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  • Thu, April 13, 2017 10:30 AM | Lisha Peacock

    Ride leader: Lisha Peacock

    Members: Barb Haney, Ron Haney, Bob Howell, Chris Fairmall, Regina Saizan, Mike Saizan, Mike Bivens, Sam Perry, Alan Kurzweil, Lou Dallorso, Holly Carr, Travis Proctor, Brad Francisco, Diane Harris

    Guests: none

    Weather: Beautiful Spring day; a bit on the cool side to start (60~ish), but warmed up as the clouds cleared for a low 70's finish.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17707700  The wonderful weather, fabulous company, and flat route had everyone in high spirits, which turned this A/B group ride into more of an A/AA.  The lead group tucked together for some pace-line speed, giving lots of riders a litany of Strava trophies.  The rest of the group split into two other packs, never too far out of sight from each other.  The railroad tracks (Gallant Green), median and merge lane (Leonardtown), and zero-visibility hill/left turn (Covington) were all still navigated safely, despite the sporty speeds today.  It was a great ride!

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none

    AMS: 15-20

  • Thu, April 13, 2017 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Ron Altemus, Loretta Troen and Patricia Sanders; and joining us while we were at the first rest stop, Bill Loewe

    Guests: none

    Weather: Around 60 at the start; chilly-feeling, sunny and breezy, warming up to around 70 by early afternoon.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17707700  A flat one: 740' total elevation gain, according to RWGPS.  The route went past the Moreland Market onto Gallant Green, across the killer tracks and left across MD-5 on one of those horrible merges that put cyclists starting up from a red light onto the lane just left of the fast lane, forcing us to cross two lanes of 55 (ha!) mph traffic that doesn't get a traffic light to make it stop.  A deathtrap, but we navigated it safely and found the AB group on the verge of leaving.  We never saw them again after that.  While we were at the rest stop, Bill Loewe rode up; he'd been detained by heavy traffic on the Beltway and by the construction on MD-5 at Brandywine and arrived a few minutes after we left.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none

    AMS: 14.3

  • Wed, April 12, 2017 5:30 PM | Mia Haynes

    Leader:  Mia Haynes

    Members:  Rod Barnes, Monique Kinteh, and Sean Lloyd

    Guest:  None

    Today was great.  Sean took off ahead of us and we regrouped at Bumpy Oaks.  No one wanted to climb Bumpy Oaks - as we were enjoying the pace and relaxing.  We rested at the booth with the telescope then headed back.  Sean took off ahead of us again.  At rides end, we were talking at the bench, and noticed Sean was in his truck and heading home.  Powerful ride Sean, I can say – you got your legs back. According to mapmyride, Moe, Rod and I averaged 13.6mph.

    Thanks for coming out and enjoying the ride.

  • Wed, April 12, 2017 5:30 PM | Jean Wright

    Leaders: Jean Wright

    Members: none

    Guests: Ken Lemmert, Chris Bullock

    Weather:  Mid to high 70s, light breeze

    AMS: 17.8 mph

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None  :) 

    Report: Great evening for an express ride.  The three of us worked together to get our best time of this CJE season.  Thanks to a tall, fast guy (Chris), Ken and I got a bit of rest between our rotations pulling.  After the halfway point, we slowed a bit to chat and take in the views until we realized that we are ahead of our pace.  Teamwork all of the way!!

    We've been happy to see the big white dog on Bowling Rd is still wanting to chase us along the fence line.  He/she seems to be confined to an area closer to the house, but still comes to that fence to cheer us on. 

  • Wed, April 12, 2017 5:30 PM | Tim Murphy (Administrator)

    Leader: Tim Murphy

    Members: Brian BK Mosley

    Guests: Rosalind

    Weather: Beautiful 70 degrees winds 8-10mph

    AMS: 14

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None. Tim and BK both had to put air in their tires before the ride. but luckily no flats to deal with.

    Report: Great day for a bike ride. Tour de Accokeek is open for business with 3 rides in for the year. We just need more riders to show up and enjoy the group rides. Great spinning while relaxing and enjoying the ride and the weather till we turned right on Marshall Hall road. then we hit slight head winds. The three of us formed a pace line and took turns leading to get to the water. Took a 5-10 min break to enjoy the water view before conquering Barry's Hill. Then it was more pace line back to the firehouse. We took a pic to capture the end of a great ride. Come on out. See you next week.

  • Wed, April 12, 2017 5:30 PM | Blake Altman

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman (Substituting for Scott Walker)

    Date: April 12, 2017

    Ride Name:  Casey Jones Express

    Ride Distance:  25 Miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  20.4 – 22.2 MPH

    Ride Class:  AA/3 Express

    Mechanical Issues: Flat tire

    Mishaps: Rescue Circus

    Weather: Low 70’s, light wind, clear, a beautiful day

    Guest Riders:  Dianne Chang

    Member Riders:  Tom Roberts, Brad Francisco, Jill Patterson, Mike Wilson, Michael Blaine, Chis Zabriskie

    Ride Report:

    Dianne, Jill, and Tom rode to the ride start.  I was a bit surprised by the turn-out; I expected a bigger group given the great weather.

    Unusual for this ride, the ride did not split early on.  We lost only one rider off of the back early on.  I was dropped on the hill on Route 6 but I was able get back on the pace line due to the fortuitous timing of the traffic light at Penn’s Hill Road.  The front group remained together until the hill on Bud’s Creek Road.  Once up the hill, the group had split into 3.  That didn’t really matter much because most of us stopped to help Dianne who had a rear tire flat.  Unfortunately, no one could repair or replace the tire since it was a sew-up.  We had to leave her behind on the side of Route 301 to await pick-up.

    And now we begin a description of the rescue circus.  I immediately started riding again once it became clear we would have to leave Dianne; I wanted to get up the road in case I need to go home and get my car to rescue her.  I expected to be caught or passed by the group in short order.  This didn’t happen even though I stopped for a bit.  Eventually, Michael caught me and we rode together to the end.  Once we returned to the start we informed Jill and Brad about the flat; (they hadn’t heard the call-out).  Brad volunteered to drive back and pick-up Dianne.  I called Dianne to let her know Brad was on his way.  Jill and Tom continued on; Jill to her car and Tom to home.  Despite repeated calls back and forth and lots of driving on Brad’s part we couldn’t seem to find Dianne.  Eventually, I called Dianne back but just as I was Chris pull-up with Dianne in the front seat!  Unbeknownst to me, Chris had ridden home, gotten his car, and picked her up.  I called Brad back to let him know he could head for home.  It was a circus but we got the job done.  I’m sending out a big thanks to Brad for his help!

    I’m sorry Dianne didn’t have a better ride this week but I hope you come out and ride with us again anyway.

    (The low average speed is from my computer and the high average speed is from Brad’s computer.)

    P.S. I see from Jean's report that the big white dog is still cheering us on!  We didn't see him but perhaps we woke him/her up to cheer on Jean's group.  I always enjoy the cheering section...

  • Tue, April 11, 2017 10:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

    The weatherman promised temperatures in the 80's and Mother Nature delivered.  No tights, no jackets, no arm warmers!  Seventeen people joined me on this ride.  They were all club members, Ron and Barb Haney, Holly Carr, Larry Peed, Mike and Regina Saizan, Mike Bivens, Bob Howell, Alan Kurzweil, Darryl Lowery (who rode from home to the start), Dave Schniril, Tom Short, Michael Dong, Sam Perry, Lou Dall'Orso, (who also rode to the start from home), Charles (Michie) Sidwell, and Darryl Watson.  With a group this large, we were bound to separate into faster, higher and lower advertised pace, so everyone was cautioned to stick to the cue sheet and to be careful.  Mike Saizan offered to ride sweep (thanks Mike !).  We started off at a very brisk pace, with the ride leader averaging above what was posted!  So Holly, Sam, and I settled down and by the time we reached the rest stop at the Pisgah store at 21 miles, we were back on pace.  We continude on , using part of the IHRT, MD 210 N, to Chapmans Landing Rd (a relief from the sun of 210) back to the start.  An uneventful ride on a beautiful (still Spring) day!!

  • Tue, April 11, 2017 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Harry "The BionX" Kidd

    Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/2326793 Bumpy Oak/Rose Hill/MD-6 West/Mason Spring to a rest stop at the Pisgah Store.  Bickell/Chicamuxen/Hawthorne/IHRT/Woodland/MD-210 North & Chapman's Landing to return.

    Weather:  Mid-May day with temps starting in the upper 60s, ending in the upper 70s with plenty of sunshine and a mild SW breeze.

    AMS:  13.7

    Report:  Just a two-person contingent of CC'ers and we had a fine ride, catching up with Diane's group at the Pisgah Store.  Uneventful for the most part, though when we reached the turn onto Chapman's Landing, Harry elected to continue straight up MD-210 as he was feeling a bit tired.  No wonder as it was revealed when he got back to the ride start that the cabling for his BionX had become disconnected at some point so he was under manual power for a portion of the ride.

  • Sun, April 09, 2017 3:16 PM | Michael Dong

     Stardate, 305730.365296
    Away Team consisted of Communications 1st Lt. Briere, Chantal and Security Attache Dong, Michael
    Subsequent rendezvous with Alpha Group member Cmdr. Bob Thompson at 21.6 Earth Miles (Nanjemoy Store) who completed the voyage mission with the Away Team.
    Steady sector movement (aprox 13-14 standard miles per hour) was hampered by mild ionic headwinds, which necessitated dropping out of warp after a misinterpreted vector placing the Away Team at the IHRT to get back on mission.
    Once in contact with Cmdr. Thompson, the 3 person team made steady progress through Pisgah/224/Bumpy Oak ascent, returning to the command ship at Safeway intact logging aprox. 46 Earth miles on pristine tarmac with minimal carbon based operated vehicles encountered.
    Zero mechanicals, zero contact with Borg or Romulans.

    *This is a great route!

  • Sun, April 09, 2017 10:00 AM | Barbara Haney

    Leader: Barbara Haney

    Members: Ron Haney, Kirk Saunders, Sue Estes, Darrell Meyer, Pete Czapiewski, Brian Dupuy, Nancy Avitabile, Richard Edelman, Ken Meredith, Chris Fairhall, Chris Zabriskie, Bob Thompson, Phil Mitchell 

    Guests: Ron Leak

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/20115929; after winding through Indian Head, a cruise down Chickamuxen and Riverside as far as Nanjemoy, returning north via Ironsides, Pisgah, and Marbury, jogging east to return to BR via IHRT and Bumpy Oak, ~1200' elev.

    Weather: Fabulous early spring day, temps low to upper 60s with light winds≤10 mph

    AMS: 18.1 for leader, a little higher for AAs ahead of me

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: Not a one

    Report: We had such an unexpectedly large turnout on this fantastic spring day that we ran out of cue sheets even before everyone arrived, so it was good that so many could use their Garmins to navigate. A special thank you to Michael Dong, who, as an aspiring ride leader, graciously agreed to act as Official B Ride Leader today, which was immensely helpful given the size of the group and the disparity of paces, so although it was posted as A/B, he has written a separate report (a must-read). 

    It quickly became apparent that the majority of riders, even a few who had survived yesterday's Gusty-wind-fest All Class Ride, were interested in a pace that skewed into AA territory, and others were going to try to hang with them, and that's pretty much how the ride developed. The AA/A's regrouped at Nanjemoy Store, at which point some decided to hang back and continue at a more relaxed A pace, while the rest took off pretty much as before. At a certain point around Pisgah a few of us watched the rest of the AAs disappear up the road, although there was surprisingly not much difference in our final AMSs, and everyone agreed that climbing Bumpy Oak at the end was about the most fun thing they'd ever done. Thanks to all for the great attendance today, it was a wonderful morning of riding!

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