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Bryans Road / Riverside 44 / B

Sat, May 12, 2018 9:30 AM | Thomas Short

Leader:  Tom Short

Members:  None (The Leader had a very compliant group of 0 persons)

Guests: None 

Route: Riverside 44 is a nice route that is in the Oxon Hill Route Library.  Currently, the portable toilet has not yet been placed at the Mallow Bay Park entrance nor has the Nanjemoy store been re-opened (but soon).  The Nanjemoy Community Center is not open on Saturdays or Sundays.

Weather:  Great weather, around 70+ degrees at start and 81 degrees at finish.

Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

Report:  Kirk Saunders led the A group and I led the B group (which consisted solely of me).  The ride started leisurely and then began to surge.  I would fall back during the fast part of the surge and catchup during the slower part.  This continued until the turn on Chicamuxen at mile 8 where the fast surge never slowed down.  The A group continued to gain distance on me until they eventually disappeared.  I expected their disappearance as a B group does not ride at an A pace and actually welcomed it as I felt no pressure to keep up with riders I could not see.  I eventually came across the A group who had stopped at the Nanjemoy store (closed) around mile 22.  I stopped to ask why they stopped at a closed store and was told that there was a portable toilet at the back of the store.  I announced that the B group (me) was leaving knowing that I would be the fox that the A group hounds would chase and soon, I thought, overtake.  I reached the end of Liverpool Landing Road and crossed MD-6 to Baptist Church Road and the hounds were nowhere to be seen.  I continued on Baptist Church expecting to see them behind me but did not until just before the turn onto Ironsides Road.  I turned onto Ironsides and saw they had stopped to wait for a vehicle to pass.  This gave me the opportunity to widen the space between the B group and the A group. On a downhill section Ron Haney and Tom Roberts passed me but the other hounds were still behind until a 12 percent climb just before Durham Church.  All of the hounds passed me on the climb.  All I heard and saw was shifting gears, whirring chains, buzzing tires and brightly colored jerseys.  Strangely, no one except me was breathing hard.  I stopped at Durham Church to fill my water bottles, wipe sweat from my eyes, and let my heart rate settle a little but the A group kept going.  The next time I saw the A group was at mile 32 at the Pisgah store rest stop.  I left the store with them but was soon dropped on the way to the Indian Head Rail Trail which they took so they could climb Bumpy Oak.  I wimped out and continued on Livingston Road which cut about 2.5 miles off the course and permitted the B group to actually finish BEFORE the A group.

I really enjoyed the ride.  The A group were a congenial group which rode together.

AMS:  17.0 mph.  This was much more than the 16.0 average I expected.  It was faster because the route does not have much climbing except for Bumpy Oak which I cut out.



  • Sun, May 13, 2018 5:20 PM | Stephen Palincsar
    Ride With GPS thinks that grade on Ironsides is only 7%. However, if you've ridden lately from Utica Park, the detour around the closed bridge on Old Frederick heading south on Lenhard has a grade that is much steeper than the one on Ironsides heading towards Durham Church, and RWGPS thinks that grade is only 5.7%, so go figure.
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