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  • Fri, July 17, 2015 9:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Ride leader: Jackie and Randy Schoch

    Members: Vicki Garlock, Ron Altemus, John Riconda, Larry Peed, and Norm Lisy.

    Guests: Jonathan Berry.

    Weather: Very nice morning with low humidity. 

    Route: Mostly the "standard" IHRT Comb.

    Mishaps and mechanicals: None.

    AMS: 13.3 mph for the leaders riding sweep.

    Ron thought we should try for a new route this morning but it didn't work out too well. We had hopes of riding the IHRT to Bumpy Oak and then head south on Bumpy Oak to Hawthorne to connect with the "standard" Combo at Ripley but the trail was blocked before we got to Bumpy Oak. John aborted at this point because he was suffering from "jet lag" having just gotten home from Ireland a few hours ago. So we retreated to Livingston Road (Rt. 224) and rode up Mount Pisgah on Hawthorne which has a wide shoulder that is marked as a bike route. Vicki and Larry took off at a fast pace with Jonathan doing his best to hang off the back. Norm and Ron rode together at a moderate pace because tomorrow is Norm's 74th (mile) Birth Day Ride. Jackie struggled up Mt. Pisgah because she had to ride her old heavy trail bike (good bike is at Bike Doctor getting a "check up"). The rest of the ride was on lightly traveled rural roads. This was a good turn out probably because the weather was so great. Our group stretched out with Jackie and I riding sweep. At the rest stop at the Pisgah Store, we had a nice visit with snacks and drinks. There were many trail users today and we got to see a lot of wild life (many squirrels, young and adult turtles, and rabbits). It was a great day to get in a bicycle ride. Jackie, Jonathan (our nephew), and I dined at the Lunch Box in Bryans Road. Remember, we start at 9 AM (because of the hot summer temps). 

  • Thu, July 16, 2015 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Pat Walthers, Harry Kidd, Tom Roberson

    Weather: Just lovely: low humidity, sunny, 70s to low 80s.  It doesn't get much nicer than this.

    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6004650  34.4 miles, 1300' of elevation gain

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none, unless you count a chain drop (and on Thrift Rd, I think it best we don't)

    AMS: low 12s

    We took an extra rest stop at the WaWa - at least, this time I registered zero while waiting for the light, unlike the last time I was at that spot on the Watermelon Ride (65.9 mph & 3 miles added while waiting for the light to change).  We followed the route as cued, having taken the "new route" through the Refuge (left on Lusby Ridge, right on St Marys View at the @) on the Watermelon ride, enjoyed the potholes and patches on Cedarville and then enjoyed the gentle climb on Thrift Road even more.  Funny you should ask: it turns out, it's a half mile long, climbing from 43' up to 203' elevation, mostly at a 6% grade but rising to a maximum grade of 8.5% just at the crest.  Ever so much easier at mile 15 than at mile 60.  Larry Peed's wife was waiting for us at Millers Farm, and we had a nice visit. 

  • Thu, July 16, 2015 9:30 AM | Samuel Perry

    Today we had great weather, high Sixties to low Seventies at ride start!  Thirteen riders joined me on the 34 mile route with the Rest Stop at Miller Farms.  The faster riders took off with the rest of us trailing closely from behind.

    The Ride Leader was sweeping the rear with a 16 AMS prior to the Rest Stop. About a mile from the start Jay Lewis had to stop for a phone call. He wasn't seen at the Rest Stop and was assumed to have returned to handle a job request.

    Riders sampled Ice Cream or Donuts of their choice at Miller Farms.  I was informed that they sell bottle water at the concession stand outside for $1.  They have a Rest Room in the back of the store.

    Norm Lisy one of our riders arrived to tell us that Jay had a double flat after his phone call. Not known if he was going to continue the ride.

    We left the Rest Stop about the time that the CC group was arriving. The second half of the route had more hills and rollers to chip away at the average moving speed.

    The Ride Leader completed the route with an average moving speed of 15.4. Riders ahead finished in the mid or high 16 AMS.  We had a good time. 

    Riders: Regina & Mike Saizan, Bob Howell, Jay Lewis, Alan Kurzweil, Phil Mitchell, Lisha Peacock (rode bike from home), Robert Smith, Larry Peed, Tom Short, Linda Bankerd, Vernon Daley. Norm Lisy arrived late at start and later caught up with us.  His birthday is today (Happy Birthday) and he has posted a 74 mile ride for Saturday morning, riding his age in miles.

    Larry Peed's wife met us today at the Rest Stop. She took photos of us while we were there.

  • Wed, July 15, 2015 8:31 PM | Larry Peed

    It turned out to be a beautiful evening for a ride with the exception of a flat as we were leaving Marshall Hall. 

     Twelve riders joined me on the ride this evening; Randy Schoch, Dan Zavorka, Bob Howell, Sonia Newman, James Denmark, Vernon Daley, Diane Harris, Phil Mitchell, Brodrick Pascal, Brian Mosley, Lynne and Wayne Blake-Hedges.

    Thank you all for coming out.

  • Wed, July 15, 2015 5:30 PM | Bruce Wright

    Leader: Bruce Wright

    Members: Joni King, Benny Budd, Lisha Peacock, and George Chiamylera

    Route: Casey Jones Express

    Weather: 79.2 degrees, wind NW 10 mph

    AMS: 17.8

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report:  We started at the same time as the AAs.  Lisha and I were ahead of the rest of the A riders.  By the time we got to Route 6, all 5 A riders were together until we reached Fairground Road. One rider experienced hip pain and had to drop back.  I waited at intersection of 301 and Fairground Road to make sure everything was ok.  Very good ride and very fast. 


  • Wed, July 15, 2015 5:30 PM | Scott Walker

    Class: AA/3

    Category: Express

    Description: Hammerfest

    Speed Limit Imposed: None

    Gain: 701ft

    Distance: 25.8mi (TT segment at 25.1mi)

    Max Grade: 5.1%

    Rest Stops: None

    Founders: Benny Budd and Joni King

    Support: OHBTC and Paul Bales/Casey Jones Restaurant

    Motto: “For the love of the people and the ride” - Michael Blaine

    Course KOM: Dan Hoefert / Robert Golding (September 17, 2014 / 24.0mph)

    Course QOM: Claire Chiamulera (Aug 22, 2012 / 22.2mph)

    Ride Leaders: Scott Walker, Blake Altman, Jean Wright

    Riders: Kevin Toups, Andrew Harris, Douglas Carter, Brad Francisco, John Choate, Chris Zabriskie, Darin King, Mike Dent, Robert Smith, Anthony Carter (who brought three more strong riders the names for whom I’m still struggling, but I believe: Demetrius Perkins, Mark Wimbush and one other; sorry about this gents), Mike Wilson, Doug Cline, Mel, Mike, Karen Fitzgerald, Josh Hettel, Paul Bales

    Weather: Partly sunny at 79 degrees. Winds from the NW at 10.

    AMS: Leaders      22.9 mph

             Sweep       18.0 mph

    Mishaps: None

    Mechanicals: Darin flatted three times this evening; one on the front wheel and two on the back. He fixed each one and kept rolling!   

    Report: Great to see all the new faces! I struggled with some of the names, but keep coming back and I promise to get your names right! Lots of speed up front today with Kevin and Andrew charging forward into a pretty good headwind on their very slippery TT machines.  Lonely ride for me today as I found myself in no-man’s land from Dentsville to the ride’s end.  A fun cruise though, as always.  See you next week!
  • Tue, July 14, 2015 6:19 PM | Michael & Yuyin Bivens

    Ride Leader: Mike Bivens

    Classification: B Sport/Touring

    Distance:  39.9 miles.  AMS for the group was low to mid 16s, mid 15s, and the sweeping Ride Leader finishing at 15.2. Steve rode to the ride start from home; continued at the rest stop and apparently finished the route and rode home. Jay, who had an appointment, chose to cut the ride short and return via Rose Hill and Bumpy Oak after the rest stop.  

    Members:  Norm Lisy, Tom Short, Larry Peed, Jan and Ron Tucker, Regina and Mike Saizan, Troy Eddy, George Chimalura, Sam Perry, Jay Lewis, Alan Kruzweil, and Steve Perakis

    Guest(s): Susan Patton

    Weather:  High 80s with even higher humidity (between 90 – 100%).  Cloud cover for most of the ride and some anxiety that we would not beat threatening thunder storms.   We did.  No rain, but a lot of sweat.

    Ride Report:   Another good group.  Since today was the first stage in the mountains for the current Tour De France, but since southern Maryland doesn’t have any hills, today’s route incorporated our puny Pyrenees.  We left the shopping center, crossed 210 to Livingston and then took a left on Pomfret.  A right on Preston Lane put us on Marshall Corner, down Rose Hill, Causeway, and Chapel Point. We went left to climb Locust Grove, right on Old Stagecoach and crossed 301 to Spring Hill Newtown.  A right on Bel Alton Newtown had us climb the “beast” before crossing 301 (now 602) to Chapel Point and the rest stop at St. Ignatius. Turning left on Chapel Point provides one of the most spectacular views in Charles County – the convergence of the Port Tobacco and Potomac rivers – a sight we seldom see since it is usually behind us.  We turned right to climb Locust Grove (Deja vu all over again).  A right again on Old Stagecoach had us crossing 301 for the third time (903), but here we took a left onto St. Marys and into LaPlata.  A left on Charles and the final crossing of 301 (1204) to Port Tobacco and a right through the Quailwood neighborhood, put us back on Hawthorne to the final climb up Bumpy Oak and a return to the start.  At least three groups today: fast, half fast, and the sweepers.           

    Mechanicals: Tom noticed a noise in his chain as we reached mile one.  Since he had already experienced two chain related issues in the past month, and since he planned to take the bike he was riding on a one week tour, he opted to abandon the ride and head to the bike shop.

    Incidents:  None.

  • Tue, July 14, 2015 9:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader: Ron Altemus

    Member:  Steve Palincsar

    Route:  Advertised as piggybacking on Mike's "where ever it might go" route, we followed his "A Swarm of Locusts 40-miler" cue sheet for a good part of the ride but improvised a bit in the middle.  Outbound it was down Pomfret and Rose Hill to Chapel Point but then up Locust Grove to Old Stagecoach.  After crossing 301, we refueled using the picnic tables at the closed-on-Tuesdays Johnny's Boy.  Our first variant followed - up St Mary's to the La Plata Park and then across Glen Albin to return to the proscribed route of Springhill Newtown/Bel Alton Newtown, across 301, and Chapel Point to the rest stop at St. Ignatius.  Following ice fill-ups of water bottles, it was down the hill next to the St. Ignatius cemetery continuing on Chapel Point.  We eschewed a second tour of Locust Grove, etc., and continued on to MD-6 and then taking Valley to Hawthorne.  Heading down Bumpy Oak, our plan was to take the IHRT back over to Hawthorne and use Chapman's Landing to return to Bryan's Rd.  As detailed below, that didn't work out so it was up Bumpy Oak to get us back.  Since both of us had actually started at Accokeek Firehouse, we ended up just under 49 miles total for the day.

    Weather:  73 at ride start/81 at finish.  Cloud cover of varying intensity keep the temps down for most of the ride; clearing occurred for the final section from Bryan's Rd back to Accokeek and the temps shot up accordingly.

    AMS:  12.5

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  Ride leader had a flat shortly after turning onto Pomfret.  The first tube chosen as a replacement had been repaired only with a temporary patch so it wouldn't hold air.  A second, new tube, was substituted and we were back underway for an uneventful ride thereafter.

    Report:  Any ride is a good ride, even with the occasional flat!  Of notable interest - on Pomfret, we stopped at the IHRT to inspect the trail.  It didn't look any different than our last time past it, and actually, looking east, the surface seemed to be quite uneven.  On our return, as aforementioned, we had planned to use the trail from Bumpy Oak to head west but when we reached it, repaving was underway.  Though we informed one of the workers that we were the official trail rider testers, it was suggested that the ongoing paving took precedence to our supposed testing.  The construction worker said that the portion of the trail west of Bumpy Oak would be completely repaved today and ready to ride on thereafter.  Furthermore, weather-dependent, paving would begin tomorrow moving east from Bumpy Oak.  So maybe the end of July completion date might be met...

  • Mon, July 13, 2015 9:30 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

    What do you do when you schedule a ride and no one comes?  Cancel?  Do it anyway?  Go home and ride from there?  It's Monday, not a usual day for a club ride, however, this ride was canceled Saturday because of rain and I rescheduled for today because of the anticipated good weather forecast (and I'm off from work).  Wrong!  They called for rain scattered throughout the day.  I took my chances and headed out, solo, to ride the route.  There's a lot you can do when riding alone.  Think about today's world events, notice the scenery of the area you're traveling, have imaginary conversations with the drivers of vehicles that pass too close to you, wonder what everyone else is doing.  You can ride at your own pace, slow down when you want to, speed up when you want to, spend as much time as you want at the rest stop.  But what you can't do is have a conversation with your fellow riders.  Oh well.  Anyway, the rain held off until just after the rest stop.  It started with about 30 minutes of sprinkling to light rain, then got heavier but nothing like the torrential downpours of last week.  I considered cutting the ride short but decided against it because traffic on the shorter route would have been heavier with lots of trucks.  So I continued on the planned route.  I ran into fellow club member, Ken Meredith, who was driving to one of his work sites.  We chatted for a few minutes and then I started off again.  The rain continued.  It lightened up within 5 miles of the parking lot.  I arrived back at the lot, having no mishaps but soaking wet, glad I had gotten in a ride, in spite of the rain.  I enjoyed the route, especially the starting location which is perfect for those that want to start in this area but want to avoid having to climb Berry Rd from Accokeek Academy, right out of the parking lot.  And there are port-a-potties at the start.  Conclusion...if you need rain to water your lawns and flowers, want snow for winter sports, wind gusts to make you appreciate having a home to go back to, just have me schedule this ride.  It almost guarantees inclement weather!!  Now, off to wash my bike.

  • Sun, July 12, 2015 9:30 AM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)

    Ride Leader: Debby Bowman
    Members: Robin Kyle, Eric Peterson and Andrea Noseck
    Guests: none
    Route: 47 miles, 2449 feet of climbing, http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9212764
    Average speed: 15-ish mph at the front; 14 at the back to the last rest stop, dropping to 13.5 by the end
    Weather: A great summer day. Temps rising to the high 80s, not too humid, just enough clouds to keep the sun from being oppressive
    Mishaps and mechanicals: None
    Barnyard animals: ducks at two farms, some horses, and the half-brown, half-white goat who lives on Fishers Station Rd was lying around relaxing
    Wildlife: A bunch of deer inside the fence at the US Naval Research Center on Dalrymple and some ducks crossing on Walnut Ave near North Beach

    We had a great ride to the beach today. Our route was a variation on the Memorial Day Express Train ride that was shortened by moving the start south to Wayson's Corner. We began with a ride through the shade on Pindell and Lower Pindell Rds, crossed Route 4 onto Fisher's Station Rd and then headed south on McKendree and Wilson Rds. Thanks to a tip from Steve, we bypassed our planned rest stop at the Shell/Dash-In on Old Solomons Island Rd, since they no longer allow cyclists to use their restrooms, and continued on to the 7-11 at the corner of Route 2 and Dalrymple, which has a gas station with a large convenience store and public rest room.

    Just before the rest stop we encountered road work that closed the shoulder of Route 2 on either side of Mount Harmony Rd. As we approached the work zone I was glad to see a sign showing a reduced speed limit of 40 mph along with an orange "Bikes may use full lane" sign. Despite this, several drivers passed too close to us rather than slowing down and waiting until it was safe to pass.

    After stopping at the 7-11 we continued our trek to the bay along Dalrymple and Old Bayside Rds, then enjoyed the flat terrain as we rode through Chesapeake Beach. We slowed as we rode along the bike path in North Beach to enjoy the view of the bay. In short order we reached our second stop at the deli in Herrington Harbor, which recently was renamed the Chesapeake Market and Deli. Despite the change of name (and new management, I assume) the deli itself appears largely unchanged and we enjoyed good conversation with our snack at one of the tables on their patio.

    From Herrington Harbor we rode up to Fairhaven where we enjoyed one last view of the bay, then followed the familiar (and not flat) route up Town Point, Leitch and Franklin Gibson Roads. We finished our ride by cutting west on Bay Front, with a brief detour up Brooks Woods and down Little, then rode the rollers on the Route 4 access road back to the park and ride.

    Throughout the ride we split into pairs, with Andrea and Eric up ahead while Robin and I rode together at the back, but we regrouped at both stops and saw each other again at the end. In all we enjoyed a fun bike ride on a pleasant summer day. Many thanks for joining me today!

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