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  • Sun, April 19, 2015 6:17 PM | Robert Smith

    Ride leader: Robert Smith, Bruce Wright

    Members: Darryl Lowery, Chris Backhaus, Douglas Carter & John Choate.

    Guests: Paige Wroble, Ruca... H (sp)

    Mechanicals: None

    Report: The A group dismantled quickly after the start which was totally fine due to the fact we had AA, A & B groups riding the same route. I rode with Paige and we enjoyed a 16mph AMS. While on Marshall Corner we caught up to John Agazzi and the three of us rode together to the rest stop at Scott's Store. After a short stop we took off for Durham Church. One year ago that road melted me down while trying to hang on to an A group. Amazing what a year can do... today on that segment I earned the number 2 spot on Strava, (Shh, don't tell Rob Golding!).

    This is a wonderful Sunday Ride and today we had many riders in each class. Bruce, thanks for co-leading with me today. It was great seeing you out riding again since your foot surgery. Hope to see you all out next week.

    As always, Keep Crankin'

  • Sun, April 19, 2015 1:00 PM | Scott Walker

    Class: AA/3

    Category: Training

    Description: AA Century-Team Ride

    Speed Limit Imposed: 20.5mph on the flats

    Gain: 1272ft

    Distance: 45.6mi

    Max Grade: 5.6%

    Ride Leader Scott Walker

    Riders: Pete Czapiewski; Blake Altman, George Venezuela, Steve Koegle, Matthew Lewandewski, Mike Wilson, Darin King, Karen Fitzgerald, Michael Blaine, Roland [sorry didn’t get your last name Roland] (and John C. from Robert's A group rode w/us for a while too!)

    Weather: Blustery, 70 degrees at the start w/wind from the E at 14. Overcast w/threatening skies by the ride’s end.

    AMS: 17.5

    Mishaps: None

    Mechanicals: A flat tubular

    Report: Great ride today!  Everyone kept a tight pace-line and w/12 riders that’s not easy especially in strong winds and when negotiating rollers and roads without shoulders.  Darin’s pulls were exceptionally smooth, with controlled efforts and very gradual acceleration such that the line remained tight through his ascents and following each of his stops.

    Pete flatted after the Rest Stop at Scott’s Store on Hilltop Rd.  Everyone stopped, as is the custom for these rides, while Pete demonstrated outstanding technique performing a very fast road-side tear-off and tubular change-out (fastest tear-off I’ve ever seen).  Nicely done Pete!

    If it’s anything like today, this Saturday's Ride to End Hunger will be great.  We’ll meet at around 7:00 for a 7:50 departure.  Remember to wear your yellow OHBTC jersey.

  • Sun, April 19, 2015 1:00 PM | Linda Bankerd

    Five peeps signed in for the B level:  Jon Agazzi, Streve P, Sonja Newman, Drew Sommers and myself.  It was a so so day, dreary and windy.  Jon and Drew went with the A's.  That left three of us.  We were a good match. It was nice to see Sonja after quite some time. She had not been on the bike for a while, (too cold) but she did just fine, slowing somewhat on the hills. 

  • Sun, April 19, 2015 10:30 AM | John Gorman

    Ride leader: John Gorman

    Members:  Sean Dixon, Rita Zeidner, Pat Sanders, Lisa Oken, Andrea Noseck, Grace McNally, Kathryn West, Kwesi Walker, Tyrone Lee, Allen Boetig, Lee Schrader(?), Phillip Mitchell.  And Honored to have Steve Palincsar join my ride lead.

    Weather:  Sunny / clouds near 60, but strong head winds for the 1st 8miles from the start, but on the return due to tree covering much better. 10:30am start.

    Route:  Wayson’s ‘Corner start (A. A. Cty)- southbound S. MD Blvd(Old Rt4) thru Lothian, tour-mode thru Deale/Churchton/West River, return northbound thru Sudley/Owensville-Harwood.

    Mishap  & mechanicals:  One rider w/ the forward  group at the 1st rest stop experienced a cleat issue, ride leader led the group out and was not informed until the end of the ride that said rider, never left the rest stop after the break.  Kwesi advised post-ride he was going to back to mile 12 to find the rider w/ his car.      

    Stats:  Miles 35.7 / ride leader  AMS sweep of  back group -14.0/ forward group likely near A pace,   / 856ft,  elv still some testers on Sudley/Polling House/ actual riding time 2:33/complete time 3.00.  (advertised pace was CC/B Touring 13.5-14x so 14.0 was w/in this pace).

    Description:  Traveled southbound on S. Md Blvd we quickly faced strong headwinds, (ride leader was barely pushing 10-11), after 2miles upon L- on MD-259, (speedy) Andrea and a strong group of riders formed a forward group  leaving  Pat, Grace, Lisa, and John staying together, Upon the next R on Brooks Woods, I realized Steve was not beyond us, w/ a group agreement (knowing Steve knows every road in 5-continents, we discussed to continue on w/ out stopping.  At mile – 12 we met up w/ the forward group, we did see Steve ride by the rest break and continued on. The next segment of roads were community streets in Deale/Churchton w/ up front views of the Chesp Bay, w/ lot s very quick  R/Ls so the entire group kept together thru this stretch and onto the next pier views at the end of Chalk Pt/West River, returning thru Plantation Blvd, at this point I advised the forward pack to head on as the next roads were open rural rollers back to Harwood Rd store, which they quickly did. Again after stopping the next leg was thru more rolling rollers thru Polling House Rd. Lisa & John stayed together to the end of the road and met the others before they departed the parking lot.  Rita and Steve rode together, after mile 16.

    Everyone seemed to enjoy the route and the groups they rode in, I hope Steve doesn’t kick me out of the club for not staying in the back w/ him?

  • Sun, April 19, 2015 9:30 AM | Barry Howard

    We held our Sunday morning mountain bike ride at Cedarville state park. We were treated to perfect weather, and headed out about 9:45. We followed the trails in a figure 8 pattern, taking a short break at the lake. WE have a new rider who we are helping getting up to speed, Cedarville State park provides an excellent area to help new riders learn the aspects of trail riding. Riders included Barry, Randy, Jason, and Matt. 

  • Sat, April 18, 2015 3:42 PM | Jean Wright
    Leader: Bruce and Jean Wright
    Rider: Mathew Lewandowski (for the first 8 miles then he joined the AA pace line)
    Route:  10th District Fire House in Pisgah to Nanjemoy. 
    Weather:  Perfect - Sunny - Started in the mid-60s and ended in the upper 70s
    AMS: 16.1
    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  Missed turn

    Report:  After some "good mornings" and check-ins with the AA riders, we all started off together.  The AAs pulled away.  The three of us stayed together and passed the AA group who stopped for a mechanical issue.  When they later passed us on Port Tobacco road, Mathew jumped on the pass line and stayed with the AAs.  Great riding, Mathew.  We saw plenty of people outside and walking along the roads of Nanjemoy.  Everyone was seemed happy to be outside enjoying the nice weather.   Bruce and Jean separated on Riverside Road and Bruce missed a turn, which gave him an extra 3 miles for the day.  Once we joined back up, we took it easy.  Along the way, we counted 7 black snakes crossing the road.  Bruce had to stop to let a gang of them cross in front of him.  This ride was Bruce's third ride since returning from foot surgery.  He hung in there and toughed it through some leg cramps during the last 8 miles.    

  • Sat, April 18, 2015 10:00 AM | Mia Haynes

    Leader:  Mia L. Haynes

    Members:  Rosemary Pollard, Christina Mailki, Rod Barnes, Jim and Jane Hudnall, John Riconda, Steve Levine, Howard Herrastadt, Don Porada, and Diana Donahue

    Guest:  None

    Weather:  59F at ride start/81F at ride finish

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  The ride leader, as the day is long

    Report:  First I would like to thank everyone for coming out.

    When loading Mel (my bike) onto my bike rack, Wednesday for Shane’s Tour de Accokeek ride.    I noticed Mel’s front tire had a flat, so I put air in it - no big deal, she made the ride, and all was great.

    Fast forward to today’s ride.  When getting Mel ready I noticed her front tire was flat.  Again, I put air in her, and reasoned with myself saying, “I will just put air in her so she can make the ride and I will check on her later – I mean she made it through Wednesday’s ride right”.

    At the beginning of the ride, Rosemary; Christine; and Rod parked were I did – in the parking lot by the building - thinking they were the only ones joining my ride I disclosed my concern.  To my surprise, Jim called me to inform me that he and 6 other people were waiting on me. We joined them, and set off on our ride.

    We were informed that there was a walking event happening on the trail at the Mattingly Lane entrance, so Jim led us to the trail via Town Street.  All was well, everyone was riding at their own pace.  Christine and I were doing our own thing and leading from the rear.  The weather was beautiful and it felt great to be our bikes and on the trail.

    During the return trip, 19 miles into our 23 mile trip, Mel got sick.  Everyone had gone ahead and it was Me, Mel (my bike) and Christine.  We were on Rt. 224, coming up on the Left at Rt. 225 – I could see the sign – Mel started wiggling and shaking.  I looked down at the front tire and to my surprise it was not flat, while inspecting the front tire, simultaneously, Mel came to a dead stop.  Yes, it was the back tire.

    Louis Pasteur once said that, “In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.”  Boy was I prepared.  My husband, Tim, went over what I should do if I get a flat.  But I am most proud of the fact that first I called Jim; Christine called Rosemary.  Then we digressed to the class we took at the church, I’ll call it bike 101.  Then we put our heads together and did our thing - you guys would have been so proud of us – I was.  A gentleman came up and asked if we needed help, however, he didn’t know how to change a tire, so he moved on.  The knowledge or experiences that go through your mind – like the time when we were on the trail and someone got a flat and Calvin used that as a teaching moment; the class; and hubby’s quick overview.  I am just happy, the two of us did well.

    Now, we get the spare tube on the wheel – not without a struggle; I said we did well, not that it was easy - and while Christine held the tire, I started pumping.  Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing was happening.  By this time Jim is on the scene; we put Mel back together, load our bikes into his van, and head back to the start of the ride.  There we are greeted by Jane, Rosemary, and another rider. 

    We get under a tree and go to work on Mel.  We quickly learned that, not only did my inner tube from the back wheel have a hole in it, so did my spare.  Funny right!

    Needless to say, Mel got sick.  I took her to the bike doctor, where they gave me a new spare inner tube (hope it works next time), and I learned, her front tire had a hole in it. So she needed new tires and inner tubes. I am hoping she will be out soon, however, I was told worst case scenario she will be out next weekend.

    I used Louis Pasteur’s quote because, if it were not for this club I would not be the rider I am.  I brought my sign-in sheet with me; therefore I had Jim’s number, I took the bike class; therefore I was confident on changing the tire, and because we don’t leave anyone behind; I had someone with me – all these things I learned by riding with members of the club.

    Thank you Christine, Rosemary, and Jane. But most of all, thank you Jim for being our knight in shining armor.

    Today was a great day for a ride.  With all the issues, I still had a wonderful time. 

    Photo album

  • Sat, April 18, 2015 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Bob Howell, Harry Kidd, Doug Lesar, Walt Roscello, Dan Donahue, Jule Thorne and joining us en route, Sarah Clement

    Guests: Michael and Terry Butler

    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/7483191  44 miles, 1156' of elevation gain.  The route was a variation on the usual ride into the Seventh District: Old Village and Baptist Church down to Chaptico, then south on Hurry, but we turned west on Manor and took it down to Maddox, paralleling the Wicomico River to Bushwood down to Quade's.  On the way back we took the flat & easy way up Colton Point Road back to Hurry, turning off again on Manor to Horshoe to Budd's Creek (with an unscheduled detour on Zack Fowler) to the Chaptico store.  From there, a jog on Budd's Creek to Mechanicsville Road back to Old Village, to Locke's Crossing and the old familiar return to Norther Senior Center.

    Weather: early summer.  Sunny, breezy, 70 at the start rising to 81 by the time we returned.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none.

    AMS: 13.9

    The big news is the addition to Chaptico Store of a new wing with an ice cream window.  They gave us samples (too bad the B group left too early for them!) at our first stop there, and when we returned on the way back there was a good sized crowd at the window.  You can be sure as the summer progresses, there will be scheduled ice cream stops at Chaptico!  Things have really gotten better for us at that store: last year, the portolet (so no need to go the dive bar across the street for the toilet-in-a-broom-closet any more) and now this.  Bob says it's the new generation managing the store. 

  • Sat, April 18, 2015 10:00 AM | Janell Saunders (Administrator)

    Ride leader: Janell Saunders

    Members: Albert Manley, Sherood Byers, Jay Lewis, Ron and Jan Tucker, Chuck Coe, Norm Lisy, Majesta Hartley, Linda and Paul Bankerd, Ron Altemus, Charles Sidwell, Eric Peterson.  Rob Smith joined the faster B's enroute.

    Weather: Gloriously warm 

    Mishaps: none but a chasing Toto

    Report: A large group showed up for the ride, no surprise due to the weather. The B's split prior to the first rest stop with myself, Ron, Jay and Sherwood making up the rear echelon. After stopping at the outhouse at the church in Chaptico, we knicknamed ourselves "the Outhouse Gang" (thks Ron). We again caught some of the faster B's at Quades store, stopping to take in the view for a few minutes.  We passed the CC's coming in as we departed.  After turning left on 242 and passing Sam's Place, I was about 50 - 75 yards ahead of our group when I heard the pitter patter of paws racing across the road.  I turned to see a dervish of a mop barrelling towards me.  I was more concerned for the little fella's safety as he ran across the road and straight towards me, until I realized, he was fast!  I could hear him getting closer...man!  those little legs could motor! I stood up and did my own motoring to out run the little guy.  He finally gave up and crossed back to head home.  Ron said as they passed him, he gave them no thought whatsoever.  I think he had enough cardio for the day.

    The rest of the ride was uneventful, but our group spread out a little more.  We stopped at Chaptico again, but had lost Sherwood.  He had dropped back and decided not to stop.  We continued on and caught up as we got going on Thompsons Corner.  When we pulled into the Senior Center, everyone was happy to have ridden. Some were continuing on the trail to get a few miles in, others had missed a turn and had extra already.  But no matter, a great day for a ride.



  • Sat, April 18, 2015 9:00 AM | Blake Altman (Administrator)

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman

    Date April 18, 2015

    Ride Name:  Doncaster and Nanjemoy

    Ride Distance:  46 miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  19.7

    Ride Class:  AA/3 Sport

    Mechanical Issues: Broken front derailleur

    Mishaps: None

    Weather: Upper 60’s to upper 70’s and beautiful!

    Guest Riders: None

    Member Riders: Brad Francisco, Darin King, Michael Blaine, Steve Koegle, David Kemp

    Ride Report:

    I suffered a broken front derailleur on the way to the ride start.  Bruce and I removed the offending mechanism and put the chain on the big ring.

    Once everyone said their hellos I lead us out.  I lost my chain starting up a hill and the A ride passed us while I was putting it back on. Brad lead the pace line and gave chase.  We caught the A’s on route 6 where Mathew jumped on back (see the A ride report).

    Eventually David and Michael were leading the pace line.  We had a slight tail wind and the speeds started reaching 25+.  That was too much for some riders and the pace line started to break into smaller groups.  Michael and David had to leave early and turned around at Riverside road. We regrouped there and the rest of us mostly stayed together until the rest stop.  After a longish stop where we encountered Jean looking for Bruce, we continued on our way.

    We mostly stayed together on the second half of the ride with just some minor splits on Smallwood Church road.

    It was great to see Bruce back out riding again and ahead of the predicted schedule after foot surgery.

    And as far as my front derailleur goes, who needs a small chain ring anyway?

    What a beautiful day for a ride!

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