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  • Sat, December 15, 2012 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    We joined the C/CC group at the Firehouse at 10:30 on what started as a gray, overcast day.  For some reason, folks were reluctant to leave, a pattern that repeated itself at every rest stop throughout the day.  But eventually we did get going, followed shortly by the C/CC group.  The group consisted of Holly Carr, Jan Tucker, Linda Bankerd, Jim and Jane Hudnall, Mike Bivens, Joan Oppel, Rita Zeidner and Rodeine West and leader Steve Palincsar.  At least, that's who signed up. 

    We came down Barry's Hill Rd. "the back way" to Bryans Road, where we encountered some of Calvin's group coming down from Livingston.   Things got a little confused when Holly and I stopped just across 210 to wait for Joan and Rita, who were riding together off the back: the B/CC group followed by some of the C/CC group went off down the road while we waited, and possibly one or more of them followed the 46 mile group left on Pomfret, because when Holly and I arrived at Mattingly Park in Indian Head we found at least one rider who wasn't on the sign-up sheet waiting with the group.  By now, the sky had cleared, the sun had come out, and it had warmed up to the low 50s, turning into a spectacularly beautiful winter day: bright golden light, long slanting shadows, blue skies, just a perfect cycling day.

    After a lengthy break, during which a couple of folks I didn't recognize realized they were running late decided to shortcut the route, we followed a straightforward route to Smallwood: Mattingly to 210, Strauss to Chicamuxen, Hawthorne to Smallwood -- probably the only truly straightforward, obvious route of the day -- where we found Reggie & Belinda's group posing for photos at the road leading to the Art Center.  They'd come, had a break, followed my suggestion for a tour of Smallwood (discovering parts of the park they never knew were there, along with some terrain irregularities Calvin insisted were "hills") and then paused for a photo op.  We joined them for a couple of photos, then went down to the marina for a break.

    After another lengthy break we set about a very unobvious return: Sweetman to Bicknell to Pisgah Marbury, then left on Mason Spring back to Hawthorne and 210.  Some of us -- at least, of those of us still left (Mike, Jan and Rodeine having gone on ahead somewhere along the way) -- stopped at the McDonalds at Bryans Road for the "fifty cent senior coffee special."  It must have been very special, because they had to brew the coffee up special just for us.  And so, another long break.

    Fully fueled, layers off, we flew down Marshall Hall and up Barry's Hill and back to the Firehouse just before 3, last to arrive but happy we'd taken the tour.  AMS somewhere in the high 13s, overall average including stops around 10.  According to ridewithgps, 1887 feet of climbing.  The route is here.  Photos from the ride are here

    [Edit: Calvin sent the email announcing the ride, so I assumed he was leading C/CC group, but Reggie and Belina actually led.  Sorry about that; corrections have been made.]

  • Sat, December 15, 2012 9:30 AM | John Gorman

    Rider Leader: John Gorman

    Riders: Charles Hill, John Arrington w/ their Guests Kevin Williams, Sharon Banks, and Owen Duncan ( I think they all ride more out of the Davidsonville and other AA County locations) 

     9:30am temps were below 40 w/ no wind, so yes it was chilly, but that's winter riding. The sun didn't come out until near the end of the ride.

    The Route is one used by week day training rides out of the DAV lot, in Anne Arundel Cty.  L onto Rossback/becomes Paxtuent River Rd into Harwood Rd w/ a rest stop (bath rms) @ the Citigo RT 2/ (Solomon's Isl Rd).  Following southbound thru the traffic cir onto R -Md-422/Bayard R up S. Polling House Rd, L onto Polling House thru it's rural countryside rollers, R back on Bayard, R Sands up to L Paxt River looping back thru the initial roads taken southbound back up to Md-424. Options here are to turn R & back to the lot. Or as I extended, crossed back over MD-424 to Rossback/Rutland, L up Bell Branch, U-turn back L onto Rutland (circling in back of the Lot), R onto MD-424 and back to the parking lot.  1800 ft elvation.  (Initial downward is flat rollers, then some inclines, more climbing from mile 18 back to the start.)

    We matched each others paces and/or waited for each other after hills/turns.

    Unfortunately about mile 22 on one one rider had 3 flats within  several miles of each, we all pulled over and waited each time for the needed repair. After the 3rd one, myself and two others were advised to continue on, and one rider would get his truck to pick up the rider w/ the flat issues. After arriving back to MD-424,  1/2 mile from the start, the other riders went back to the start. I continued on solo to complete the 40miler. Upon my  arrival at the lot, all riders were accounted for.

    Stats: 40.20 miles, 14.20ams (w/ turn coverage and lots of repair stops & recircling back ), riding time 2:50

  • Sat, December 15, 2012 9:30 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)
    This was the best day of the weekend and 13 people joined me for this ride (Darin King, Blake Altman, Ken Meredith, Keith Blackmon, Cathy Wilson, John Kady, Claire Chiamulera, Nancy Avitabile, Richard Edelman, John Giglio, Danzie Seaward, John Clark, and Jack Gardner who rode to the ride start from home in Upper Marlboro!).  The first split in the group occurred when Blake had a minor mechanical and the two of us were held back by a red light.  We had to chase (or at least Blake chased, pulling me along) to catch up to part of the group.  John C, Jack, Darin, Danzie, and John G were riding at a faster pace and we did not see them until the rest stop.  After the rest stop Nancy, Richard, Cathy and John K cut the ride short to ~39 miles.  Because there's no food and drink at the cue sheet rest stop we always take a break at the High's which cuts off about 2 miles from the ride.  Blake and I made this distance up at the end by doing an alternate loop back to the parking lot which added ~ 3 miles.  I thought this was a better way back to the start as we avoided having to make the left turn from Davidsonville Rd into the parking lot and crossing 4 lanes of traffic.  Ride leader finished with an ams of 17.1
  • Sat, December 15, 2012 9:00 AM | Anonymous member
    Ride Leader: Jon Agazzi

    Being a perfect early winter morning for a ride, Jocelyn Herrington and Scott Walker joined me on the 31 mile variation of Pedaling to Pisgah.  With nice downhills on Bumpy Oak and Rose Hill over, we turned right onto Rt. 6 and were joined for a nice time by David Kemp.  At the rest stop David bid us farewell as we then continued on 425.  The ride was uneventful until we got back onto 210 after Chapman's Landing, and Scott got a flat about a mile from the end.  All turned out well.
    I had a moving average of 16.2 and got to work in plenty of time!
  • Fri, December 14, 2012 11:00 AM | Jane Hudnall (Administrator)
    Leaders: Jim and Jane Hudnall
    Riders: Larry Peed, Jan and Ron Tucker, Steve Palincsar, Holly Carr and Dan Donahue

    Jan and Ron rode from home, Steve from the Accokeek Fire Station, and Dan from the White Plains trail head. We met Dan close to milepost 7 where he was changing a flat tire. We all continued on to White Plains, and there we were delighted to see the caboose that had just been arrived from the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. Workers from a house hauling company had delivered it earlier in the morning and had positioned it on a stretch of track in the far end of the parking lot. We climbed into the caboose and imagined what it must have like to have traveled the rails in it. 

  • Thu, December 13, 2012 10:30 AM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)

    Best of Brandywine had the best-so-far day of the week for a bike ride:  lots and lots of sun and “mild” temperature of 42 at ride start – mild that is for a December day.  A fairly large crowd showed up, including a few people who usually don’t get to ride on Thursdays:  Roger Cubbage, John Early, Jerry Finan, Phil Greer, Jane and Jim Hudnall, Darryl Lowery, Ken Meredith, Larry Peed, Tom Roberson, Mike and Regina Saizan, Loretta Troen, Jan Tucker.  For the record, Darryl, Ken and John all biked to the ride start. 

    We did a 32 mile route, Bassford Excursion to Gallant Green and to the welcoming Moreland store for a rest stop, where it is always warm and sunny at the front of the store. 

    A couple of miles after the rest stop, the ride broke into 2 groups, with your trusty ride leader leading the back group of 6 riders.  Unfortunately, Tom R had to stop with a loose bottom bracket.  After waiting, circling back, discussing, best plan of action was determined to be to continue on to the cars and drive back for Tom.  Fortunately, a bike angel on his way home – also known as Larry Peed, showed up as Tom waited at the side of Cedarville Road.  Larry loaded Tom and bike in his truck, and they arrived at the parking lot just a few minutes after the rest of us.  Fast riders were long gone.  Beautiful day and great ride.

    Joan Oppel

    Photos at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.573366676012666.146691.147336598615678&type=1

    Route at http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1988552

  • Wed, December 12, 2012 12:00 PM | Michael & Yuyin Bivens

    Ride Leader: Mike Bivins

    There are 12 opportunities each century to ride when the day, month, and year are the same.  Even though bicycling is great for your health and prolongs longevity, unfortunately, most of us won't be around to ride on Jan, 1, 2101. Today 12 (-8) riders (Joan Oppel, Steve Palincsar, and Tom Short) rode a 12 (x3) mile route in 12 (x4) degree weather, Ride leader, starting and ending from home added 12 to the start and 12 at the end.  We went down 12 (-10) hills (Bumpy Oak and Rose Hill) to go east on Port Tobacco Road and then through the Quailwood neighborhood.  The first rest stop was at Dash In (appropriately named in case it looked like the world was coming to an end).  We continued across 301 to Rosewick, Radio Station Rd, La Plata Rd and then turned on Piney Church. We passed Blue Crabs Stadium and new neighborhoods one rider described as either a Gulag or minimum security penal colony.  The second rest stop was at WaWa (which in Mayan means Wide Arms/Welcome All). We returned to Bryans Road via Billingsley and Middletown Roads, the IHRT, Pomfret and Livingston. The sun peeked out for about 12 seconds and wind gusts did get as high as 12 mph.  Sweeping from the rear the AMS was 12 (+1.5). Disappointed there weren't more riders today, but assume they're waiting for the next opportunity. 


  • Tue, December 11, 2012 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    Ride Leader: Steve Palincsar

    It was one of those "It'd be a beautiful day if the clouds lifted and the sun came out and it warmed up a bit," and on the drive down there were a few hints of blue sky and bright sun but between 10:00 am and 1:30 pm it was high clouds, gray skies and temperatures between 46 and 50 degrees, with a  noticeable wind.  Not exactly the makings of a great day, but as it turned out, with the right clothes and a good group you can still have a great time on a bike ride.

    Among the happy few today were Larry Peed, Jim Hudnall, Darryl Lowery, Ken Meredith, Joan Oppel, Tom Short, Sam Perry and Mike Bivens.    The route went up Pomfret and down Rose Hill to Port Tobacco, then Chapel Point Rd to St. Ignatius (where Darryl retraced to cut the ride short) and 301, Fairground to Old Stagecoach and Laurel Grove, and Valley/Hawthorne/Bumpy Oak to the IHRT where Sam kept going on Bumpy Oak and the rest of us took a break.  After the break we took the IHRT to Hawthorne, then returned on the Indian Head Highway shoulder.

    36 miles, AMS at the caboose of 13.8 and 1370' of climbing.  And, of course, no hills.

    Photos at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.572402686109065.146541.147336598615678&type=1

  • Sun, December 09, 2012 9:30 PM | Blake Altman (Administrator)
    Ride Leader: Blake Altman

    Members Darin King, Scott Walker, Ken Meredith, and Mike Blaine joined me for the Doncaster & Nanjemoy ride.  We were joined within about a mile of the start by David Kemp.  It was a flat day; not the roads but the weather.  The temperature was flat about 50 degrees at the start, finish, and in between.  It was a flat gray sky with lots of flat gray fog.  On the up side we had a great ride with everyone staying together and taking turns at the front.  We had a quick stop along Riverside road – not at the store.  David left us about five miles from the end.  Within the last two miles Darin said “we might make it”.  didn't know what he was talking about until the end – he meant making it to 19 MPH.  However it was not to be, the ride leader had an average of 18.8 MPH.  I would say that still is plenty good enough especially in December.
  • Sun, December 09, 2012 5:08 PM | Barry Howard
    We held our Sunday morning ride at Rosaryville, riders included Will, Matt, Randy and Barry. We decided to make this a fast ride so everyone could get back in time to watch the foot ball game. We followed the course clockwise, at the inner loop Will & Randy followed the inner loop in a figure 8 pattern, and Matt & I followed the standard course. After the inner loop, we continued the ride and followed the course back to the trail head.


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