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AA Century-Team Principles for 2017

  • Mon, January 02, 2017 6:00 PM
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    The Oxon Hill AA Century-Team focuses on team cycling undertaken consistent with OHBTC’s principles of safe, courteous riding. 

    All Oxon Hill AA members in good standing are welcome.  Esprit de Corps and an OHBTC yellow jersey are a must.  (Oxon Hill colors are required only when indicated in the ride post).

    AA Century-Team rides fall under OHBTC’s Training category (http://ohbike.memberlodge.org/classifications) and adhere to the principles below.  When nine or more Team riders are present, the Team normally will split into two or more smaller groups.


    Team Centric.

    We: (a) ride as a team, stop together at rest-stops and during mechanicals; (b) love speed but protect the Team above all else; (c) encourage other riders (especially during local events) but ask that they do not break our line.

    Safe, Courteous.

    We: (a) announce when approaching other riders or pedestrians from behind; (b) always pass on the left, three feet from other riders or pedestrians; (c) leave plenty of space and signal before returning right after passing; (d) move right when other riders announce from behind; (e) yield to pedestrians at crosswalks; (f) use hand or voice signals to warn riders when obstacles are present, cars are approaching from behind, or when slowing, stopping or turning; (g) single-up when cars are announced from behind; (h) don’t make or reciprocate inappropriate actions or gestures.

     In the Pace Line.

    We: (a) are alert and maintain good situational awareness of traffic, road hazards, and Team riders; (b) keep sudden movements and breaking to a minimum; (c) adjust into the wind or brake-brush to clip speed; (d) maintain front-to-back and side-to-side offsets; (e) protect other Team riders if the line opens; (f) hold line position except to fill an opening; (g) stay off the aerobars, except when pulling; and (h) don’t overlap wheels, even in the echelon.

     At the Pull.

    We: (a) do not surge; (b) do not pull the line apart on ascents; (c) honor established speed limits; (d) restrict time up front consistent with personal limitations; (e) continue cadence on descents until top-gear spinout; (f) signal when rotating using either the hip bump or elbow flick on the pull-through side; (g) allow speed to vary naturally with terrain, wind, and conditions keeping effort steady and constant.

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