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Ride Leaders are encouraged to post reports on their rides. Members can comment on ride reports and anyone can read the reports and comments. Instructions for posting a report

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  • Sun, April 22, 2018 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Patricia Sanders, Karen McMillan, Harry Kidd, Bob Howell, Jessica Hirschhorn and joining us at the second rest stop, Debby Bowman

    Guests (PPTC?): Fred, Theresa, Larry, Nancy

    Weather: Sunny, breezy, predicted to be mid to high 50s but actually became much warmer, getting up to 69 degrees by the end of the ride.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24739993   44 miles, 1500' of elevation gain with rest stops at the Amish schoolhouse on Ryceville Rd and at Gilbert Run Park.  We had to modify the route slightly because of road work on Budd's Creek Rd at the bridge. 

    Mishaps & mechanicals:  None, other than Debby's route to the ride start: after a farrago of missed turns and unfortunate choices, she arrived just as we were leaving and I didn't recognize her or her car.  She caught up with us at Gilbert Run Park after another farrago of missed turns and unfortunate choices but took a shortcut back to the ride start.

    AMS: 13.1

  • Sat, April 21, 2018 9:00 AM | Michael Saizan

    Ride Leader:  Mike Saizan

    Members:  (6) Regina Saizan, Vernon Daley, Broderick Pascual, David Schnirel, Fred Sawyer, Ken Meredith

    Guest: (3) John Wh?, Wayne Blak?, Brook Carly

    Weather: A fairly cool start for April, about 45 degrees but the sun felt good. By ride end, it warmed up nicely.

    Route: This was the B-35 version of the “Start The Season” ride.    

    Ride Report:  The 10 of us in the B-35 group started out together from the parking lot.  As we traveled the IHRT, I noticed there were now way more than 10 in the group.  We had joined with the tail end of the B-47 group.  The new group of 18 all turned onto the long climb of Bumpy Oak Rd together. I stopped at the end of Bumpy Oak for a regroup, but didn’t have to wait for anyone. All 18 reported promptly, Cool!  At Rt 6, the long B’s took a right; the short B’s headed straight to Rose Hill.  At the Goose Bay rest stop, we met up with the AA and A groups.  Apparently, some of my group departed with the AA/A groups.  The 6 remaining in the B group continued on to the Pisgah rest stop and back to the parking lot.  A very pleasent day of riding. 

    AMS:  15.2 for the ride leader

    Mishaps: None

  • Sat, April 21, 2018 9:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Roscoe Williamson, Jule Thorne, Dave VanAmayden, Sue Gunter, Don Gardner (but once we got rolling Don rode with the 47 mi B ride rather than with the CCs)

    Weather: Sunny, windy, mid-40s at the start rising to 59 by the finish.  At least I didn't have to wear my winter tights and my heavy wool jersey - the light weight ones were enough - and the balaclava came off when we stopped at Ollie's.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27020079  47 miles, 1457' of elevation gain

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none except for a chain drop on Smallwood Church Rd

    AMS: 13.0

    The point of an all-class ride is to meet and mingle with members of all the classes, and a good route lets you do that.  Today, it worked perfectly.  We shared a regroup stop with Jim and Jane's 25 mi CC at Ollies, passed Mike Saizan's 35 mi B ride on Brentland Road after they left Goose Bay, and mixed with Sherwood's 47 mi B ride at the Goose Bay rest stop.  Later on, we met Sherwood at the Pisgah store, where he was waiting for Linda, and rode with them for the remaining 7 miles.  It was a bit too chilly and windy to qualify as a "perfect" day, but compared to most of what we've had so far this spring, it was outstanding.  All in all, it was a wonderful ride.

  • Sat, April 21, 2018 9:00 AM | Brad Francisco

    Leader:  Brad Francisco

    Members:  Blake Altman, Lynne Blake-Hedges, Michael Blane, David Kemp, Matthew Lewandowski

    Guests: None

    Route:  47 Miles from the Indian Head Pavilion

    Weather:  47 at the start.  Lower 50's by end.  Nice!

    AMS: 19.1 for the four that finished

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  A little confusion heading out when crossing Hawthorne road on the rail trail resulted in contact between two bikes.  Nothing serious, no crash or injury, just a realignment of a brake caliper required in a couple of miles to put it back where it was supposed to be.  Another slight contact between wheels during a fast climb.  Again, it was so slight that it was not even noticed by the others.  Nice riding with experienced riders.  David Kemp had a flat tire on his way home, but at that point he was not riding with us.

    Report:  Today I was testing a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt that arrived yesterday.  My first bike GPS.  Today's route was loaded into it.  Unfortunately the wheel RPM sensor won't fit my bike hub.  That results in an artificially low AMS due to the lag stopping and starting, so the AMS listed above is from my $15 bike computer.

    Matthew forgot to sign in.  David, Lynne, Blake, and Michael rode to the ride start.  They are too tough to ride a measly 47 miles.  Envious.

    Lynne tested us with a lot of sprints before the first rest start.  I think that was due to the urging of David.  It made the first part of the ride interesting.  Whenever David sprinted by us, we knew better and just let him go.

    Michael and David left before us at the first rest stop to do their own thing before heading home.  That left just the four of us.  A nice little well matched group and we worked together to make it back to the ride start, skipping the stop at the Pisgah store.  The ride group changed leaders many times, but managed to stay together.

    On Strava, I see that Lynne managed to achieve a slew of PR's, trophies, and one QOM today.  The rest of us mere mortals had to settle for PRs.

    The A's also set a bunch of PR's.

    Thank you to those that made this ride happen!  You are very much appreciated.

  • Sat, April 21, 2018 9:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Leaders - Randy & Jackie Schoch

    Members - Lester Jackson, Robin Garnett, and Carl Hattery

    Guests - Alphonce J. Brown

    Route - IH 25 Ollie's and Pisgah

    Weather - Beautiful,sunny, calm breezes, in the 60's

    AMS - 12+mph

    Mechanicals/Mishaps - None

    Report - Even though there were only a few of us on the "slow C", it was great to see the fantastic turnout for start of the season ride. Our group stayed together for the whole ride and enjoyed the visiting and conversation. We all got back safely having a good feeling about being out for a bicycle ride with many friends. After the ride, Jackie and I dined at BJ's in Accokeek. On arriving home, we discovered Jackie's rear tire was going flat. Glad this didn't happen out on the road during the ride.

  • Sat, April 21, 2018 9:00 AM | Jane Hudnall (Administrator)

    Leaders: Jim and Jane Hudnall

    Members: Steve Forman, Harry Kidd, Sean Lloyd, Karl Craton, Dana Trevas, Rod Barnes, Linda Blackman, Lester Jackson

    Guests: Alphonce Brown, JulieAnn Dertz

    Route: IH 25 Ollies and Pisgah was the planned route, but at Pisgah, the group decided to go to Smallwood State Park. That added two miles, making it a 27-mile ride.

    Weather: Cool start in the 40's warming up to mid 50's by ride's end. Bright sunshine and no wind!

    AMS: 13

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report: It was a perfect day for riding and a good group of CC riders. Dana and Rod got ahead of the group and finished early. The rest of the group stayed together or regrouped at stops and enjoyed a leisurely ride.  The sunshine and good weather encouraged us to add a few miles with a trip down to the waterfront at Smallwood State Park. Three rest stops on a 25 mile ride sounds excessive but this was the first ride of the season for some and everyone enjoyed a taste of spring after a long, cold winter.

  • Sat, April 21, 2018 9:00 AM | Pete Czapiewski

    Leader:  Pete Czapiewski

    Members:  Barbara Haney, Tom Roberts, Bob Thompson,  George Valenzuela, Steve Wilk, Chantal Briere (signed up with the A's, but rode with the B's)

    Guests: Larry Malone

    Route:  47 Miles from the Indian Head Pavilion https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27020079

    Weather:  47 at the start.  Sunny and mid 50's by end. Winds 6-7 mph

    AMS: 17.6 mph

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  None!

    Report:  Great ride, starting on the Indian Head Rail Trail then diverting to rest stops at Goose Creek Marina and the Pisgah store. The group stayed together for the most part, breaking up into two groups briefly after a climb on the first leg, and regrouping at the marina. The lead group averaged 18 mph at that point, right at the top of the A range. At the first stop, Bob stayed back to ride with Chantal and the B's for the second part of the ride.  Steve left the group at mile 37, heading straight back on MD 224 and skipping the Pisgah rest stop. Tom rode to and from the ride start for an impressive 79 miles total. Thanks to all the riders and volunteers for coming out and making this an enjoyable event.

  • Fri, April 20, 2018 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Leader - Jackie Schoch

    Members - Randy Schoch, Steve Palincsar, and Donaro Gardner

    Guests - None

    Route - IHRT

    Weather - Cold (40's) and windy (16mph+)

    AMS - 10 mph

    Mechanicals/Mishaps - None

    Report - Just 3 of us to start and then Donaro caught up. Steve rode ahead with Donaro chasing to catch him. Jackie brought Rose (our new Dobie puppy in the dog bugger) so our speed was slow. There were very few trail users today (human or wild life). Jackie, Rose, and I turned around at the Jim and Jane bench for a 16+ mile ride. We never saw Steve or Don again but we did see Bev White for a nice visit. After the ride, Jackie and I went to George's for a Wing Dinner. The chicken was under cooked and very messy. Not a good lunch. I think George's has changed ownership. We will skip going to George's for awhile. 

  • Wed, April 18, 2018 9:38 PM | Bruce Wright

    Leader:  Bruce Wright, Jean Wright

    Members:  Chuck Coe, Ken Lemmert, Micky ?????

    Guests:  None

    Ride Distance: 25

    Weather: 66 degree

    AMS: One group was 16.3 mpg and leaders was 16 mpg

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None 

    Report: First B ride for Casey Jones Express was tonight. We had 5 members that ride in the B group, that switch into two groups.  It was my first ride for the season, leg got a little tired.  Very good ride for the first one of the season.  


  • Wed, April 18, 2018 5:30 PM | Brad Francisco

    Leader:  Brad Francisco

    Members:  Mike Wilson, Phil Mitchell, Lynne Blake-Hedges, Michael Blane

    Guests: Rob Golding

    Route:  The usual

    Weather:  60 at the start.  Light breeze.  Perfect!

    AMS: 21.9 or so at the front.

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report:  When Rob shows it is a fast ride.  Anytime that I was behind him and he was in front of the group, I went anaerobic.  Not a good thing, but it helps me improve.  Being in the front was a time to rest.  Not the way is should be, but this is a Robservation.

    Good to see Mike and Phil.  Have not seen them since last year.  We had a B contingent also show, but something happened and their ride was not listed on the website.

    Mike hung with us for the first few miles, but with Rob in the front he made the wise choice to pull out of the pace line and find a pace that he could live with.

    Construction on Rt 6 is a problem.  There is bridge construction.  On previous rides we had been waiting until the light turned yellow and then proceeding through.  Might be a problem now as the length of the single lane has been extended.  We went though @ speed on a VERY stale yellow and the oncoming traffic had a green before we got through.  Not so good as we were averaging about 30 mph.  I am not looking forward to doing it from a complete stop.  But the sign said that the traffic pattern will change on the 19th.  We can hope for the best.

    Do not have Rob on your rear wheel.  Lynne found that out several times.  Taking a turn out front and then having Rob take off when you were going to the back of the pace line is not good.  She regained our small group several times, except on Fairgrounds Rd.  She was not losing ground to us, but being out of the draft she had to work extra hard.  She did great!  Must be due to David Kemp's coaching.

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