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For a good article on Ride Reports and adding photos to Ride Reports, see pages 7 and 8 of the March 2018 "Spoke-n-Word" .

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  • Tue, September 10, 2013 10:00 AM | Samuel Perry

    Ride Leader Sam Perry

    Class B/CC

    Hot and Muggy at ride start and continued through the day.  We rode a route put together by Steve Palincsar. The route had us going down Farmington Rd and up Chatsworth Rd.  We used Gardner Rd to reach Waldorf MD.  The rest stop was at the WAWA on Route 228. We continued on through the Lancaster community to reach the Indian Head Trail. The ride leader had a series of leg cramps on the trail and had to be picked up by Mike Saizan.  One mechanical , a flat tire (Rear), by Steve on Barrys Hill RD.  Roll Call : Steve Palincscar, Regina & Mike Saizan, Jay Lewis, Joan Oppel, Alan Kurzweil, Louise McDermot, Jim McDermot, Robert Golding, Robert Smith, Larry Peed, Sonja Newman, Jim Hudnall, Lou D'Alloro, Linda & Paul Bankerd.


  • Sat, September 07, 2013 4:20 PM | Stephen Palincsar
    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar
    Riders: Larry Peed, Jan Tucker, Jay Lewis, Pat Walthers, LaTasha Banks, Karl Craton, Chuck Miller, Linda Bankerd, Sharon Miller, Lou Dall'Orso, Barbara Hoover, Rene Filipowski, Karen McMillan, Anthony Perry and "Kenny"
    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/30758   43.4 mi, 1841' elevation per RWGPS, max grade <5%
    Weather: sunny, breezy, 70-80 degrees, a splendid day for riding
    Mishaps and mechanicals:  "Kenny," riding with the fast group, found the field of broken blue glass on Old Village Road and the glass found him.  By the time the slower group caught up, he'd fixed the flat and 100 meters later discovered there had been two bits of glass in his tire, not one.  He had two tubes, but only one CO2 cartridge.  My pump fixed that.  

    I could go on an extended rant about CO2: the leaky cartridges, the inflator that exploded on Chicamuxen Road, the tube that froze and shattered like a pane of glass on the way to Cobb Island, the rider who had the cartridge but not the inflator and the one whose cartridge didn't fit his inflator; but I won't.  Some people actually do find them perfectly satisfactory.  But not today.

    This was meant to be a scenic, easy route, nothing too taxing in view of tomorrow's Indian Head 100.  Most, I think, found it both scenic and easy; some only agreed with the first part.  There was a B group and a Used to Be B group, and we were riding close enough together that we regrouped at the rest stops at Cooksey's Store and the Amish schoolhouse.  

  • Sat, September 07, 2013 9:30 AM | Blake Altman

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman

    Date: September 7, 2013


    Ride Distance:  43 miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  18.2 to 17.4

    Ride Class:  A

    Mechanical Issues: Three flats

    Weather: Gorgeous

    Guest Riders: None

    Member Riders: Brad Francisco, Liam Healy, Claire Chiamulera, John Gigilo, Michael Blain, Kenny Statom


    Ride Report:


    We rode together for a while and then Kenny started to fall off the back.  We waited for him a few times but then he said not to wait so we went on ahead.  We stopped at the first rest stop so John could get some water and Kenny rolled up.  We continued on together minus Kenny until the second rest stop; before we finished Kenny caught up again.  Next Brad had a flat which he quickly fixed where we saw Kenny again.


    We continued on together and lost Kenny again.  By the time we reached All Faith Church Road, Liam and I fell off the back.  We continued as three separate groups until the end.  We waited quite a while for Kenny.  Poor Kenny had two flats after we last saw him.  Other than that it was a good ride.

  • Fri, September 06, 2013 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch
    Robert Smith, Larry Peed, Vicki Galock, Jack Hammond, Dan Donahue, Harvey Kidd, George Martin, and Bev White joined leaders Jackie and Randy Schoch on this beautiful cool morning on our first 10am ride for the Fall schedule.  We noticed that the trail was cleaned up (no broken glass, no graffiti, etc.).  There were a lot of trail users this morning (walkers, bikers, joggers, runners, etc.).  While at the White Plains Trail Head for our rest stop, Harvey and Dan expounded on the different recumbents and the comfort associated with each.  Jack and Larry were parked at the rest stop so they left our group at that point.  We made the complete route with no problems.  Randy and Jackie had a wedding rehearsal to take care of so there was no group stop for lunch after the ride.
  • Thu, September 05, 2013 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar substituting for Sam Perry
    Riders: Loretta Troen, Louise and Jim McDermott, Norm Lisy, Sonja Newman, Dana Middleton, Karen Morgan, Joan Oppel, Richard Harrington, Lou Dallorso, Ken Williams, Jim and Jane Hudnall, Teresa Martin, Rita Zeidner
    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/984848  37.7 mi, 1747' elevation (according to RWGPS), max grade 12%
    Weather: Sunny, 70s to low 80s, breezy
    MIshaps and mechanicals: None

    A beautiful day for riding, on a pretty route featuring roads we haven't done for quite a while (the Croom Rollers northbound, with rest stops at Magruders Ferry and the Nottingham Store).  The first 13 miles are nearly flat -- only 175' elevation -- but the final 25 do make up for it. 
  • Wed, September 04, 2013 5:30 PM | Scott Walker

    Ride Leader: Scott Walker


    Date: September 4, 2013


    Ride Name: Casey Jones Express


    Class: A / AA


    Distance: 25.81


    Gain: 974'


    Motto: For the Love of the People and the Ride - Michael Blaine


    Members: Brad Francisco, Jason Palma, Mike Dent, Paul Bales, Joni King, Benny Budd, Blake Altman, Jean Wright, Michael Blaine, Robert Golding, Josh Hettel


    Guests: Eric Williams


    Weather: Sunny 80F, WSW winds at 6 mph


    AMS: Leaders - 22.2 mph (5 riders)


    Mishaps: Serious fall


    Mechanicals: None reported


    Report: A beautiful evening overshadowed by an unfortunate accident.  Paul Bales was having an especially strong ride, looking forward to an upcoming Tri event in Maine on the 14th.  This evening he maintained contact with the leaders throughout the first half of the course, until reaching Budd's Creek Rd.  


    After making it across Budd's Creek and up the hill to 301, Paul was picked up by Josh, who told Paul to "jump on his wheel."  Paul did, and they proceeded at a strong pace, rotating the pull between the two of them.  Sometime after they turned onto Fairground Rd, Paul got too close and then "touched" Josh's rear wheel.  The effect was immediate.  Paul lost control of his bike, went down primarily on his shoulder, elbow and side, and then rolled from the forward momentum.  Josh was unaffected and reported that what he felt from Paul's touch was extremely light; at first not even enough to make him look back.  But after a second, he realized the slight tap he felt wasn't normal and instinctively looked back. Paul was already down. 


    As Josh was helping Paul, other riders were arriving on scene and 911 was called.  Josh also called and left a voicemail on my cell.  Once the emergency responders got Paul loaded and then departed for hospital, the remaining riders headed back to the Casey Jones.  Upon their return, Joni and Benny immediately loaded up their bikes and headed back to get Paul's bike.  A Deputy Sheriff drove up to the Casey parking lot to make sure all the other riders had returned and informed us that Paul was taken to Charles Regional.  As I attempted to contact Paul's wife, Lisa (with no success), Jean headed over to the hospital and Blake went into the Restaurant to talk with the manager (looking for another number/method to contact Paul's wife).


    After my failed attempts to contact Lisa, I called Jean who told me that she and the other riders had departed the hospital after the Deputy Sheriff (at the hospital) said he had Lisa's number (and would contact her), and that Paul was still undergoing examination, and there was really nothing else she and the other riders could do.


    Once I got back home, I called Paul's cell thinking that if Lisa had made it to the hospital she might answer Paul's phone (I still wasn't really sure if anyone had been able to contacted her).  To my surprise Paul answered the phone.  He said he had a cracked rib and significant trauma (and road rash) but was otherwise ok, was with his wife, and on his way home.


    Lessons Learned: Unknown to me at the time, my cell phone ringer was turned off during the ride.  So I didn't hear Josh's call or get his voicemail until I looked at my cell because "it was taking too long for everyone to get back."  From here on out, I'll check my ringer before we depart.


    I couldn't read the numbers provided on the signup form.  Once home, and after checking Paul's number on the Website (which was different than the number he provided) I finally Google'd his cell number and learned that I was mistaking his "8" for a "9".  After dialing the correct number and speaking with Paul, I applied this finding to Lisa's number and discovered that I had been dialing the wrong number for her as well.  Everyone should try to print as neatly as possible on the signup form.  When we need emergency contact names and numbers (and unfortunately, we do from time to time) they become very important!


    Summary: I'm thankful that Paul, although banged up pretty good, is going to be ok.  Thanks to everyone for helping.  Even though this was a tough one, everybody immediately stepped up to assist.

  • Wed, September 04, 2013 5:15 PM | Richard Harrington
    Dwayne Davis, Larry Peed, Jim and Jane Hudnall, German Deortube,Dana Trevas, Michael Besch, Denise Edwards, Erin and Marcelo Loredo, Hans, and Broderick Pascual, joined me on our ride to Marshall Hall and back. It was a beauiful evening for a ride and several of us enjoyed ice cream and barbarcue at B&J's afterwards. See you all next week!
  • Tue, September 03, 2013 5:30 PM | Susan Estes

    We started our evening ride from Pirates Cove in Galesville. Ride leaders included Art Silcox (C-group), Philomena Gorenflo (B-group), and Sue Estes (A-group).

    A couple of riders from the C group took a small tumble. But I am happy to report that they are both fine, despite some minor road rash. Two quotes from Jennifer, on the topic: “Lesson (1): if your tire goes off the pavement into grass, stop in the grass - don't try to recover to the pavement. Another lesson (2): always check the hardware on your clips. If a screw falls out, you might find yourself unable to unclip.”

    The B Crew celebrated Nita’s Keehn’s birthday (post-ride image and evidence link, below!

    The A group did some route improvising at the Nutwell/Sudley intersection and as a result, managed to lose one rider (Mike) to the B group along the way -sorry Mike! The A group welcomed a new participant, who took some nice pulls- thanks for joining us Dave! Along the way, our group was intercepted by an irritated Mercedes driver coming from the other direction; he greeted us with a one-finger-salute, just because.  Later, Chris Garrett took some live action shots, as we ventured down a newly chip-sealed road to view the river (discussing llamas and Miley Cyrus along the way).


  • Mon, September 02, 2013 9:00 AM | Michael Saizan
    Ride Leader: Mike Saizan 
    Ride Distance: 43 miles
    Ride Class: B

    Members:  Jan Tucker, Regina Saizan, Jay Lewis, Ken Meredith, Monica Irmler, Paul Bankerd, Sonja Newman, Reginald Stokes, Herman Young, La’Tasha Banks, Walt Roscello, Janell Saunders

    Guest: Debbie McCall

    The early morning rain was long gone by ride time.  Streets had mostly dried up but a few wet spots remained.  It was very humid.  By the end of the ride, it was sunny, hot and humid.

    Of the 14 riders, Reggie and Herman signed up with the B group since there was not a CC ride leader, but set their own pace.  Janell decided to join the B group later in the ride.  As usual, the riders separated into groups on the first hill on Hawthorne Rd.  The first group of 5 did a pretty good B+ pace to the Smallwood Park rest stop rotating the pull position.  Ride leader swept with a couple riders at a more moderate pace.  After the rest stop, ride leader hooked up with 4 ladies for the return trip.  From the sweep position, it was really cool as the ladies alternately pulled the group along at a brisk pace, sometimes 19-20 mph on the flats.  Sweet!

  • Mon, September 02, 2013 9:00 AM | Darin King

    Leader: Darin King
    Rider:  Brad Francisco
    AMS:  18.0
    Mechanicals:  Ride leader punctured/repaired shortly out of the gate.  Time to toss that tire!

    Brad and I previewed the Indian Head 60 mile route on a warm and sticky morning.  All road markings and cue sheet entries looked good to me!  We stopped briefly at the Art Center, St. Ignatius (new ice maker!), and Murphy's.

    We took turns huffing and puffing out front (much like our attack on the Bay Country Century on Saturday).  Brad declared he finished with nothing left in the tank, adding "which is how it should be."


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