2014 9:00 AM | Reginald Stokes
    Leader: Reggie Stokes and Ron Leak

    Members: Gloria Gladden, Mary Edington, Rich Jores, Reginald Stokes, harry Kidd , Polly Choate, David O'Briqan


    Route: Picnic 28

    Weather: Low 80's

    AMS: 13.4

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report: Great day for a ride. All went well ! Polly decided to wait  for Walters group. I rode sweep and Ron stayed near the front.
  • Sat, August 09, 2014 8:30 AM | Holly Carr (Administrator)

    Leader: Holly Carr

    Members: Huge turnout.  We had 20 riders in the peleton:  Mike Bivens, Bruce Wright, Larry Peed, David Dupois, Kim Rosefield, Debby Bowman, Phillip Mitchell, Joan Oppel, Vernon Daley, Lisha Peacock, Joel Katz, Steve Perekis, Dave Melville, Jim Hudnall, Norm Lisy, Linda Bankerd, Tom Short, Chantal Briere, Bob Thompson

    Guests: Brian Wu, Grant Thorpe

    Route: 48 miles

    Weather: perfect

    AMS: 16.3 hammer to the rest stop; relaxed to 15.7 on the way back

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: Leader missed a turn.

    Report:  This year I had the honor of leading 20 riders around Calvert County.  We left Linda Fresh Meadows Farm shortly after the A's left and headed down the road.  The train was long, and Ken and Wes Meredith stayed with me, which was wonderful--for my confidence.  I can see why the Yellow Jersey rider in the Tour De France, does not always like to have the Yellow Jersey.  Having so many riders fast and up close is pressure.  At times, I wished we could keep to a single file, and not ride double.  Fortunately, when we noticed a "car back" the riders did pull over to form a single line.  We rode in a group all the way to the rest stop, and as such, having a single line is important--so as not to frustrate the folks in cars.  As we rounded a turn, there was Jim Hudnall, ready with camera to catch our pictures.  Amazing!  How did he get there?  We rode past the bay, and it was beautiful.  Jim treated me to a cup of coffee at the rest stop, and I sat down to savor it and enjoy.  My peleton wanted their lunch, so off they went!  Four of us finished the ride (Jim, Debbie Bowman, Joannie Oppel and I).  The food was truly worth riding back for.  But my favorites are the Donkey and the Zebra.  Linda was a most wonderful host, as always, and told us what it is like to raise a baby Zebra from 5 weeks on.  Zinny imprinted on her and not the other horses.  So, Linda gets followed around by Zinny every place she goes.  Zinny also has toys and will play.  The Donkey was happy to receive pats on his nose.  Linda's labs are gracious hosts; they amble around happily.  I think my Irish Setters would make a real party of it and demand too much food and attention.  So, best they stay home.  It was a wonderful day.

  • Sat, August 09, 2014 8:30 AM | Alan Kurzweil

    Ride Leaders: Linda Molesworth (Lead)/ Alan Kurzweil (Sweep)

    Members: Don Haller, Mike Johnson, Walt Roscello, Maia Conner, Gary Schmidt, Jan Tucker, Ken Meredith, Darryl Watson

    Guests: Michele Nycum, Nadine Hughes, Michael Lizarraga, Daryl Coston, Joanne Gray, Jon Kryptes, Shelly Kreyles, Theren Fonz

    Route: 43 Mile Picnic Ride

    Weather: Nice, Low 70's at the start working its way to the low 80's.  A bit humid, but for August this was great!! (stolen from Brad's report)

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: Sweep leader had a moment, missed the second cue, and truly was the sweep (duh!) (Jim the cue sheet was perfect!)  No other incidents to report.

    Report:  Huge turnout. Thanks to all the riders and a welcome to the Guests. Many thanks to the organizers and to Linda for use of the farm. and a special thanks to Robin for the brownies (Yum).

  • Sat, August 09, 2014 8:30 AM | Brad Francisco

    Leader: Brad Francisco

    Members: Steve Koegle, Blake Altman, Matthew Lewandowski, Sue Estes, Zach Peacock, Michael Morris, Brookey Givens, Eric Nielsen, Ken Williams, Samson Samson, Robert Golding, Darin King

    Guests: Den? Scanlon, Steve Means, David Schneiter, Karl Bugenhagen,

    Route: 48 Mile Picnic ride

    Weather: Nice, Low 70's at the start working its way to the low 80's.  A bit humid, but for August this was great!!

    AMS: 21 lead group, 20.2 leader

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: Flat tire

    Report:  A nice day for a ride.  Thank you Linda for allowing us to use your farm for a picnic, you are most generous.  It appeared from the start that the riders wanted to get back for lunch.  The pace was fast for a AA ride.  Some that signed up for the AA ride ended up riding a different class ride, likewise we had riders from the A's with us.  Rob as usual showed us how bicycles should go up hills.  At the rest stop, the advantage of riding fast paid off with our pick of tables to sit at.

    Leaving the rest stop, I messed up as a ride leader and I need to apologize to any that were left behind.  I was talking to someone and a large number of the AA riders went by me and announced that they were leaving, and they were!  I saw the back end of the group making the left out of the parking lot.  I grabbed my bike and followed.  I should have made an announcement that the AA's were leaving/had already left.

    Rob was with me as we chased down the other riders.  As we got them in our sights, I noticed the greatly diminished group ahead.  We had about nine riders left that I could see.  Eric had ridden to the ride from AA County and was heading directly home., so he wasn't with us.  Samson was riding with Alan.  But still the number didn't add up.

    Thanks go to the A ride leader.  Alan helped Michael with some bad luck with a tire/tube.  Michael ended up needing a lift back to the picnic.  Alan made a call to Vivian Peterson (Eric's wife) and received transport for Michael - thank you!

    Plenty of delicious food and plenty of drink awaited us back at the picnic, and the group ahead of me wasted no time in getting back and partaking.

  • Sat, August 09, 2014 8:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Patricia Sanders, Robin Kyle, Toney Rogers, Carlos Young, Jule Thorne, Bob Howell, Sherwood Byers, Jean Dwyer, Ron Altemus, Jerry Finan, Rita Zeitner, Sharon Griffing and Joan Oppel

    Guests: Debbie McCall

    Weather: Low 70s at the start, mid 80s by the time we, the last arrivals, got back to the picnic in early afternoon

    Route: The 48 mile route, with the addition of an extra portolet stop at Bowen's (honestly, for some of us 25 miles to the first bathroom break is more than a "bridge too far") a quick stop at the North Beach Pier (to avoid any lines at the official rest stop -- and who knew, they've renovated the rest rooms, and swapped mens for ladies) and the inclusion of Flint Hill Rd just past Northern HS.  It's my favorite road in the Calvert/AA peninsula, and I was very happy the group followed me there.

    I'd made a dozen cue sheets including the short cut that turns the 48 into the 43, and at least one of the riders had the official 43 mi cue sheet rather than the 48, but in the end all did the 48 mile route.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: After the break at Bowens and the crossing of Rt 2/4 we broke into two groups, the lead element and those riding with me.  Someone in the lead element had a flat in the section before the 43 mi rejoins the 48 mile route; the lead group stopped and told us to go on as they had things under control.  Also, someone (I didn't catch his name) had a minor spill -- I heard "wheel overlap" but who knows? -- and sustained some scrapes.  Neosporin and band-aids were administered at the rest stop, and the rider finished under his own power.

    AMS: 14.0 

    Ride report: a nice ride.  As Brad said, many thanks to Linda for letting us use the farm.  As for the rest: while the AAs were racing to get back so they could get firsties at the food, we took our time and were last back for the feast.  There was still feast enough for us when we got back, even out at the BBQ.  In conclusion, a link to some words of wisdom  for the anonymous rider with the cell phone...

  • Sat, August 09, 2014 8:30 AM | Alan Canfield

    LeaderAlan Canfield

    Members:  Chuck Coe, Cy Tandy, Darryl Lowery, Jean Wright, Robert Smith, Lou Dallorso, Brocerick Pascual, Richard Harrington, Jessica Livingston, Brian Dixon

    Guests: Tim Cramblit, Steve Wilk


    48-mile route from Fresh Meadows in Huntingtown MD 

    Weather:   82°F r.h. 80%

    AMS:  Group 17.8, Lead 17.3

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  A flat in the AA group at mile 5 required a SAG.  A rider went down at mile 40 but reportedly no major issues.


    After predictions for rain early in the week it ended up being great weather for a bike ride.  Temps in the 80s and rising humidity didn't seem so bad with all the great canopy and tree cover early in the ride.

    This was my first visit to Calvert County and it did not disappoint!  Major shout-out to the organizers that mapped out the route. The rolling hills, a couple decent climbs, gorgeous canopy, and scenic views were appreciated.  There something special about turning down an old highway and thinking about the history of the road, while also enjoying low traffic and great scenery.

    My first outing as a ride leader also did not disappoint.  We quickly assembled at the ride start.  I attempted to give the AA's some space so we wouldn't get caught up in their pace.  When they stopped after leaving the driveway to sweep up members and we got bunched up, but 2-3 miles up the road there was a natural split in the groups.  I have too many experiences pushing a hard pace early, and fading at the end, so I try to avoid repeating that mistake.

    At the 5.5 mile mark we had a rider suffer a flat and peel off the back of the group.  I didn't realize it was a AA rider but that doesn't really matter anyway.  I was relieved to see Samson Samson also pull over to help, thinking we would have a good group to work together and pull back the A's.  Alas, it wasn't to be.  The deep-dish rims needed a longer stem than we had, and the glued patch didn't hold after a quick change.  (I was carrying a spare tube but it was a 48 mm stem.  In the future I will carry 80mm stems.)  Fortunately, Eric Peterson had provided his and his wife's phone numbers, so I called for a SAG.  After a few phone calls to re-vector back onto the route, we had a pick-up.  

    Samson and I continued for the remainder of the 43 miles.  Turns out he had the front brake rubbing.  After we stopped to correct it at mile 10, his ride got much easier.  We traded pulls and enjoyed the great roads and scenery.  The store at Holland Point was a highlight and we appreciated the road markings still visible on the route. 

    Chuck Coe reported that the main A group had mishap around mile 40, with Jean Wright going down in a some sand in a turn.  She was able to get up and finish the ride, so let's hope she didn't suffer any major injuries.

    The Fresh Meadow Farms is a gorgeous venue for the ride start and picnic.  I enjoyed the good food and fellowship at the picnic, especially the tasty grilled pork loin.  Many thanks to the owners for offering their farm, and to the club members that got there early and stayed late to clean up.  

  • Fri, August 08, 2014 6:30 PM | Judy Mutty

    Ride Leaders:  Judy Mutty, Liz Willis

    Members: Terry Hillmer, Rosemary Pollard

    Guests: Laurie Ellis, Joanne Nichols

    Weather: Overcast but in the low 80s

    Mishaps and Mechanicals:  None

    AMS:  10

    It was a very congenial group and a most enjoyable ride. Liz’s sister, Joanne, is getting stronger with each ride – you go girl! Terry, a new member, rode from Ft. Washington to join us and rode with us half-way – until he reached Oxon Hill Rd. and headed back home. This was Laurie’s first time riding with us and we’re encouraging her to get to know us better!

    We saw the requisite deer and bunnies and ducks and even a small herd of cattle. Never at a loss for wildlife along Henson Creek!

  • Fri, August 08, 2014 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Ride leader: Jackie and Randy Schoch

    Members: Vicki Garlock, Calvin Conyers, and Bev White

    Guests: None

    Weather: a lovely summer day, high 70s at the start to mid-80's by early afternoon


    IHRT COMBO – 22.9 MI                                         IHRT COMBO – 22.9 MI  

    0.0                   START at Senior Center                                  0.0                   START at Senior Center                     

    0.28                 IHRT                                                               0.28                 IHRT

    2.91     X         Rt. 225                                                             2.91     X         Rt. 225

    3.50     R          Rt. 224                                                             3.50     R          Rt. 224                                                

    3.92     L          Rt. 225                                                             3.92     L          Rt. 225

    7.98     R          Ripley Rd (3 wooden crosses)                         7.98     R          Ripley Rd (3 wooden crosses)

    10.16   R          Poorhouse Road                                               10.16   R          Poorhouse Road

    12.19   L          Pisgah Store (REST STOP)                              12.19   L          Pisgah Store (REST STOP)

    12.19 X           Rt. 425 onto Bicknell Road                               12.19 X           Rt. 425 onto Bicknell Road

    13.82   L          Sweetman Road                                               13.82   L          Sweetman Road

    14.72   R          Rt. 224                                                             14.72   R          Rt. 224

    18.60   L          Rt. 225                                                             18.60   L          Rt. 225

    19.0     R          Rt. 224                                                             19.0     R          Rt. 224

    19.4     L          IHRT                                                               19.4     L          IHRT

    19.9     X         Rt. 225 Straight on IHRT                                19.9     X         Rt. 225 Straight on IHRT

    22.6     R          Mattingly Lane                                               22.6     R          Mattingly Lane

    22.7     L          Rt. 210                                                            22.7     L          Rt. 210

    22.8     R          Pyre Road                                                       22.7     R          Pyre Road

    22.9                 FINISH                                                           22.9                 FINISH

    (Parking Area near Senior Center)                                            (Parking Area near Senior Center)

    Randy cell 301-437-7161                                                        Randy cell 301-437-7161

    Jackie cell 301-437-5045                                                                       Jackie cell 301-437-5045                                                                    

    Mishaps & mechanicals: Randy adjusted Bev's front brake pad (rubbing).

    AMS: 11 mph

    It's very pretty rural ride on country roads with light traffic. There were a lot of words of consternation coming from Calvin as we rode up Mt. Pisgah (Rt. 225) but he made the climb (very easy) with no trouble. Vicki especially enjoyed the route (her first time on these roads). Bev rides extremely well on her crusier bike.  This route looks like a "keeper" for our Friday morning rides until the IHRT construction is completed next spring.

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