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  • Wed, July 01, 2015 7:17 AM | Michael & Yuyin Bivens

    Ride Leader: Mike Bivens

    Classification: B Sport/Touring

    Distance:  What if you schedule a B ride and an A ride breaks out?  38.0 (except for Darryl who started from and returned home adding at least an additional 20 miles).  AMS for the group was mid 17s to low 16s with sweeping Ride Leader finishing at 15.9 AMS. 

    Members:  Regina and Mike Saizan, Diane Harris, Norm Lisy, Sam Perry, George Chiamulera, Jay Lewis, Darryl Lowery, Jan and Ron Tucker, Tom Short, Alan Kurzweil, Troy Eddy, and Jim Hudnall

    Weather:  Not nearly as hot as recent weeks with temperature at ride start in the mid 70s, but humidity was high. A cloud cover and southerly breezes helped keep the pace high.  While a few claimed they felt a couple of drops of rain, I believe it was transferred sweat from the closeness of the group. 

    Ride Report:   A larger group than recent weeks, possibly due to lower temps.  No CC ride with most of those participants at Bike Virginia.  Since Bryans Road sits at a higher elevation than most of our routes, it is necessary to climb something (Pomfret, Bumpy Oak, Livingston, Indian Head Highway, etc.) to get back to the start.  Today it was Marshall H(w)all, thus the subtitle of today’s route.  We left the shopping center down Livingston and took a left on Pomfret to Preston Lane and Marshall Corner. After crossing Hawthorne, we descended Rose Hill and went left on Port Tobacco to a left through the Quailwood neighborhood rollers. Returning to Hawthorne, we went right across 301 to Washington, Rosewick/St. Charles Parkway and the rest stop at the Dash-In (corner with Billingsley).  We returned on Bilingsley, Middletown, the Lexington neighborhood, and back up Berry Road to Manning, Dusty Lane and Livingston to cross 210.  An option was provided to continue on Livingston to 210 and avoid going down Barry’s Hill and up Marshall H(w)all, but I believe all opted for the complete route.  As the sweepers passed Jim (who had been at or near the front of the group for most of the route) coming up the climb, he described it as “a great 36 mile ride.”   

    Mechanicals: None    

    Incidents:  Alan, who had just returned from a bicycle tour in Ireland, where he described it as only raining twice – once for two days and once for three days, started to cramp at mile five and decided to turn around before going down Rose Hill. Speculation was the real reason may have been Dash-In not serving Guinness.

    Before crossing 301 at Hawthorne, the traffic light was out and police directed everyone to turn right, or south on 301.  We were able to make a U-turn and continue with the route, only adding about 1/5 mile.

    Heavier than usual traffic on Billingsley since construction continues on the water pipeline project and the U-turn out of WaWa was blocked.    

  • Tue, June 30, 2015 7:18 PM | Norman Lisy

    Beautiful day for a ride...low humidity and temps in the 70's.  Sonja Newman and I did a brisk 45.  Good day

  • Sun, June 28, 2015 8:30 AM | Scott Walker

    Class: AA2/3

    Category: Sport

    Description: Short and sweet

    Speed Limit Imposed: None

    Gain: 883

    Distance 34mi

    Max Grade: 5.6%

    Ride Leader Scott Walker

    Riders: Diane Harris, Robert Golding, Steve Koegle, George Valenzuela, Blake Altman, Darin King, Karin Fitzgerald, Pete Czapiewski, Cynthia Anderson  

    Weather: Partly sunny, 70 at the start warming to 75.  Winds from the WSW at 7.

    AMS: 20.3

    Mechanicals: Karen flatted very early in the ride as we made our way up 228.  Some interesting repair techniques were demonstrated on this one with the boys finally deciding that a comparison in pump size was in order...  Pretty soon after, Darin experienced a sticking chain link and stopped to remedy the problem after we turned on Billingsley.  A super assist provided from Pete had Darin and the rest of us back on our way in no time.

    Mishaps: None

    Report: Good fun this morning with a new trip across Billingsley, St. Charles PKWY and Rosewick, and then down 301 onto Hawthorne...  ...and great to have Diane and Steve back with us today (Diane added 14 additional miles today riding from home to the ride start)!  Everyone stayed together throughout the ride, save the last little 4-mile sprint up 210, where the AA’s on this ride just love to leave it all out on the road.  Well, maybe not completely; Blake and Robert set out to add some additional miles after the ride, and Robert has another ride (53 miles) scheduled later today at 2:00 pm!


  • Sun, June 28, 2015 8:00 AM | Sherwood

    Member(s):  Sherwood Byers, Sr. (Ride Leader), Linda Bankerd (Co-Ride leader), Chuck Coe, Dan Zavorka, Randy   Hadden, Matthew Lewandowski, Jean Wright, Bruce Wright, Phillip Mitchell, Tom Short, Janell Saunders, Steve Perakis, Walt Roscello, Majesta Hartley, Tasha Harris.

    Guest(s):  Alexis Richburg

    Mishap(s):   3 Reported (Flat Tires)

    Sunday mornings ride showed Saturday's Fury of the rain.  It appears that cyclists of all classes missed out on their Saturday riding as they showed up for the Manokeek, Pisgah, Welcome Ride, Reversed and Extended.  There were 16 riders in all.  

    The weather was perfect for cycling.  I guess after the fury of Saturdays rain, the weather gods let us have our day. 

    After the the ride photo, we set out bike toward our heading and embarked on time.  Once we crossed Rte. 210 and headed to Bryan Point Rd. the AMS at the front easily went to 20+ & 15+ @ the rear.  There were many cyclists to look after.  I decided that it would be best if I hung around the middle of the group until the groups took on their own pace.  The ride went just as planned until we reached Chicamuxen, then the flat tires began to appear (I guess the King of the Flats wanted to flex his muscle).  When I approached the rider, he was already inserting his tube.  He had mentioned that this was his first experience with a flat. He handled this chore easily.

    Once the flat was repaired we continued to the rest stop where I should have made it clear to go into the main gate.  There is a locked gate at the bottom of Sweden Point Road.  Many riders went around where as others chose to climb the hill and enter the main gate (I will clarify this going forward. As the youngsters would say, MY BAD).  I took a moment to ask one of the riders in the lead (Matthew Lewandowski) if he would mind keeping an eye on those in the lead (Thank You).  I did ask another rider a similar request, but only to show the riders doing the 46 mile ride the route, and that rider said they did not mind.  That rider did said they were going that way anyway and a thank you was not necessary. But to that cyclist, I am still thankful for your support. Thank you.

    We continued our ride to the next resting point without any mishaps.  This would be the last resting spot where all of the riders would see each other because the distances chosen would split and go different directions (Eg. 46/62 Miles).This rest stop (Ollies) is very kind to the cyclers.  I took the time during the ride orientation to patronize Ollies if anyone needed hydration or snacks.  I thought this would be a thank you to Ollies and show our appreciation.

    On our way out of the parking lot heading towards the split, the dreaded flat tire showed his ugly face again, This time it was my turn (My Rear Tire).  Thank you all who stayed along my side while I changed my tube.  I never found anything in the tire in the field, but at home during my inspection of the tube I found a pin hole in the center of the tube and it also lined up with a tiny puncture in the center of the tire.  After the repair I continued with the rest of my ride without any other mishaps.  I chose the 62 mile loop.

    It might be worth mentioning that the Dash-In at Billingsley and St. Charles Parkway is a very worthy rest stop going the direction towards Rte 301.  You do not have to cross over to get to the Wawa as noted on my cue sheet as the next rest stop.

    After the rest at the Dash-In we continued our trek dreading the Farmington Road hill. I knew it would be a rough climb, but it was one of the necessary evils of riding.  By the way, does anyone know when the pavement on Farmington, especially at the climb will be repaved.  It is in dire need of repaving.  I will take Reserve Road out of the route and find another route since this is not very good for road bike tires.  After the climb the ride went on as planned and ended very nicely. 

    I called two other riders who I did not see at the rest stops to check on them and they said they were fine and decided not to stop, but to continue with the ride.  It was then that I found out that the "dreaded flat tire showed his ugly face again, (The count now is 3 flat tires) during this ride.  That rider told me that they found a very small piece of wire in his tire.

    Many of the cyclists came to me and thanked me for putting this ride together. 

    Your welcome.

    In closing, one of our riders mentioned that they lost their wedding band in the Manokeek Shopping Center while removing their riding glove. If by any chance it was found please contact me and I will see that that person contacts you.

  • Fri, June 26, 2015 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch
    Fri, June 26, 2015 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Ride leader: Randy Schoch (Jackie is "house, dogs, cat, and grand-daughter sitting"). 

    Members: John Riconda, Norm Lisy, Lester Jackson, and Don Porada.

    Guests: Jonathan Berry and Larry Miller.

    Weather: Very nice cool morning (a pleasant change). 

    Route: Same as posted on 8/8/14

    Mishaps and mechanicals: None

    AMS: 13.1 mph for the leader riding sweep.

    It's a great and moderately easy route with one long climb of approx. 1/2 mile ("granny" is not necessary) up Mt. Pisgah on Hawthorne Rt. 225. Hawthorne has a wide shoulder that is marked as a bike route and the rest of the ride is on lightly traveled rural roads. This was a good turn out considering that some of our regulars are at Bike Va. John and Don rode ahead a little and we could see them most of the time so we could chase. Norm came up from the back and passed us all and then stretched the route out a little in order to get in a few extra miles. Jonathan and I rode together with Les and Larry riding sweep. At the rest stop at the Pisgah Store, we had a nice visit with snacks and drinks. There were many trail users today and we got to see a lot of wild life (many squirrels, young and adult turtles, and rabbits). It was a great day to get in a bicycle ride considering the weather forecast for tomorrow. Remember, next month we start at 9 AM (because of the hot July temps.)
  • Thu, June 25, 2015 9:30 AM | Norman Lisy

    Leader:  Norm Lisy 

    Members: Mike Bivens, Bob Howell, Barry Winkelman, Sam Perry, Larry Peed, Jay Lewis, Lisha Peacock, Vernon Daley, Jane Hudnall, Jim Hudnall

    Guests:  0

    Route:  River Airport, Merkle, Marlton

    Weather: Partly Cloudy

    AMS:   15.5

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  0

    Report: Thanks to Steve Palinscar for mapping this route.  We piggybacked on his work.  Great ride with elevation of about 1800 feet.  Close call with a deer that darted across Molly Berry Road near Martin.  Cheers.


  • Thu, June 25, 2015 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Pat Walthers, Ron Altemus, Rita Z, Randy Hadden

    Guests: none

    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/8572742  A little over 38 miles, 1883' of elevation gain.  Lots of rural roads, pretty scenery and a few fun climbs (River Airport, Croom at the Big Dip at Spice Creek, Van Brady).  This was Randy's 4th ride ever with a group (he'd been with Sharon's B group last Saturday and decided to try a less frenetic pace) and his first in the Brandywine area, and it was fun seeing his reaction to this lovely area.

    Weather: Now that's more like it!  Overcast skies and mild temperatures (low 80s at the start, high 80s by 1 pm) made for a very pleasant riding day, a welcome change from the oppressive heat and humidity last weekend and early in the week.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: None

    AMS: 13.0


  • Wed, June 24, 2015 5:30 PM | Scott Walker

    Class: AA/3

    Category: Express

    Description: Hammerfest

    Speed Limit Imposed: None

    Gain: 701ft

    Distance: 25.8mi (TT segment at 25.1mi)

    Max Grade: 5.1%

    Founders: Benny Budd and Joni King

    Support: OHBTC and Paul Bales/Casey Jones Restaurant

    Motto: “For the love of the people and the ride” - Michael Blaine

    Course KOM: Dan Hoefert / Robert Golding (September 17, 2014 / 24.0mph)

    Course QOM: Claire Chiamulera (Aug 22, 2012 / 22.2mph)

    Ride Leaders: Scott Walker, Blake Altman, Jean Wright

    Riders: Douglas Carter, Brad Francisco, John Choate, Jason Hendricks, Chris Zabriskie (arrived a few minutes behind us, but rode the CJE anyway!), Chuck Coe, Darin King, Lisha Peacock, Robert Smith, Robert Golding, Matthew Lewandowski, Doug Cline, Karin Fitzgerald, Mike Wilson, Scott Oglesby (sorry Scott, not sure of the spelling), Charles (Michie) Sidwell

    Weather: Sunny, 84 degrees with winds from the NW at 7

    AMS: Leaders 23.1 mph

             Sweep 18.0 mph

    Mishaps: None

    Mechanicals: Doug C. dropped his chain (and actually had to stop to put it back on)

    Report: A gorgeous evening, sunny with moderate temps and humidity.  The new CJE kits arrived last week and some were wearing theirs tonight; they all looked terrific.  Lisha set a PR officially moving her into the AA range with an 18.3 mph AMS.  Jason ratcheted his PR to a 19.1, and the Beast (Robert S.) crossed the bar with a 23.0 mph AMS [the Beast now is in 6th position, overall, for the TT Segment of the CJE course (25.1mi)].  Nicely done everyone!  I was fortunate to ride much of the course today in the Chase-2 position, the first half with Matthew and Doug C. and later picking up Mike and John (from Chase-1) on the return up 301, Fairgrounds and St. Mary’s. BTW, incredible pull Doug C., all the way from the top of Kentucky to the ascent up Budd’s Creek.  Good Times!

    Scott and Robert's Burn:











    14 lbs

    5.1 mph
































    Robert S.




    10 lbs

    2 mph





























  • Wed, June 24, 2015 4:31 PM | Shane LaBrake

    Ride Leader:  Shane LaBrake

    Date:  24 June 2015

    Ride Name:  Tour de Accokeek

    Ride Distance:  About 17 miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  Ride Leader averaged 16.5 over 20 miles (a mile or so before and after).  We had a group of 10 or 11 who made it to the river at 18.0+.  There was an esteemed group at the rear pulling 14.0 or so.

    Ride Class:  CC - Touring and up

    Guest Riders:  Brenda Baker

    Member Riders:  Bob Howell; Sherwood Byers; Ron Leak; Kevin Walker; Larry Peed; Calvin Holmes; Majesta Hartley; Jane Hudnall; Jim Hudnall; Sonja Newman; James Denmark; Dan Zavorka; Troy Eddy; Janell Saunders; Tim Murphy; Jackie Schoch; Randy Schoch; Walter Carr.

    Weather:  Perfect for a late June ride!  Low humidity (what a treat after the last 10 days or so); starting temp around 84; ending temp at 78.  Sunny, and a bit of a stiff breeze - especially as we headed down Marshall Hall Road to the river.

    Mechanicals and Mishaps:  Jackie had a chain slip before getting out of the parking lot!

    Report:  A great evening for a great Tour de Accokeek.  Or, as Bob Howell called it once we finished the race to the river:  "The haul a** de Accokeek."

    So yes, there was a lead group - over half of the riders tonight - who raced to the river.  Maybe not CJE race, but not too far off either.

    A warm welcome back to Kevin Walker - back to ride his first Tour after a few years.

    A shout out to Janell who due to work hours, has not been on a Tour for quite a while.  Nice to see you riding with us again - and on her 30lb. Commuter Bike.  Worth noting that Janell rode to and from her home for the ride - as did yours truly; and Majesta also rode from home to the ride (she hitched a ride home).  

    A welcome to Tim Murphy.  Tim has ridden the Tour a few times when I was on one of my trips, but it was my first time meeting him.  Nice riding Tim.

    Also nice to see Larry Peed on a Wednesday night.  Thanks for coming out Larry!

    And I'm always pleased to see Bob Howell - driving from Mechanicsville to join on for a ride.  And strong riding too!

    Kudos to Dan Zavorka for making a trek up the hill on Marshall Hall Road (of course, that means he gets to go down the big fun one twice!)

    And Kudos to Majesta for going back down Barry's Hill and making the climb a second time - joining the ride leader in his second climb.  To quote Majesta:  "I thought y'all were crazy doing that!"  Yep, crazy enough for her to join the craziness the last few rides.  

    And kudos to new club member (and new to road riding) Calvin Holmes - one strong rider.  I was in the lead from the rest stop to about the halfway point on Barry's Hill Road when he sailed on past me.  WTF?  Where did he come from, I wondered?  Spinning classes, says he.  Whatever.  Calvin is one strong rider.

    As his Troy Eddy riding his straight bar Madone.  Thanks for the pull to the rest stop Troy!

    And as for the regulars:  Sherwood, James, Dan, Ron, and sometimes regular Sonja - good riding!

    Thanks to Walter Carr for riding sweep.  Nice to know there were many veteran and experienced ride leaders for backup (Walt, Jim, Jane, Ron, Janell, Larry, Jackie, and Randy).  You gave me the freedom as ride leader to ride hard and "in the lead" this week.  Knowing you were back there watching out for the others was a nice comfort.  Thanks! 

    Hope to see you all next week when we may do a little pace line practice for all these "haul a** riders."  Let's get a little structure to this enthusiasm! 



  • Wed, June 24, 2015 11:03 AM | Michael & Yuyin Bivens

    Ride Leader: Mike Bivens

    Distance:  36.0.  AMS for the group was high to mid B range. 

    Members:  Regina and Mike Saizan, Diane Harris, Bruce Wright, Norm Lisy, Sam Perry (and George Chiamulera)

    Weather:  Predicted to be the hottest day of the year so far with a heat index advisory for 1:00.  A pleasant breeze helped, particularly in the non-shaded areas. Temp at ride start was in the low 90s and rose to the mid-90s, with high humidity.

    Classification: B Sport/Touring

    Ride Report:   Another route chosen with the weather in mind – find as much shade as possible, particularly the second half of the ride.  Todays’ ride started at 9:00 (summer start time while school is out) and almost everyone got the word.  We left the shopping center and turned on Pomfret (shade) to Marshall Corner; took a left on Middletown (shade) to Billingsley; and then right across 301 to St. Charles Parkway and Demarr, before re-crossing 301 and the rest stop at the Dash-In at the intersection with Marshall Corner.  Before leaving we agreed to regroup, if necessary to see if there was any need to “bail out” and cut the ride short.  As we took a left back on Marshall Corner, George intercepted us coming from the opposite direction. He forgot about the time change, picked up a cue sheet, parked at McDonough High School and rendezvoused with us before we turned left on Turkey Hill (shade).  After a short stretch on 301, we turned right on Mitchell (shade) to Hawthorne; right on Marshall Corner and then left on Bumpy Oak  (shade).  At the regroup location (Bumpy Oak and Livingston), Norm, Diane, Bruce, Regina and Mike, opted to complete the rest of the ride (left on Livingston; right on the Indian Head Rail Trail; right on Hawthorne; right on 210; left to Chapmans Landing (shade); and then back to the start via Hungerford (shade).  I followed Sam, who had cramped climbing Bumpy Oak, back to the start for a 31 mile ride.  George had left us at Hawthorne and Marshall Corner to return to his car.

    Mechanicals: None    

    Incidents:  None

    Comments:  Welcome to Bruce who rode with the Tuesday group for the first time and indicated he would be a regular when his schedule permitted.

    Good news and bad as it pertains to the Indian Head Rail Trail. As we passed the trail at Bumpy Oak, it was noted that the trail had been repaved.  It appeared that one could, or soon would be able to, go from Mattingly Ave to Bumpy Oak.  The trail on the other side of Bumpy Oak was apparently where the “soil compaction” issue is unresolved.  Large sections, adjacent to the pond, were dug out and heavy equipment was present.  As we passed the trail on Pomfret, it appeared that leveling had taken place and repaving was next.  Not so when we went by the trail on Middletown - still a mess. 

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