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  • Sun, May 27, 2012 9:00 AM | Michael Bivens

    Ride Leader Mike Bivens, with Lisa Oken, Karen McMillan and Dan Donahue, joined with Clair's A group to start from the Pisgah Fire Station.  As we rolled past the Pisgah Store, the As took off and we didn't see them again.  Although the early start allowed us to get a jump on the heat and humidity, both elements were taking a toll.  The shade on Riverside provided some respite, but we deviated from the cue sheet to insert a Rest Stop at the Nanjemoy Store at mile 14.5, rather than wait until mile 39.  Dan had some chain related problems on his recumbent (dropped at the start and on one of the Riverside rollers), but he caught up and stayed with or ahead of us the rest of the way. Lisa missed the turn at Hilltop and Karen had a flat on Adams Willett. Flat fixed and Lisa found. Clair was waiting for us when we returned, evne though her group finished about an hour ahead of ours. As we left the parking lot, Dan was comtemplating getting in more miles on the IHRT.  Sweeping from the rear, AMS for this B ride was 13.7.  

  • Sun, May 27, 2012 9:00 AM | Claire Chiamulera

    Leader Claire Chiamulera with Blake Altman, Chuck Coe, Chris Zabriskie, John Choate, Jason Hendricks and Lou Dallorso. As our group turned onto Riverside Road 10 miles into this morning’s ride, John declared Riverside his favorite road. We all became fans of it and its shady sister roads throughout Nanjemoy as the heat index climbed. Plentiful shade and a light breeze offered relief from the sun and allowed us to hold a strong pace throughout the ride. We tried to take in the view at the Riverside rest stop but overgrown brush made all but an eagle’s nest hard to see. Other than temporarily losing Lou (wrong turn) and John experiencing a leg cramp close to the finish, we had a smooth, enjoyable ride. Photos

  • Sun, May 27, 2012 6:30 AM | Anonymous
    I was joined by Jay Lewis, and Ken and Wes Meredith doing the Dr. Bowen and Dr. Mudd Stress Test.  I was looking to do a recovery ride after the heat from Saturday's ride, but I forgot this was a recovery ride route.  We had one major mechanical on the route, when one of the riders had a chain issue.
  • Sat, May 26, 2012 10:00 AM | Sharon Miller
    Ride Leader Sharon Miller was joined by Mike and Regina Saizon and Jay Lewis.  It was a beautiful sunny day for a ride, with temperatures in the 70's and 80's, low humidity, and a cool breeze.  Eight miles into the ride, we met up with the group from Steve's 3-day History Tour at Cecil's Old Mill & General Store.  After lingering there a bit, the 2 groups rode the next 8 miles together to St. Mary's City Historical Park, where we said our goodbyes and proceeded to ride around the park and surrounding waterfront area.  (Steve's group stopped to tour on foot.) We rode at a leisurely pace, especially as we rode by St. Mary's college, St. Mary's City and some of the more picturesque areas by the water.  After a stop at St. James Deli (mi 22), we headed back toward Leonardtown, stopping at Russell's Store (mi 34).  At Mile 42, Mike, Regina, and Sharon opted to do the extra 10 mile out and back down Breton Beach Road, and Jay rode 2 more miles to finish.  Avg for the day was ~14 mph, a true B pace.  Thanks to those who joined me for the ride and to Steve Palinscar for providing the great route!
  • Sat, May 26, 2012 9:30 AM | Richard Edelman

    May 26 – Harwood High School – Express Train and Fast Train to Chesapeake Beach

    Sat, May 26, 2012 9:30 AM | Nancy Avitabile (A) and Richard Edelman (B)

    We had a great turnout of almost 200 riders with our combined Oxon Hill bike club and Potomac Peddlers bike club. We offered rides of 62, 47 and 41 miles and probably a third of the riders went on each ride. Richard had an injury so we requited another leader for the B ride and Richard rode the sag wagon and helped anyone who needed assistance.

    The ride started out hot and got hotter. Fortunately, the ride was mostly shaded so we only really felt it when we stopped. Many of us were tempted to get rid of our bikes and jump into the beach at Chesapeake. (I certainly did.) It’s a really beautiful ride which we do every year and seem to get more riders each year.

    I was able to introduce 4 new riders to the Oxon Hill club. They loved the ride and the camaraderie and we’ll hope they join us again. Best part of the day (other than the finish) was knowing that there were no problems on the road.


  • Thu, May 24, 2012 10:30 AM | Jane Hudnall (Administrator)
    Leaders Jim and Jane Hudnall with Larry Peed, Randy and Jackie Schoch, Mike Bivens, Steve Palincsar, Michael and Regina Saizan, Richard Harrington, Joan Oppel, Lou Dallorso, Tom Roberson, Ken Meredith, Fred Warwick, Scott Buiman, Thomas Short, Jim and Louise McDermott, Sharon Miller and John Early.

    It was a beautiful morning with sunny skies and just a bit of wind. The cyclist’s jerseys were bright spots of color against the greens and browns of the farmer’s fields. A sign on Baden Westwood Road warned of a blocked road ahead, but we ignored the warning and found the workmen hadn’t started the road repair. The road into Magruder’s Ferry Landing is just as rocky as ever in spite of promises to fix it from the parks department. On the next leg of the ride, we followed the 2012 Patuxent River Rural Legacy route to the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary for another break. On the return to Brandywine, we were pleased to see new pavement at the intersection of Molly Berry Road and North Keys Road. The only mechanical problem was a loose screw. “No,” Tom said, “not in my head, it’s the one that keeps the fender on my bike.” 
  • Wed, May 23, 2012 5:30 PM | Janell Saunders (Administrator)
    With rain showers circling the area, there was doubt that the ride would go.  But, my alter ego, Weather Girl, studied the maps and assured me that there wasn't going to be any rain to spoil the ride.  And she was right.  Two members, Gary and Jennie Ann Swartz, joined me at the firehouse and Ron Leak caught up with us on Livingston Road.  We saw dark clouds north of us and across the river at the rest stop, but no rain was found on the route.  A nice ride for the few that dared the weather gods.
  • Tue, May 22, 2012 10:00 AM | Michael Bivens
    It was a good news/bad news morning for those who joined Ride Leader Mike Bivens (Steve Palincsar, Randy and Jackie Schock, Lou Dallorso, Larry Peed, Jay Lewis, Jim Hudnall, Richard Harrington, and Sharon Miller) for this 34 mile ride.  The good news: weather.com did not predict any rain until late afternoon; the bad news: weather.com apparently does not consider mist rain.  There was a light mist at the start which caused some to hesitate. The good news: no one needed sunblock; the bad news: tan lines turned to rust.  However, with four members from OHBTC Team 1 and one member from Team 2 needing miles for the National Bike Challenge we started.  Randy and Jackie, as usual deviated from the cue sheet, and there was some speculation they may have rode in their car.  The good news: once on the IHRT, the mist almost stopped; the bad news: going down Bumpy Oak the drops were bigger and faster.  Turning onto Middletown and Billingsley, the roads were dry and took as to the first rest stop at Wawa.  We continued on Billingsley and turned on Piney Church, past Regency Stadium (home of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs baseball team), or Crustacean Nation.  We turned right on La Plata Road and then right on Radio Station Road back to Rosewick.  A left on Rosewick, left on Washington Ave, and right on Hawthorne, got us to the second rest stop at the Dash In at Hawthorne and 301.  The mist returned causing a deviation to the cue sheet.  For safety sake, we opted to come up Bumpy Oak rather than Pomfret since the former has a shoulder. The good news: the sun did come out and shine; the bad news: for a total of 3 minutes and 53 seconds.  The good news: everyone made it back safely with no incidents; the bad news: all bikes and rideres needed to be washed. 

    [Photo album]       
  • Sun, May 20, 2012 2:00 PM | John Gorman
    Ride leader John Gorman. Well other than my wife, Diane, joining me, I guess today's ride was too far way for most OHBTC members, but the ride went on as posted.  This casual site seeing ride starts from the EastPort Library outside the gates of Quiet Waters Park (south of Annapolis). It provides 25 miles of touring through some older Chesapeake Bay communities as well as the stately beautiful manicured landscaped("the good life homes") of Arundel on the Bay/Bay Ridge sitting on the banks of the Severn River and the Bay, providing views of sailboats and the Bay Bridge. In between those roads the route takes you down to a narrow remote gravel road leading to a small natural park (Thomas Point), with panromic views of the Bay.  The ride was posted as 30 heading into the Quiet Waters Park for a bag picnic lunch, but we cut that short for a 20mile ride. I was attempting to offer something different today.
  • Sun, May 20, 2012 2:00 PM | Herman Young
    Ride leader Herman Young: 
    This was a great day for a ride to Smallwood.  The weather was great with temperature in the high 70s with a slight overcast.  It was a great way to bring back the IHRT to Smallwood.  We had a total of twelve riders, including one guest: Jimmy Bartlett, Janell Saunders, LaTasha Banks, Shane LaBrake, Calvin and Celeste Conyers, Kristen Watts, Walt Roscello, Maia Conner, Richard Harrington and Ani H. (Guest). The stop at the marina almost turned into a party as everyone was enjoying the calm of the marina and the excitement of the beginning of the Sunday afternoon ride.  We'll be back.

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