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  • Sun, August 26, 2012 8:30 AM | Sonja Newman
    Ride Leader: Sonja Newman

    When it rains it pours…My Sentiments Exactly!

    Riding with me were Steve Palincsar and Stan Hayes. Bill Blankenship led a small group of members from the Baltimore Bicycle club.

    Cloudy and warm to start that morning and only minutes prior to reaching the starting destination the sky opened and poured down torrential. There were only a handful of us at the start of the ride but by the time we decided we’ll give it a go (30 minutes past starting time) there were 7-10 not so anxious people ready to ride.

    I don’t typically ride in the rain, but I figured it either wouldn’t rain, or I might hit a patch of rain that wouldn’t last long. So, we headed out of the school parking lot into an overcast morning with threatening clouds but soon the sun would filter through and provide a miniscule window of hope.

    Fifteen miles into our journey along rural roads a light mist fell- an intermittent drop here and there and shortly thereafter downpour.

    My initial response to all the rain was – it’s going to be miserable and I should have gone with my gut feeling from the start and headed home. Yes, it was miserable at first, but then all of a sudden riding in the rain felt relaxing (a stillness).

    When you’re cycling in the rain everything takes a little longer… speed substantially reduced, brakes not stopping quickly as when dry, visibility more of a concern, painted lines very slick, and added road debris, with it’s awful crunchy texture.

    Steve didn’t seem fazed by the weather. In fact, he was prepared…rain gear, reflective rim decals, bright wheels, bright bike as well as reflective mud flaps. (Ok…, a bit of an exaggeration) Lol, But, he did appear to be the only one w/proper rain gear.

    It was Steve who suggested we stop at a local Restaurant just one mile ahead. (Felt like 3 miles). The restaurant was closed but provided the perfect shelter from the rain. While there we were joined by a small group of riders not part of our group but apparently we all started in the same place. (Southern High School) We waited for over 20 minutes with a hope that the rain would just stop. We paused momentarily contemplating whether or not we should wait it out, continue on or turn around.

    All w/the exception of Steve decided to opt for the most direct route back…RT 2.

    On the way back the rain seemed to come in consistent spurts, but it would soon subside to a consistent drizzle. Great wide shoulders, steady traffic but no threat!

    When we pulled into the parking lot the most beautiful rainbow appeared. We’d completed 31 miles!!!

    Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.
  • Sat, August 25, 2012 9:00 AM | Calvin Conyers
    Co-Leaders: Jimmy Bartlett, Larry Perkins & Calvin Conyers On a day with rain forecasted above 50% and drizzle already falling at the start, the ride leaders were pleased to be joined by 11 brave souls. Thanks to Pat C., Michelle G., Celeste C., Janell S., Ruth Ann C. Julie Ann K., Fred T., Gary S.,, Reggie S., Bill B., , and Larry P. for coming out. Although we did have sprinkles in our faces for the first 6 miles, soon there after we had dry weather all the way to the finish. The group split into two from the start, with both ending up with fast times. We were probably motivated by the gathering dark clouds and the prospect of more rain before finishing. On days like this you really feel good to have gotten out of the house and enjoyed your bike. Some of the group met at B&Js to sit outside and enjoy food and ice cream, unpertrubed by the rain starting up again. Thanks all for coming.
  • Fri, August 24, 2012 9:00 AM | Jackie Schoch
    What a great day for a morning ride.  It just couldn't be any better than what it was today.
    Jackie Schoch was the leader with Randy Schoch, John Rigonda, Richard Harrington, Valie Love, Brookey Givens, Calvin and Celeste Conyers, Larry Peed and Sam Perry (who caught up with us in White Plains).  It was great seeing everybody especially Calvin arriving about 6 minutes before the start of the ride and he even beat Larry who was running late.  All jokes aside we had a great time.  Randy and I were doing the sweep from behind and we saw the "Breakfast Club" crossing the trail.  In case you have not seen the "Breakfast Club" they are 7 large male turkeys.  We have seen them before, but there have never been any hens around, so it just looks like the "Men" are going for breakfast on a nice morning. There were squirrels, turtles and a deer spotted on the trail.  It was kind of nice that Richard did some errands while he was in White Plains.
  • Thu, August 23, 2012 9:30 AM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)
    Today's Best of Brandywine route was made up by Mike Saizan, who led the B group while I led a smaller CC group. Mike's route took us to William Beanes Rd and there Dee McChesney told me that William Beanes was part of Francis Scott Key's story.  Beanes was a well-respected doctor (he treated soldiers in the Revolutionary War) living in Upper Marlboro when the British came through in 1814.  They took him into custody, friends of his appealed to a Georgetown lawyer named Francis Scott Key to negotiate his release.  Beanes was being held on a British ship in the Chesapeake Bay, which Key (along with John Skinner) reached and did persuade the British to release Beanes and other prisoners.  However, the British were about to attack Baltimore and held the men while they shelled Fort McHenry during the night of September 13-14.  And we all know the result of Key's witness of that shelling!  Key, Beanes and others who were held were allowed to go when the British retreated and landed in Baltimore on September 16.   

    There were 19 riders in total, 7 of whom signed up for the CC group.  Randy and Jackie Schoch rode off at the beginning to do their own thing.  Loretta Troen and Steve Palincsar eventually rode ahead and Dee McChesney, Jimmy Bartlett and I rode together for most of the ride.  

  • Thu, August 23, 2012 9:30 AM | Sonja Newman

    Bicycle : Man on a bicycle illustration Stock PhotoA group of bicycle enthusiasts: Regina Saizan, Jim McDerron, Losise McDerron, Alan Kurzweil, Larry Peed, Tom Short, Dana Trevas, Linda Bakerd, Paul Bakerd, Sharon Miller, Lau Dallors, R. Harrington, Mike Saizan, Sonja Newman. (I apologize for any misspellings as it was difficult to read some handwritten names)

    What a ride! We’d set out in sunshine, traveled for the first 7 miles at a steady pace as everyone seemed comfortable at the same speed. The route led us through charming quiet sections of Marlton Community, onto William Beanes Rd, and S. Osborne before the first main rest stop.

    After the first rest stop we crossed over 301. We immediately turned right to attack the one SUPER DUPER HILL – TRUMPS HILL!!! (Oxygen deprived) At this point everyone appeared to be alternating between trying to maintain a descent cadence in an appropriate gear while keeping their lungs from exploding followed by spinning out. About halfway up the hill we witnessed a police officer who had apparently pulled over someone. Despite witnessing this in slow motion our efforts were completely focused on conquering the hill and soon the hill no longer posed such a problem!

    Jim, Louise, and Allen opted not to stop at the second rest stop at mile 26.8. Richard took one of the three optional routes from the cue sheet immediately after the second rest stop and two miles after optional rest stop two, Dana and I continued on  and followed N Keys back to the Firehouse.

    The ride was very nice!!!

    Sonja Newman

    Mike Saizan

  • Wed, August 22, 2012 5:30 PM | Anonymous
    Weird weather didn't keep seventeen riders from having a nice summer's evening ride.  We started out under partly cloudy skies and the temperature near 80.  As we made the turn onto Marshall Hall Road at the Food Lion, dark clouds were amassing over the river.  Four miles later sprinkles were hitting us in the face, I saw a lightning bolt come down on the Virginia side, and riders were turning around to head back without taking a rest stop. 

    I stayed at the rest stop for a few minutes with Mike and Azalea Butler, and I watched heavy showers moving eastward across the river (note the Potomac moves from east to west at this point in the river).  We made it to the top of Barry Hill Road with just a few sprinkles here and there, but the roads were wet when we reached the firehouse, and even wetter on the short ride home from the firehouse. 

    Joining ride leader Shane LaBrake were Kirsten Watts, Randy and Jackie Schoch, Jim and Jane Hudnall, Calvin and Celeste Conyers, Michael and Azalia Butler (it's starting to look like couples night!), Jimmy Bartlett, La'Tasha Banks, Sam Carts, Janell Saunders (riding from home), James Denmark, German Deortube, and first time TdA rider Freddy Telleria.  Freddy was initiated to the ride with a flat rear tire around mile four, but he was quickly back on the road with assistance from Jane, Calvin and Shane.

    In spite of the threat of adverse weather, we all seemed in good spirits in the light showers coming down upon the return to the firehouse.
  • Tue, August 21, 2012 9:00 AM | Regina Saizan
    We had a great ride on a great day; the temps were in the mid to upper 70s and there was a slight breeze. Co-leaders Mike and Regina Saizan enjoyed riding with Larry Peed, Steve Palincsar, Walt Roscello, Joan Oppel, Richard Harrington, Lou Dallorso, Jim Hudnall, Tom Short, Stan Hayes, Sonja Newman and Sharon Miller.  Richard road one of his touring bikes and Walt sported his new red recumbent bike.  

    The 37-mile route to White Plains via Berry Rd included the Indian Head Rail Trail and hills on Turkey Hill, Mitchell, Rose Hill and Bumpy Oak Roads.  The majority of the group stayed together throughout the ride. 
  • Mon, August 20, 2012 9:47 AM | Anonymous
    It was a great day for my inaugural ride leader ride.  Participation was great.  I had seventeen riders to sign-up for the ride: Jan Tucker, Darin King, Chuck Coe, Mike Miller, Ron Leak, Robert Golding, Chantal, Bob, Sharon Miller, Cathy Wilson, John k, Claire and George Chiamulera, Michelle Williams, Dana Middleton, John Clark and Michael Blaine.  My goal was to lead a true “A” pace ride.  For the most part, I accomplished my goal.  The group averages were 18.5 to 19.1 AMS at the split and 17.4 to 18.9 AMS at the finish.  There were no major issues – one flat at the start and one flat on Pomfret Road.  All in all – it was a great inaugural ride.  Thanks to all that decided to join me on the ride.
  • Sun, August 19, 2012 8:15 AM | John Gorman

    Rider leader John Gorman was joined on the 50miler by Linda and Paul Bankerd. Starting out w/them were Diane Gorman, Nancy Ruth and her friend Tony. Diane did the 26 miles on the IHRT, w/ Nancy & Tony traveling to the 1st rest stop w/ the group @ mile 15/ Smallwood Park Marina & they stayed to do some site seeing @ the Marina and returned via Chicamuxen to the IHRT 33miles(?). (member Sarah Clement was on the trail herself and we all chatted a bit @ the finish of our rides.)

    From there Linda, Paul, & I left the Park, crossed over Sweetman to Bicknell/Poorhouse/Ripley and L down Hawthorne to the TL, N making a L onto IHRT north to the Village Green for a second rest stop. We took a left on MD-210 and a quick R onto Strauss Ave to Lower Wharf back to MD-210, then using Hungerford up to the TL @ MD-225. Taking a quick break, we U-turned & took a slight sidetrack of using Hungerford, L on Metropolitan Church Rd,  R on Livingston, L on  Bumpy Oak (down hill YES!!), and the final 7.50 miles back on the  IHRT White Plains/Theodore Green Blvd parking lot.

    The 8:15am day started out overcast near 70 and ended w/ a sprinkle on the final 4miles back, and remained cloudy. But the cloudy conditions sure made a pleasant 50mile ride, Linda & I  w/ as needed stopping for turn coverage each finished w/ an AMS above 14.50 but shy of 15. Ride time was 3hrs 21mins. No mechanical or ride issues to report by all riders. (probably because of only 1300 ft elv, & less strain on gearing...LOL) The trail can sure offer a wide range of riding applications, today's ride was 26 miles trail and 24 miles open road.

    A most noteowrthy item to mention was that a female rollerblader, finished having done 39 miles w/ an AMS of over 11, w/ a ride time of 3hrs 20mins carrying a 20lb bookbag. She was training to do an 80miler later this year in an event. NOW THAT IS BETTER than any AAA ride...LOL. 

  • Sun, August 19, 2012 8:00 AM | Darin King

    Thanks to Claire and Blake (last names not needed) for joining me under fall-like conditions for the ride to Cobb Island, and lending some legitimacy to my inaugural leader role.  Being that we have compatible and complimentary skillsets, it was pretty smooth pedaling.  Claire's rear derailleur was entering the early stages of cable-stretch, so it was a little grumpy (but functonal) on the way to Cobb Island.  Since we had a couple engineers in the group, we naturally decided to see if we could improve her situation during the rest stop.  After a moderate amount of random tweaking, I think we ended up where we started (no charge).  At the rest stop, I think the consensus was to dial things back from a low AA pace to a true A pace...that notion lasted for about as long as we circled the Island!  On the way back, Claire was dreading the Penns Hill climb...she wasn't disappointed.  Blake was feeling some effects from his week on the Allegheny Trail, so plenty of out-of-the saddle arse-stretching.  We finished up the ride at 18.3AMS, which matched the goal.  The rain was fast-approaching, so we kept post-ride festivities to a minimum and bid farewell.  I suspect all those that were cycling home (i.e. everyone) got sprinkled on.  Let's call it a successful ride!

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