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Minutes of the Annual Meeting
March 3, 2018

This is the 46th year of the club’s existence and members came out for the annual meeting, to meet and talk with fellow members, enjoy a variety of food and desserts provided by those present, attend the business meeting, recognize winners of club awards, and enjoy featured presentations by guest - Joshua Feldmark of Bike Maryland and member - Leslie Tierstein.

Current President Holly Carr began the meeting with offers of thoughts and prayers for those members experiencing health issues (Calvin and Celeste Conyers, Ellyn Peed, Lisha Peacock, and Judy Mutty). 

Joshua Feldmark of Bike Maryland gave an update on the status of Maryland House and Senate Bills impacting cyclists in Maryland.  HB 222/SB268, which deal with safe passing or overtaking bicycles (by allowing drivers of motor vehicles to cross the double yellow line as needed to allow 3 feet of space when passing bicycles), was sent back to committee because of a “poison pill” amendment.  The status of other bills, Complete Streets Programs establishment, and the need to have a separate bike/pedestrian lane as part of the new Nice Bridge were also discussed.  Mr. Feldmark strongly encouraged us to contact our senators and representatives to let them know our feelings about passage of bills that positively impact cyclists.  For more information on what these bills are and who to contact, visit the Bike Maryland website.

The Treasurer’s report, which was printed on the back of the program, was presented by Ron Altemus.  Of note, membership fees do not cover club expenses and have not been raised since 2003.  The Board voted to raise fees for each category of club membership by $5.00 per year.  This will become effective April 1, 2018.  Those wanting to take advantage of the current membership fees may pay the current rate up until April 1, 2018.  The club is also increasing the cost of the Indian Head 100 by $5.00.  A question was asked about members being able to donate money to the club.  This can be done but because of the club’s tax exempt status, the donation will not be tax deductible for the member.  An area for donations to the club will be added to the membership renewal form. 

Information on advocacy was presented by Walt Roscello (Charles County).  He needs feedback from advocates from other jurisdictions.  Walt stressed that the Nice Bridge replacement needs to accommodate cyclists and other non-motorized users.  Letters of support for this have been sent to Md TA from Prince Georges County, Charles County, Montgomery County, and Anne Arundel County.

Publicity and Communications Committee information was presented by Joan Oppel.  The committee is looking at promoting the club to members, how to increase membership, trying to determine why members leave or don’t renew membership, and ways to welcome new members.

The Road Captain for the  past two years, Sherwood Byers, is stepping down and will be replaced by Barbara Haney.  Sherwood expressed appreciation for the Ride Coordinators and Ride Leaders.  The club’s relationship with Rudy Project (that offers big discounts on cycling related clothing and other items) was reviewed. 

Club member Leslie Tierstein gave a presentation on her trip to Italy.  One of the reasons for this trip was so she could practice speaking Italian.  Leslie noted differences between cycling in the United States compared with cycling in Italy.  Bicycles in Italy were used more for everyday transportation versus recreation.  Public bike racks were usually full.  There were differences in what bike shops had to offer versus what you could buy for your bike in the hardware store.  Helmet use was mostly by children.  Bikes were more utilitarian (for lack of a better word) often having baskets and racks.  Leslie accomplished her goal of practicing speaking Italian as well as attending an Italian Film Festival.

Election of officers for 2018 – 2019
The club is currently without a candidate for President.  We are looking for a person who is interested in holding that position.  Interested candidates should contact the members of the board or Jim and Jane Hudnall.  The rest of the candidates for other positions agreed to be nominated and were voted into office. 

The officers are as follows:

    • ???? - President
    • Janell Saunders - Vice President
    • Diane Harris - Secretary
    • Ron Altemus - Treasurer
    • Barbara Haney - Barbara Haney

Awards and Recognition
The club awarded or recognized the following:

The John Hutson Distinguished Member Award – Jim and Jane Hudnall received this award for their many years of service to the club as well as their efforts with bicycle advocacy.  Former club President, Mike Bivens, gave a wonderful speech detailing all of the work Jim and Jane have done over the years that has made the Oxon Hill bike club what it is today. 

Dorothy Hodges Ride Leader Award – Barbara Haney

WOW Awards

  • Walt Roscello -  for help taking care of an injured cyclist and for his excellent work in bicycle advocacy
  • Chris Roell – for providing All-Class rides along the trail systems of Washington, MD, and VA  
  • Debbie Bowman – For leading enjoyable and well managed rides on new and interesting routes.
  • Mike and Regina Saizan – for helping for many years with the Patuxent River Rural Legacy Ride and the Indian Head 100
  • Walter Carr – for his management of SAG during our special events
  • Steve Palincsar – Ride Leader for more than 90 rides led and reported on during the 2016 -2017 year
  • Brad Francisco – for logging the highest mileage in the 2017 OHBIKE Challenge for male club members
  • Lynn Blake-Hedges – for having the highest mileage in the 2017 OHBIKE Challenge for female club members
  • Michael Dong – Outstanding new ride leader who has led 28 rides since leading his first ride in April of 2017

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Harris, Secretary

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