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Ride Reports

Ride Leaders are encouraged to post reports on their rides. Members can comment on ride reports and anyone can read the reports and comments. Instructions for posting a report

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  • Wed, May 15, 2019 5:30 PM | Ken Lemmert

    Ride Leader:  Ken Lemmert

    Date: May 15, 2019

    Ride Name:  Casey Jones Express A/B

    Ride Distance:  25 Miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  17mph

    Ride Class:  AA/2

    Mechanical Issues:  None

    Mishaps:  None

    Weather: Upper 60’s, sunny, some wind

    Guest Riders:  none

    Member Riders:  none

    Ride Report:

    There were a lot of AA riders.  Rode with them for a while.  No A/B riders.

    There was a Bald Eagle in the field along Springhill/Newtown Road.  Usually you will see them flying high.  It was pretty cool seeing this one down on along the ground.

    Sorry for the late notice of this ride.  Mark your calendar now...the A/B Casey Jones Express ride will now be a regularly scheduled Wednesday evening ride.  Hope to see everyone out like years past. 

  • Tue, May 14, 2019 6:00 PM | Sherwood

    On this windy Tuesday evening, Linda Bankerd, Holly Carr, Darryl Lowery, Beth Dushman, Sue Estes, & OHBTC Club President, Donaro Gardner joined me, Ride Leader, Sherwood Byers,  for this weeks Starbucks Express ride.  The steady headwind wind speed of 15+ MPH proved challenging at times along with the chill factor keeping you cooled. At ride start, the ambient temperature was 64 degrees (It felt like the mid to upper 40's).  The reported  AMS in the front was 18.5 MPH, while the AMS at the rear holding a steady 15.1 MPH.  There were no reported malfunctions.  

    Thanks to all who help make this weekly ride a really fun success.


  • Tue, May 14, 2019 10:00 AM | Barbara Haney

    Leader: Barbara Haney

    Members: Ron Haney, Pete Czapiewski, Tom Roberts, Sam Perry

    Guests: Elizabeth Niles, Barb Haley

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29923467 Springhill Newtown - Marbury Run:  through La Plata, Port Tobacco, Pisgah, Indian Head; route creatively adapted by Ron A for his CC riders

    Weather:  surprisingly worse that we expected. In the 50s all day, mostly overcast, even a few raindrops. NW wind 10-15 mph that was definitely a factor

    AMS: 16.3 for leader, front riders somewhat higher

    Report: There seemed to be some attrition pre-ride as a couple of riders changed their minds and left, maybe because they didn't have the right clothing for the weather. Those of us who hadn't put all our winter gear away were glad to have it: leg coverings, jackets, vests, wool socks, even full gloves and hats for some of us. It felt more like March or November than May, for sure. We welcomed two guests from VA , strong riders who we hope liked the ride enough to return as members. We rode at a brisk pace to the Dash In, only stopping long enough to regroup, then set out directly into the headwind to Pisgah Store. We took a normal break there, and from there we kind of broke up, the A group going on ahead, ride leader and Ron H dropping off to ride back at a B-ish pace, choosing to shortcut the end on Livingston instead of Chapmans, and Sam deciding to return directly via Mason Springs. Even in the less-than-ideal conditions, it was a good ride, and I hope it was enjoyed by all. 

  • Tue, May 14, 2019 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Karen McMillan, Pat Walthers, Jim Hudnall, Joan Oppel

    Route:   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29923467  38.1 miles, 1478' elevation change.  Pomfret, IHRT, Bumpy Oak, Hawthorne, and Quailwood  to the La Plata Dash-In. Onwards via Glen Albin, Springhill Newtown, Old Stagecoach/Locust Grove, Chapel Point, MD-6, and Poorhouse to Pisgah Store. Final leg on Bicknell/Marbury Run, Chicamuxen, Hawthorne, and Chapman's Landing.

    Weather:  a raw feeling day with overcast skies to start, temps in the low 50s maybe reaching the upper 50s when the sun did break through later in the ride, and winds out of the western quadrant.

    AMS:   swept in the low 12s

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:   none

    Report:  would have been a very nice day for riding in the middle of March.  Unfortunately, it is May!  As the A/B ride leader noted, winter riding gear was the order of the day.  Heading out, Karen looked to get her interval training in early and was ahead of the rest of us.  We caught up with her crossing 301 into La Plata and we rode together until the second rest stop, where Karen continued w/o stopping due to time constraints.  Yes, a bit of rain (or was it sleet) on Springhill Newtown but nice sunshine on Poorhouse so maybe it evened out.  A few of the roads were traffic free, but we caused a minor traffic jam on Chapel Point at the Port Tobacco Park entrance.  Photographs of the park entrance were needed as a possibility for the IH100 tee shirt and a good number of vehicles suddenly were on the road.  Fortunately, no mishaps.

  • Sat, May 11, 2019 9:30 AM | Kirk Saunders

    Fabulous day to be on the Bike although it was a little chilly to start of with for spring . I was joined by Alan Kurzweil , Patricia Sanders , Cathy Wilson , Tom Roberts , Denise Edwards & Rocket Ron Haney all club members . The route was super smooth and as beautiful as We remembered it . Our group worked very well together rotating on the front & looking out for each other . No mechanical problems thank goodness , we had an average speed of 15.8  as well as big smiles after completing the ride . 

  • Sat, May 11, 2019 9:30 AM | Jane Hudnall (Administrator)

    Leaders: Jim and Jane Hudnall

    Members: David Schnirel, Walt Roscello, Ron Altemus, Jay Lewis and Donaro Gardner

    Route: We started at Bryans Road with Kirk Sanders' A group. The route went down Chicamuxen to Smallwood State Park for a break then across on Smallwood Church Road and Mason Springs to Pisgah Park for a second stop. From there we followed Mason Springs to Chicamuxen, to Hawthorn, to Livingston Road, to the IHRT, to Bumpy Oak. Then up Bumpy Oak and Livingston back to the start.

    Weather: Pleasant riding conditions with overcast skies, temperatures in the 60's and a few peaks of sun. No rain!

    AMS: 13.5 mph at the back

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report: We are grateful to Kirk for letting us start with his group and follow part of his route. It was a great day for riding with low-traffic roads in the Nanjemoy peninsula. The woods were beautiful with spring green leaves washed with rain from the night before. Conversation during the ride and at the rest stops let us catch us with how people are doing. Rides like this one are good for your body, mind and spirit.

  • Sat, May 11, 2019 8:30 AM | Blake Altman

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman

    Date: May 11, 2019   

    Ride Name: Casey Jones to Cobb Island

    Ride Distance: 51 Miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  19.2 MPH

    Ride Class:  AA/3, Sport

    Mechanical Issues: None

    Mishaps: None

    Weather: Upper 60’s to lower 70’s, overcast, some sun, somewhat humid

    Guest Riders:  None

    Member Riders:  Lynne Blake-Hedges, Barb Haney, Michael Blaine

    Ride Report:

    We had a really good ride but there isn’t too much to report.  We all rode together throughout and everyone took turns at the front.  The average was a bit of a surprise since we weren’t necessarily trying for a fast ride but that is what happens with teamwork (and a fairly flat ride).  Michael joined is in route on St. Mary’s Ave and turned back for home on Route 301 at the end of Edge Hill Rd. since he had graduation to attend later in the day.

    Thanks to everyone who joined me; it was a fun ride.

  • Fri, May 10, 2019 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Leader - Jackie Schoch

    Members - John Riconda, Ron Altemus, Belinda Acre Josh Sieben, Vickie Garlock, Robin Garnett, Jim and Jane Hudnall.

    Guests - None

    Route - IHRT

    Weather - Nice up to 80 and sunny

    AMS - Varied - Leader approx. 12 mph

    Mechanicals/Mishaps - None

    Report - Nice group of riders this morning. Randy was getting over a cold and decided not to ride. We saw a snake, one snapping turtle, two box turtles, lots of bike riders, walkers, and a recumbent e-trike. Diane's ride met up with our ride at the rest stop in White Plains for a nice large group visit and photo opt.. We had head wind in both directions. Jackie was riding her regular bike. Jackie stopped at McD's to take home lunch for Randy and had no idea where the others dined.

  • Fri, May 10, 2019 9:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

    Earlier in the week the for cast was calling for rain on Friday so I wasn't sure this ride would be a go.  But the weather was fine, overcast at the start but temps in the high 60's going to the high 70's.   Three clunky members joined me, Theresa Rowell, Michael Dong, and Tom Roberts.  Michael and Tom had ridden to the start location from their homes.  Now that the C/CC group starts from the Indian Head Village Green, we had to decide whether we wanted to head towards their start location once we reached the Livingston Rd trail access or just continue on the trail towards White Plains. Mike and Tom headed towards the Village Green while Theresa and I headed towards White Plains.  We all met up at the trail head in White Plains but along the way, Theresa and I enjoyed watching and pair of geese with their goslings (that hissed at u s as we carefully rode past), several cardinals, and a snapping turtle.  At the rest stop we met a senior citizen who was riding his recumbent trike on the trail and enjoyed talking to him about everything in general and nothing in particular.  He was 80 years old!!  (Did you know we have some club members whose ages exceed that!!)  On the return trip, Mike left us to ride home and Janell joined us for part of the ride that included the climb up Hawthorne and the rollers of Chapman's Landing, leaving Tom, Theresa and I to do the final climb up Barry's Hill to the parking lot.  No rain, some sun, all in all an enjoyable ride.

  • Thu, May 09, 2019 10:30 AM | Samuel Perry

    Ride Leader Sam Perry

    Members: Linda Bankerd,Larry Peed, Ron and Barbara Haney.

    Because the weather was predicted to be Iffy, I chose a short route that would be fun, and one that we would be finished within the window of anticipated showers. 

    Our turnout was smaller than ususal but we made the best of it. The route was 31 miles long, with rollers, flats, and a couple of hills. 

    Rest Stop was at the Moreland Store. The AVS up front was 16.8 and the sweep was at 16.1 for the Ride's end. No mechanicals to speak of.

    Larry Peed had a personal best on this ride. 

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