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  • Sun, March 24, 2013 5:15 PM
    Message # 1250747

    Let's have a discussion on Ride/Route offers.

    We will focus on the CC  - B range.

    Would more folks join rides if there were more recreational rides offered that were taliored more for the weekend only rider in the 30-to max 50 mile range? If there was expected ride support during the ride?

     Should we have inculde in the Ride Class and/or Ride Schedule post, an added notation as to wheter the ride is more of a "training-type" ride/route, or simply state the climbing elvation ?

    What are most riders looking for each yr, recreational rides or ones tailored for Century type events?

  • Sun, March 31, 2013 3:35 PM
    Reply # 1255644 on 1250747
    Walt Roscello (Administrator)
    Speaking for myself, I don't always have a full day to devote to riding.  I also prefer to ride to the start rather than deal with putting the bike in and out of the car, which adds 10-20 miles to most routes.  For those two reasons, I would be happy to see some more B-paced but shorter (25-35 miles) rides during the season.

    I am also fine with more relaxed paces if the area is nice.  I ride to be outside, not just to stay fit.  One thing I would like to see us work on as a club is encouraging people to stay together during rides.  The training mindset says you don't get as much benefit by slowing down by 1/2 mph, but if that is the choice to ride with another rider, I'd like to see more of us making it.

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