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  • Sat, September 30, 2017 9:00 AM | Reginald Stokes

    See Mia's post

  • Sat, September 30, 2017 9:00 AM | Mia Haynes

    Ride Leader:  Mia Haynes

    Co-Ride Leader:  Reggie Stokes

    Members:  Calvin Conyers, Rodney Palmer, Rod Barnes, La'Tasha Banks, Sam Perry, and Walter ?

    Mechanical/Mishaps:  A spoke in Sam's rear tire popped.   

    What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday, I rode the trail on Randy's ride, the weather was absolutely gorgeous - sunny skies, light breeze - a perfect day.  Today, cloudy skies, temps 62 degrees at rides end, and the wind gusted at 20 miles - what a difference.

    So, as we were riding the trail, we started a pace line.  We, according to my cat eye bike computer, were averaging around a 16-17 AMS.  Calvin and Rodney were doing a casual ride; Rod, myself, Reggie, Sam, and La'Tasha were enjoining the pace line.  At some point, before reaching Middletown Road, we heard a sound from one of the bikes - it turned out to be Sam's spoke. 

    We made it to Middletown Road, where Reggie rode back to Indian Head to retrieve his car and come back for Sam.  Meanwhile Rod, La'Tasha, and I rode to White Plains then came back to wait with Sam.  When we returned, Calvin and Rodney were there.  As we were waiting, Calvin noticed Walter riding up - he had on a club jersey.  He asked if he could ride back with us and of course we told him yes.  Once Reggie arrived, we headed back.  Rod, La'Tasha, and I made it back to the start: La'Tasha rode home, while Rod and I waited for the rest of the group to return.

    Even with our issues, Sam's spoke and the wind gust - challenging our riding skills - we had a great ride.  It's all about having fun and we did, especially while we were waiting at Middletown Road - it was like a party.

    Great job guys, thanks for coming out.


  • Sat, September 30, 2017 8:05 AM | Holly Carr (Administrator)

    As a retired Contracting Officer, this is the first Saturday in 37 years I have been able to ride on September 30, and oh how glorious it was!  I was joined by Diane Harris, Barbara Haney, Zinn 1 (please note, Zinn 2 was mysteriously absent from this ride) and Ellen Goodwin.  We rode out to Elkwallow  for 3,986 feet of climbing; the way back was 2,027 feet for a total of 50 miles at 6,013 feet of climbing.  It was significantly colder and windier on top of the ridge.  Descents were a bit scary with the wind blowing mighty munchkins around.  Traffic was not bad, but since it was a free day, there was more traffic than the last time I rode.  Everybody enjoyed the ride.

  • Fri, September 29, 2017 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Ride Leader: Randy & Jackie Schoch 

    Members: Vickie Garlock, Mia Haynes, Ron & Susan Altemus, Fran Jezisek, Donaro Gardner, Steve Forman, Mike Bivens, Belinda Acre, Jim & Jane Hudnall, and Yvonne Dong.

    Guests: None.

    Weather: Beautiful cool morning.

    Route: IHRT 

    Mishaps & Mechanicals: None

    AMS: 12+ mph (leader)

    Great turnout of riders this morning.   The riders split up right away to ride at their own pace. We saw a few walkers, dogs, turtles, squirrels and birds. We had a nice break and visit at White Plaines. Bev White and Judy Mutty were at the trail head at White Plaines. We saw the Moye's on the trail. After the ride, we all went separate ways for lunch. Jackie and I had to clean up and go to synagogue for Yom Kippur.

  • Fri, September 29, 2017 8:15 AM | Michael Dong

    Leader:  Michael Dong

    Members: Nate H., Matt S.

    Mech/Miss: none

    A cool morning to meet up for the "Loop" 65f in the shade, 70ish in the sun. Today was a timed segment, and setting baselines for the upcoming winter season. Everyone was happy with the results, and it certainly pointed to areas that can be improved. Met up with Randy's IHRT group for the cool down roll, which was so fun, Nate and I decided to add miles via Bumpy Oak/210/228. The steady headwind kept the pace higher than a casual cruise we were expecting, and we both finished with 50+mi today. Cheers! * The burnt out car spot on 210, near Pine Lane, is still a nasty hazard! Lot's of melted plastic and metal in an 8ft circle.

  • Fri, September 29, 2017 12:35 AM | Alan Canfield

    Leader:  Alan Canfield

    Members:   None

    Guests:  Mike M.

    Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/22998331

    Indian Head Pavilion to Hawthorne, Chicamuxen, Smallwood Church, Mason Springs, Bicknell, Chixamuxen, Hawthorne, and back via the IH Rail Trail.  

    We made a slight deviation to the route by going out on the IH Rail Trail due to the ride leader reflexively turning onto the road to the trail.  Consensus was to proceed out via the trail.

    Weather:   Clear, 80°F, RH 33%, Wind N 8 mph

    AMS:  18.1 mph

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  None.  Despite attempts to jinx the ride by Club members the ride was completed without a mechanical and 45 min before sunset.

    Report:   Due to a late announcement of the ride by the ride leader, and perhaps the early start time of 5:00 pm, the ride had an expected low turn-out.  Mike M. pulled the majority of the ride resulting in the higher AMS and numerous PRs for the ride leader.  The only real complaint would be the bugs on the IH Rail Trail returning at the end of the ride, and the sun hanging over the trail.  Helmet visors HIGHLY recommended.

    A great ride and workout to close out the Thur Indian Head Pavilion road ride series.  More to come next season perhaps with new routes and alternating starts at the Pisgah Firehouse.  

    Stand by for Tue/Thur evening night ride options on the IH Rail Trail.  Road, cross, and MTB will be welcome.  Get your high-lumen light charged and ready, or get to the bike shop and buy one!

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  • Thu, September 28, 2017 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Joan Oppel, Darrell Meyer, Melissa Newberry, Alan Kurzweil

    Guests: none

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/25580714

    Weather: sunny, breezy-to-downright-windy, clear blue skies, temperatures in the 70s, breaking 80 just after we finished the ride.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none

    AMS: 12.2 at the CC-OTB trailing edge

    I wonder where everybody was today.  I considered all the usual excuses: raining, snowy, wet roads, icy roads, too hot, too cold, too windy, too dusty, too much pollen, foggy, hurricane, tornado warnings, blizzard, forest fire, flood, derecho, tsunami, thunderstorm, lightning, too humid, too dark, too sunny (whew!  it's a wonder we ever ride at all) and concluded that although there was a breeze today, even a downright nasty headwind no matter which way we turned, it probably wasn't one of those. 

    Then I considered special occurrences: national holiday, national day of mourning, holy day of obligation, general strike, war declared, occupation by a foreign power, earth about to be hit by a giant asteroid, invasion by outer space aliens, but the only one of those even close was the death of Hugh Hefner and no national day of mourning was declared for him.  Perhaps everyone's home celebrating some great historical event: Pompey the Great's assassination in 48BC,  William the Conqueror's invasion of England in 1066?  No, probably not; those would be local interest only. 

    And then I thought to check whether today was actually a holiday and I just didn't get the word - and indeed it is: National Drink Beer Day.  And that in fact would explain it.  I'll celebrate tonight.

  • Wed, September 27, 2017 5:30 PM | Mia Haynes

    Ride Leader:  Mia Haynes

    Members:  Rod Barnes

    Guest:  None

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  None 

    Another nice evening for riding and to conquer fears.  Yes, I rode up Bensville Road, and I am proud of myself - Rod is proud of me too. 

    Nice ride Rod and thanks for the encouragement.



  • Wed, September 27, 2017 5:15 PM | Michael Dong

    Leader: Michael Dong

    Members: Ron L., Rosalind W., Dan Z., Troy E., Henry J., Sheryl R., Matt S., Richard P.

    AMS: 14+mph

    Mech/Miss: None

    A steady S/SE breeze kept the temps comfy. Played a little "bunny hunt" with Richard, as we started a bit later than the group, and nibbled away with a very nice pace to catch up by the 210. Nothing like seeing a jersey 250m ahead to keep you going! Also spotted AF1 banking a turn, always a treat to see. Sheryl set a PB on Barry's Hill, and I'm pretty sure Richard's first half of the route was a PB too. *Well Done*  Troy motored the route non-stop today, and looked strong and steady as he past us heading back on Marshall Hall. Whizzed by a deer on the shoulder that looked like a big, flat piece of jerky ... it's that time of year, watch for Bambi. The group overall is definitely getting more fit. See you next week. Cheers!

  • Wed, September 27, 2017 5:15 PM | Blake Altman (Administrator)

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman

    Date: September 27, 2017

    Ride Name:  Casey Jones Express

    Ride Distance:  25 Miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  22.0+ MPH

    Ride Class:  AA/2 Express

    Mechanical Issues:  None

    Mishaps:  None

    Weather: Low 90’s, Partly Cloudy

    Guest Riders:  None

    Member Riders:   Brad Francisco, Eric Williams, Matthew Lewandowski, Andre Burton, Lynne Blake-Hedges, Paul Bales, Michael Blaine, Rob Golding

    Ride Report:

    The group started to split-up on Spring-Hill Newtown road but regrouped at the light at the bridge (under repair) on Route 6.  Traffic was not nearly as backed-up as prior weeks and we got through on one light cycle.  After the crossing the bridge the ride split-up again on the hill on Route 6; some people managed to catch the lead riders before the next traffic light on Route 6 and others didn’t.

    The lead group remained together until the hill on Budd’s Creek Road where one rider was dropped; another rider got dropped somewhere on Route 301.

    These two lone riders were eventually swept-up into a chase group by Brad and Lynne who caught-up in an impressive effort.

    I don’t have the lead average speed but it must be over 22.0 MPH; chase 1 had an average of 21.2 MPH with trailing riders filing back in in due course.

    Some of us waited for the A/B ride to come in and eventually we went looking for them.  They had some tire issues that I will let Jean report.  By the time I rode home it was getting dark and I was glad for my headlight and rear light.

    This was the last CJE ride for the season L.  We had a pretty successful year missing only 2 rides due to weather by my count.  That is pretty good luck especially considering we had a wet summer this year.  Unfortunately, we also lost our fearless leader, Scott Walker, early in the season due to injury; we miss you Scott!

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