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SAFETY/EDUCATION: Lane positioning techniques

  • Wed, April 17, 2013 7:59 AM
    Message # 1270800

    We’re often taught to ride as far to the right as safely possible.  That’s a good general rule, but there are situations that call for changing your lane position, especially when riding in urban and high traffic areas. Positioning to make a left turn, or to go straight when there is a right turn lane, requires moving out of the right lane. Improve your lane positioning skills with the following resources.

    Where to Ride on the Roads (Bicycling Street Smart's tips for safe road riding)

    How Not to Get Hit by Cars (BicycleSafe.com's review of top ways cyclists get hit on the road & tips to avoid them)

    Position Your Position (VA Bicycling Federation's tips on road position)

    The Rights and Duties of Cyclists (League of American Bicyclists video - lane positioning in urban environment)

    Riding in Traffic (Bob Mionske/Road ID video - how to ride safely to the right)

    Cycling Car Hazards (Bob Mionske/Road ID video - lane positioning to avoid cycling hazards)

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