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  • Sun, April 12, 2015 10:00 AM | Dan Donahue

    Distance:  32 mi.

    Speed:  13.4 front element; 12.8 sweep

    Members:  Chris Knight; Dana Trevas; Sarah Clement; Steve Palincsar; Bob Howell; Pat Walthers; Toney Rogers

    Guests:  None

    Mechanicals:  Flat tire before start of ride; no others

    Weather:  59 degrees at ride start; 65 degrees by end.  Sunny, clear skies w/occasional light breeze

    This ride was designed for club members getting back into pedaling after a winter off of their bikes.  One participant indicated that this was her first ride of the season, while three others said this was their second ride.  Another rider was pedaling a brand new bike and having saddle adjustment issues.  Our departure was delayed a few minutes while Steve Palincsar, with his 45 years of experience fixing flats, made quick work of repairing a flat tire that another club member arrived with.  Note:  under the heading of OHBTC’s Rider Responsibilities, #3 states:  Make sure your bicycle is in proper working order before you arrive.

    Once rolling, we pedaled past 2 sections of Phase VI construction on the Three Notch Trail.  Once the 5 mi. Phase VI is complete (Spring 2016), the trail will be 11 continuous mi. long.  Eventually, the trail will be 28 mi. long.

    Other highlights of the ride included having a calf and 2 baby goats run alongside our group until they reached the end of their fence line. 

    Arriving at the Ryceville Rd. substation, site of the recent DC/So. MD power outage, we saw about a dozen workmen busy repairing the facility.  Around the corner, there was another stop to allow cyclists to use the dual outhouses at the Ryceville Rd. Amish schoolhouse.  The final rest stop was at Gilbert Run Park along Rt. 6.  The park was packed with visitors.  It looks like the boat rental concession stand has a new fleet of paddleboats, kayaks and paddleboards.  

  • Sun, April 12, 2015 9:30 AM | Barry Howard

    The weather has finally warmed up, and we were able to schedule a mountain bike ride on the trails of Cedarville State Park. Our group meet at 9:30, removed all of the cobb webs on our bikes and headed out onn the trails. We followed the trails in a counter clock wise direction. At the lake we broke into two groups, one group took the high trail and the second group took the low trail. After the lake ride we were able to take a short break and then headed back out to the trails. We were able to finish up around noon, pack up our bike and headed out for lunch. Riders included Barry, Matt, Randy, and Jason. 

  • Sat, April 11, 2015 9:30 AM | Mia Haynes

    Leader:                Walter Carr

    Co-leaders:         Walt Roscello/Mia Haynes

    Members:  **Unfortunately the sign in sheet was either lost or misplaced, therefore I will list the names I know** Paul Bankerd, Reggie Stokes, Rodney Palmer, Jema Walker, Melissa Watson, Rodrick Barnes.  There was a couple who signed in, don’t know if they are members; and 3 others joined us under the bridge at the first rest stop.

    Guests: ?

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: I received a text from Rod stating he had technical issues and his brother was picking him up.  Jema had issues with her bike as well and was picked up by Rodney.

    Report:   We had quite a few people join our ride, so I was happy when Walt Roscello volunteered to lead the ride from the front – thanks Walt; “The Couple” signed in and then disappeared to look for a rest room, so Walter wanted to wait on them to ensure they were present when we gathered at the first rest stop under the bridge; and I followed behind Paul and led from the rear.

    I agree with Sherwood’s report as the routes/paths were crowded, “There were lots of tourists on the trail which hindered our movement which was expected”.  Throughout the ride, yelling “on your left” and the ringing bell was prevalent as people were everywhere – on the bridge, under the bridge, on the trail, at the memorials, everywhere – it was enjoyable watching and knowing people were touring and enjoying the weather and coming out to see the Cherry Blossoms.

    Our first stop, the Jefferson Memorial, was filled with people enjoying the sights of the Cherry Blossoms and the smell of cinnamon almonds – what a fantastic and sweet smell.   From there we made our way, with the slow moving traffic (as the sidewalk was closed) over to the Lincoln Memorial - where we saw a couple posing for wedding pictures on top of a column.  Before you knew it, they were the center of attention as the tourist started taking their picture as well – I am sure the day felt even more special for them because of the interest.  Coupled with the horde of people climbing the stairs, walking around, or just gathering the memorial was busy.

    After resting there for a bit and taking in the sights, we departed and made our way back to the Harbor.  Paul decided to make his way home and left us at the rest stop under the bridge.  The last to make it back, from our group, were me, Walter Carr, the couple, and Rodney Palmer.

    The ride was wonderful.  I would like to thank Walt Roscello for leading and gathering us at each stop; Walter Carr for allowing me to assist with his ride; and everyone for coming out.

  • Sat, April 11, 2015 9:30 AM | Sherwood

    Members: (10), Sherwood Byers, Sr. (Ride Leader), Linda Bankerd (Ride Leader), Chris Backhaus (Co-Ride Leader), Wayne Hunt, Lynne Blake-Hedges, Jim Hudnall, Sharon Miller, Chuck Miller, Ron Altemus, & Norm Lise.

    Guests: (9), Tony Basirico, Kathy Basirico, Walter Hance, Christine Johnson, Tony Mack, Kim Mack, Erik Satchell, Chris Bradshaw, & Scott Robbins

    Mishap(s): (2), Flat Tire, Spill

    The 2015 Cherry Blossom Tour Ride proved itself to be one of the most popular rides of the club again this year.  We had guest riders from New York, Delaware, Annapolis, all who found the ride on facebook and local guest who wanted to have a good tour ride.

    After a short briefing of the ride, we pulled out staging point to begin the ride when all of a sudden my key FOB started chirping to remind me to lock my car.  Linda led the group to Jones park while I locked my car.  I picked up a rider on the way to the park along with more riders who also joined in at the gathering point at Jones Park.  Because of the amount of riders, Chris volunteered his service(s) to co-lead, which I gladly accepted.  We maintained an moderate touring pace averaging an AMS of 12 to 15 MPH.

    The riding conditions were wonderful with the wind being somewhat blustery at times, but not a problem.  There were lots of tourists on the trail which hindered our movement which was expected.

    As we approached our first resting point (Jefferson Memorial) we could see that our ride was going to come to a snails pace.  The Park Service had re-arranged the traffic pattern which proved to be beneficial (Last years ride at this point the traffic was at a standstill, took forever to get to the Lincoln Memorial).

    After the break, we continued our ride to Kensington, again until we were able to get away from the memorials, the pace was quite SLOW.  But once we were able to get onto Water Street approaching the Crescent Trail ,the pace significantly increased to a moderate 16 MPH AMS.   The ride to Kinsington was pleasant.  Once we arrived to Dorsett Street, the faster riders had gathered to the side so all riders would be together and gave me a chance to do a head count.

    Approaching Kensingtons' Park, many of the riders took to buying cookies and lemonade from the children vendors and enjoying the view of the cherry blossoms. Some of the riders even joked with the county police officer on duty.

    We then continued to Bethesda where we took the long awaited nature break.  It was here where several riders took interest in doing the optional route around the Georgetown Branch Trail.  While turning on Wisconsin Avenue, one rider took a spill.  When I checked on him, he reported that he was okay.  We continued to Jones Bridge road where we met up with those who chose the Georgetown Branch Trail and continued to the Trestle for a Photo opt.  The ride leaders then took another opportunity to remind the riders of the voids and fissures in the Beach Drive portion of the route we were about to encounter. It was a fabulous ride to the parkway section to the National Zoo where we formed a peloton to provide the safety cushion we wanted to protect ourselves.

    The zoo break is what we needed to prepare ourselves for the final stretch of the park section of the route where again we formed another peloton and rode the high speed stretch of the parkway to bypass the crowded trail which was in worse condition than the road.  We followed the planned route instead of the Roosevelt Bridge route which was a suggestion because no matter the chosen route at the time there was lots of traffic and tourist. 

    Once we crossed the Memorial Bridge, one rider acquired the dreaded flat tire (which proved to be a non event), as the rider quickly repaired it and we were on our way.

    At this short break while the riders were waiting for the flat tire to be repaired we decided to stop in Olde Towne to eat when Linda, also a ride leader suggested that we eat at the Waterfront Cafe.  A very nice suggestion as many of the riders took to the idea.  While we were cruising along the Mount Vernon Trail, many riders spotted familiar faces (Jim and Jane Hudnall) riding toward us, we waved and continued to Olde Towne.

    After eating, Linda rode  home as she had already climbed the National Harbor Hill that morning.  I continued to the ride end where I could make sure all were okay.

    I would like to extend a thank you to Linda Bankerd (Ride Leader), Chris Backhaus (Co-Ride Leader), and all who helped make the 2015 Cherry Blossom Tour Ride a success.

    Photos and video clips to follow.

    Sherwood Byers, Sr., Ride Leader

  • Sat, April 11, 2015 9:00 AM | Brad Francisco

    Leader: Brad Francisco

    Members: Robert Smith, Robert Golding, Steve Koegle, Blake Altman, Mike Wilson, Pete Czapiewski, Michael Blane.  Karen Fitzgerald and Darin King joined en-route.

    Guests: Cynthia Anderson

    Route: Steve's Sandgate 65 route

    Weather: Nice! Upper 50's at start and mid 60's by end.  Would have been even nicer with a little less breeze.:>)

    AMS: 17.1 at the rear.  Over 18 at the front.

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: Two flat tires.  One dead bike computer.

    Report:  A nice turnout.  A couple of trafficy spots, but generally lightly traveled roads.

    The first mechanical was in the parking lot.  Blake's bike computer was displaying something, but what we didn't know.  Maybe a new battery will do the trick.

    The ride started out with everyone together, which is good because the turn onto Triangle Drive is unmarked and easy to miss.

    A good bit of traffic delayed our turning left onto Golden Beach Drive.  After the turn Mike found a small area of broken glass.  About three miles later his rear tire went flat (unknown by the 7 riders that started with us and were now out of sight).  Patched the tube and lined up the patch where the glass had poked through (couldn't be sure that the glass was removed).

    While this was happening Pete and Cynthia got ahead of the group.  Rob Golding blasted past the right onto Floral Corner Road and then went back and blasted down Floral Corner Rd. and others trying to catch the 6 riders that he thought went by him.  But Rob Smith had called me on the cell phone and was waiting with the three other riders for Mike and I to join them.

    We regrouped at the first stop.

    Approaching the second stop we caught up with Darin and Karen who joined our ragtag group of riders.  The ride split into mainly 2's and 3's regrouping from time to time.  When a number of us regrouped at the right turn onto MD-235W we had a unexpected surprise - ground up pavement on the shoulder due to a repaving project.  Mike was at the rear and I told the rest of the rider to go on ahead and wouldn't you know it, Mike ran over a large chunk of something and now had another flat rear tire.  I called Rob Smith to report our predicament, but he didn't answer.  The tube looked repairable but barely, so Mike pulled out his spare.  The stem looked to be a 50mm instead of the 60mm that is required to attach a pump to inflate the tire (a problem with aero wheels).  I had a spare tube that would fit, so we were good.

    Met a passing rider who stopped to chat while this was going on.  He was looking for a bike club to join, so I think that we will have a new member shortly.

    Mike and I were off to the third rest stop.  Darin had backtracked partway back Hurry Road and led us to the stop.

    At this point the headwinds were taking their toll on us.  I hung back with Mike and the rest of the riders made their merry way mostly out of sight back to the finish.  I spotted a rider on the last climb up Oaks road and caught Cynthia in time to lead her into the parking lot.

    Thanks to all for coming out!

  • Thu, April 09, 2015 9:12 PM | Rita Zeidner

    We starting to add a little bit more mileage now that the weather is improving. Ride leader filled in for Randy. About 10 people opted to go on this longer ride; others did shorter ride with Steve Palincsar and Jane Hudnall. It was a beautiful day and folks seemed to enjoy the rest stop at Cedar Haven Fishing Area.

  • Wed, April 08, 2015 5:30 PM | Blake Altman (Administrator)

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman, Robert Smith

    Date April 8, 2015

    Ride Name:  Casey Jones Express

    Ride Distance:  14 miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  18.8 and up

    Ride Class:  AA/3 Express

    Mechanical Issues: None

    Mishaps: None

    Weather: Lower 50’s, overcast, very occasional light sprinkles

    Guest Riders: Andrew Harris

    Member Riders: Brad Francisco, Paul Bales, Karen Fitzgerald, Darin King, Mike Wilson, Michael Blaine, Charles Sidwell

    Ride Report:

    The weather was less than inspiring.  A band of light to heavy showers was clearly headed our way according to various smart phone apps.  I was reasonable for a change and decided we would shorten the route.  Our new route was: St. Mary’s, Old Stage Coach, Chapel Point, Bel Alton Newtown, Fairgrounds, and then back to the start on St Mary’s. The plan was to assess the weather again on the second crossing of 301.

    After the first crossing of 301 we split into three groups until the second crossing of 301 where we regrouped.  We again checked the weather and decided to return via Fairgrounds.  We had a fast return and there were no issues on the ride.  I had an 18.8 average.  I was near the back for the first half and near the front for the second so I’m sure some folks had a faster pace or slightly slower.  As it turned out we probably could have done the full route without getting wet but I’m glad we didn’t risk it.  It was too cold to get soaked.

  • Tue, April 07, 2015 9:49 PM | Brian Raines

    Leader: Brian Raines

    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/7404451

    Weather: 65, overcast

    AMS: 13 on the back, 15.5 on the front

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: One dropped chain

    Report: The Fab Brew Crew kicked off the 2015 season by heading back to their roots where it all started at what is now named Bella Italia in Friendship, MD.  Overcast skies and barely a sprinkle at the start didn't deter 14 B riders from heading out promptly at 5:30pm.  The route for the night included Franklin Gibson Rd - nothing like starting the season off right with a fast descent followed by a very quick and steep climb.  Sweeping the ride from the back resulted in an AMS of 13 while the front of the group set a nice B pace at ~15.5.  Fab Brew Crew rides in Southern Maryland every Tuesday night at 5:30pm on varying routes. Keep up with the start location and ride announcements at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fabbrewcrew/

  • Tue, April 07, 2015 10:00 AM | Michael & Yuyin Bivens

    Ride Leader: Mike Bivens

    Distance: 37.0 miles.  AMS ranged from mid 16s to high 15s.  Ride leader, sweeping, averaged 15.9.

    Members: Sam Perry, Richard Harrington, Robert Smith, Diane Harris, and Jim Hudnall

    Guest(s):  Paige Wroble

    Weather:  Low 60s at ride start and threat of a possible shower.  Got to the low 70s and just a couple of brief sprinkles, which felt more like the “promised” misting machine to be placed at the top of Rose Hill during the next Indian Head 100.

    Ride Report:  A less classy ride than last week – not because of the participants, but because we stayed together for the most part.  Only ‘A’s and high ‘B’s (or as some would like to characterize “BB”s) today.  Robert needed a rest day after riding hard and fast the past three and anticipating “beast” mode for tomorrow’s Casey Jones Express.  Today we left on Marshall Hall to Livingston and then down Pomfret to Marshall Corner.  A left turn put us on Bensville to Berry Road and up Mill Hill, or the top of Charles County.  From there we turned on Davis past the three schools and then through the neighborhood bisected by Lexington.  We turned right turn on Middletown, and then a left on Billingsley to the rest stop at WaWa, after crossing 301.  We returned on Billingsley, St. Charles Parkway, Demarr and across 301 for a right turn back on Marshall Corner.  This was where the first split occurred, but all came back together at the corner of Marshall Corner and Pomfret to watch Sam change a front flat (apparently a pinch flat from an unseen pothole).  We started to feel a sprinkle and there was an option to just turn on Pomfret and retrace, but all wanted to follow the cue sheet, get the miles, and come up Bumpy Oak. 

    Even though Jim hasn't ridden much this year, he was back in photographer form – stopping to snap a few and sprinting back to the front. If he only got a picture of someone's calves, he promises to do better next time. 

    Mechanicals: Sam’s flat (above), with Richard assisting and the rest watching.  

    Incidents: None


  • Mon, April 06, 2015 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Bob Howell, Loretta Troen, Karen Morgan

    Weather: Very breezy, sunny, 2 jerseys or windbreakers plus tights at the start; over 70 by early afternoon, and down to shorts and short sleeves.

    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6024200  36 miles from Oak Ridge Park: Dubois in both directions, 2 stops at Gilbert Run Park, down Kentucky and up Old Sycamore.  1378' of elevation gain, which would have been a gently rolling ride in June or September, but today some of us were feeling every foot of that elevation gain. 

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none.

    It was a beautiful early spring day, and a wonderful day to be riding.  We stayed together and had a great time.

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