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Ride Reports

Ride Leaders are encouraged to post reports on their rides. Members can comment on ride reports and anyone can read the reports and comments. Instructions for posting a report

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  • Fri, July 10, 2015 9:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Ride leader: Jackie and Randy Schoch

    Members: Steve Palincsar, Dan Donahue, Vicki Garlock, Robin Garnet, and Ron Altemus .

    Guests: Kishia Clemencia.

    Weather: Very nice morning with low humidity (a pleasant change). 

    Route: Descending Mount Pisgah #2

    Mishaps and mechanicals: None.

    AMS: 13.1 mph for the leaders riding sweep.

    We did a new route this morning. Descending Mount Pisgah #2 is a combination of the "standard" IHRT Combo with Steve's "reverse plus" Descending Mount Pisgah, and a few roads that Jackie requested. We rode down Hawthorne which has a wide shoulder that is marked as a bike route. Steve and Ron voiced some concern about the fast descent down Mount Pisgah causing hypothermia and the water bottles freezing up. The rest of the ride was on lightly traveled rural roads. This was a good turn out probably because the weather was so great. Our group stretched out with Jackie and I riding sweep. At the rest stop at the Pisgah Store, we had a nice visit with snacks and drinks. There were many trail users today and we got to see a lot of wild life (many squirrels, young and adult turtles, and rabbits). We saw Bob Moye riding on the trail (The Moye family is an old OHBC member). It was a great day to get in a bicycle ride. Jackie and I dined Al Fresco at George's. Remember, we start at 9 AM (because of the hot summer temps). 

  • Thu, July 09, 2015 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: The Usual Suspects (i.e., Joan Oppel, Pat Walthers, Patricia Sanders, Ron Altemus)

    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9095880  39.5 miles, just under 1800' of elevation gain with more than half the route being nearly flat, and that should tell you about the rest.  Not serious climbs by the standards of the New River Valley, of course, but above average for the Brandywine area.

    Weather: 80s to low 90s at the finish, and very humid.  Oppressively humid. 

    Mishaps & mechanicals: Joan was having problems with her front shifter, chain not wanting to stay on the big ring and even once dropping entirely.

    AMS: 12.0

  • Thu, July 09, 2015 9:30 AM | Vernon Daley

    Leader: Vernon Daley

    Members: Regina Saizan, Mike Saizan, Alan Kurzweil, Barry Winkelman, Norm Lisy, Larry Peed, Bob Howell, Jan Tucker, Ronald Tucker, Randy Hadden, Sam Perry, Tom Short, Jim Hudnall, Jane Hudnall, Lisha Peacock


    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9095880  39.5 miles, just under 1800' of elevation gain. We visited Louis Cosca Park and Fort Washington. Some climbs - Cross Road Trail and Surratts; Livingston Road from Floral Park to Washington Lane and from Swan Creek up to Old Fort; and Floral Park from Piscataway to Brandywine. 

    Weather: Made it into the 90s - Felt like the 190s (High Humidity)

    AMS: I believe we spent most of the day Mid 14s

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: Per my request prior to departure, no mechanicals, no mishaps, and all present and accounted for.

    Report: Considering the heat and humidity this was a really good group ride. In our haste to beat the heat a few of us missed our first R-turn out of Ft Washington Park (Asbury Dr), but managed to regroup and cross MD-210 together. We added a brief rest stop at 24.9 (corner store) and pressed on back to N Keys Community Park.

    I now have a new found appreciation for ride leader responsibilities and for the folks who do this week in and week out. This was my first time and fortunately for me everyone behaved admirably. Thanks for allowing me this act of service.

    " How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world" - William Shakespeare

  • Wed, July 08, 2015 5:30 PM | Scott Walker
    Class: AA/3

    Category: Express

    Description: Hammerfest

    Speed Limit Imposed: None

    Gain: 701ft

    Distance: 25.8mi (TT segment at 25.1mi)

    Max Grade: 5.1%

    Founders: Benny Budd and Joni King

    Support: OHBTC and Paul Bales/Casey Jones Restaurant

    Motto: “For the love of the people and the ride” - Michael Blaine

    Course KOM: Dan Hoefert / Robert Golding (September 17, 2014 / 24.0mph)

    Course QOM: Claire Chiamulera (Aug 22, 2012 / 22.2mph)

    Ride Leaders: Scott Walker, Blake Altman

    Riders: Douglas Carter, Brad Francisco, John Choate, Jason Hendricks, Chuck Coe, Matthew Lewandowski, Mike Dent, Mike Wilson, Doug Cline, Micheal Blaine, Scott Oglesby, Sean Neilson, Paul Bales, Alan Canfield, Gordon Schrader, Jon Agazzi,

    Weather: Mostly cloudy, 88 degrees and humid with winds from the WSW at 9.  Heavy line of storms just north of Waldorf at the ride start.  But, no rain over the course during the ride.

    AMS: Leaders 22.0 mph

              Sweep 18.0 mph

    Mishaps: None

    Mechanicals: Gordo flatted and Jason was there to assist.  They searched for any remaining objects stuck in the tire before inserting a new tube and found none.  But, the first attempt to re-inflate caused the new tube to protrude through the apparent puncture hole in the tire.  So they patched the hole with a boot and then completed the repair.

    Report: A very nice turnout today especially considering the unpredictable weather.  Jean actually got her riding done early to avoid possible rain, but came by anyway to see us off and take the group photo (thanks Jean). I enjoyed this evening’s Express, especially riding with the large group in the Chase-1 position.  Lots of strong riders in this position tonight, all sharing the work up front.  Matthew and John C. are getting faster on every ride and Sean was riding tough today as well.

    Blake was sporting a new Trek purchased from Bike Doctor following his catastrophic mechanical at the Watermelon Ride over the weekend (hanger/frame failure).  Glad your back, Blake, without injury and with a pretty ride! 

    … speaking of Bike Doctor…  Jan and I went there earlier today because my rear shifter cable broke the day before.  They were pretty swamped with maintenance and repairs, so I purchased a cable with the intent to return home and replace the bad one myself.  While we were talking to Michie, Chris came from behind and rescued my bike from me, quickly taking it and the new cable to the back of the store.   A few minutes later he returned with a smile and my bike in tow, cable installed and ready to ride.  Without fail, I always get fantastic service at this store!  Chris and his team of professionals are tops and quick to correct any problem no matter the circumstances.  Even when items I’ve purchased at their shop in the past haven’t quite been up to specs, they immediately contacted the manufacture (before I could even ask), and in every case, ensured inconsistencies were quickly and correctly resolved.  A great shop with dedicated, experienced owners and crew!
  • Wed, July 08, 2015 5:30 PM | Shane LaBrake

    Ride Leader:  Shane LaBrake

    Date:  08 July 2015

    Ride Name:  Tour de Accokeek

    Ride Distance:  About 17 miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  Ride leader averaged 16.0 over 19.6 miles.  Range was 14.7 - 16.5 or so.

    Ride Class:  CC - Touring and up

    Guest Riders:  Jackie Blake-Hedges

    Member Riders:  Kirsten Watts; Wayne Blake-Hedges; Lynne Blake-Hedges; Bob Howell; Tim Murphy; Ryan Steadman; and Larry Peed.

    Weather:  Ominous clouds and a well-defined storm threatened from the North and West.  It was 84F at the start, and humid.  As the clouds moved closer there was a nice breeze that occasionally freshened the air.  It was 76F and very humid at the end of the ride.  Kirsten and I rode home in sprinkles and with thunder dancing nearby. By 7:45 pm it is raining and more stormy as I write this report. 

    Mechanicals and Mishaps:  Larry Peed had a flat early in the ride.  He encouraged all to go on, but Bob circled back to help and stayed with Larry to the rest stop.

    Report:   As I wrote in an earlier post regarding the ride - it was another wacky weather Wednesday.  In spite of storm warnings, nine riders came out and jointly elected to ride. 

    A large portion of the group wanted to practice pace line riding again.  Kirsten opted to ride short and separate, and took a short-cut to the river; and Bob stayed back with Larry after getting his flat repaired.

    Ryan, Lynne, Wayne, Tim and I established a line from mile 3.2 to the river (approx. mile 11).  Jackie kept the same pace, but rode to the side of the line.

    This week we set a pace of 17.0 - clearly comfortable for all, and we took pulls of two minutes each.  We also made a concerted effort to maintain "order" as we sped down the hill on Marshall Hall Road.  Kudos to all in the line for excellent team work.

    We'll try again next week, and consider raising the ams to 18.

    Ryan and I were the last two riders to the firehouse after making a second climb up Barry's Hill (now also known as "El Diablito").  There was light rainfall as we made the turn into the parking lot, which increased as Kirsten and I were riding home. 

    In spite of the potential rain/storm threat, we squeezed in a solid ride in muggy July weather.

  • Tue, July 07, 2015 6:50 PM | Michael & Yuyin Bivens

    Ride Leader: Mike Bivens

    Classification: B Sport/Touring

    Distance:  35 miles.  AMS for the group was an 18, a few 17s, 16s, and the sweeping Ride Leader finishing at 15.7.

    Members:  Norm Lisy, Tom Short, Dan Zavorka, Larry Peed, Bruce Wright, Jan Tucker, Regina and Mike Saizan, Troy Eddy, Jim Hudnall, George Chimalura, Sam Perry, and Michael Truesdel

    Weather:  Heating back up to start the week with temps in the low to mid 80s, but humidity continued to be high.  Cloud cover at the beginning gave way to mostly sunny skies.

    Ride Report:   A larger group today with everyone back from the long holiday weekend.  As advertised, there were breaks: a fast group; half fast group; and the sweepers.  We departed on Livingston to Bumpy Oak, Rose Hill, and Port Tobacco to Blossom Point, Brentland and the rest stop at Goose Bay Marina.  The return was through Mill Swamp, Port Tobacco, Fire Tower, Annapolis Woods, Ripley, Hawthorne, and the Indian Head Highway (where shoulder construction gave us a protected right lane for almost half of the return – hope Mike S. wasn’t having any flashbacks when confronted with all of those orange cones).

    Mechanicals: Mike S. suffered a front tire puncture/blowout at the corner of Hungerford and Livingston and walked the bike back to the parking lot.    

    Incidents:  With Richard now residing in Florida, Troy picked up his mantle of leading from the front and missing at least one turn.  After the rest stop, as we got back on Blossom Point, Troy went straight instead of turning left on Mill Swamp.  He continued not hearing the yells and after cresting one of the small climbs was shocked there was no one behind him.  He knew he was fast, but didn’t think that fast.  A look at the cue sheet identified the error and he retraced to get back on course and finished close behind the sweepers.

  • Tue, July 07, 2015 9:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Alan Kurzweil, Steve Palincsar, Joan Oppel

    Route:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9127250  36.2 miles.  Outbound down Bumpy Oak and Rose Hill to Blossom Point on to Goose Bay; return via Mill Swamp, Fire Tower/Annapolis Woods/Ripley to the screaming descent of Might Mount Pisgah and then Hawthorne/Lower Wharf to the shade of Chapman's Landing (a slight variation to the B ride) and back to Bryans Road.

    Weather:  Same as the B rider encountered:  temps in the low to mid 80s, with humidity continuing to be high.  Cloud cover at the beginning gave way to mostly sunny skies.

    AMS:  probably upper 12s

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  none on the official ride.  Steve had a flat on Livingston as he, Norm Lisy, and I rode to the start from Accokeek Firehouse.  Quickly repaired and we arrived at Bryans Road well in advance of the advertised start time.

    Report:   Just another nice bicycle ride. Really enjoyable.  Our start was delayed as both Alan and Joan were caught in traffic due to an accident on 210 at the intersection of Palmer/Livingston.  Once underway, we stayed together for almost the entire route.  A brief stop on the outbound leg at the IHRT on Bumpy Oak led to some testing of the newly paved section:  it felt different - a little smushy but maybe the asphalt hasn't completely cured yet. 

  • Sun, July 05, 2015 8:30 AM | Randy Schoch

    Ride leaders: Mia Haynes and Randy Schoch

    Members: Jackie Schoch, Walter Carr, Susan Henn, Rosemary Pollard, Douglas Cantor, Dawn Byrd-Carter, and Harry Kidd.

    Guests: Shari Dogan and Hilory Gordon.

    Weather: Very nice morning. 

    Route: Same as we used several years.

    Mishaps and mechanicals: None that I was aware of.

    AMS: 13.5 mph for the leaders riding sweep.

    This was another great turnout for a multi-class ride. We began our route at the tail end of a very large group of riders and most of the riders rode the same route for the first 15 miles or so. Our C group stayed together for most of the ride (although there was some mixing with other classes). Harry and Mia led us out at a fast pace and we stayed with the pace for the rest of the ride. We didn't tarry long at Gwen Park High School but moved on to a break at the Ash box Deli where we reminisced about the old times with Bob. This was one of his favorite rides and rest stops (his memorial picnic table is still over under a tree on the field across from the deli which is now closed on Sundays). We did take a substantial break at the WaWa on McKendree and Rt.301. After a quick ride back to Accokeek, we enjoyed the watermelon and camaraderie with riders which we only see on these multi-class rides.

  • Sun, July 05, 2015 8:30 AM | Herman Young

    Co-led ride with Majesta Hartley.  There was one incident in which one rider could not continue the ride due to a previous knee injury.  Majesta waited with her for a rie back to the start and Reginald assumed the duties of ride leader with me as co-leader.  We had approximately six riders who rode beyond the designated pace at their choice.  One rider who was a guest and is making a decision about membership, Hillary, had previously ridden her longest ride of fifteen miles and completed the ride at a strong pace.  Congratulations to Hillary.  

  • Sun, July 05, 2015 8:30 AM | Reginald Stokes

    Co-led ride with Majesta Hartley.  There was one incident in which one rider could not continue the ride due to a previous knee injury.  Majesta waited with her for a ride back to the start and Herman Young and I assumed the duties of ride leader.  

    AMS: for the front group 15.7

    Riders: See Majesta's post 

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