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8/9 Best of Brandywine: Magruders Ferry, Whites Landing & River Airport

Thu, August 09, 2018 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

Members: Sonja Newman, Pat Sanders, Chuck Coe, Alan Kurzweil, Barb & Ron Haney, Don Gardner, LaTasha Banks, David O'Brien, Jay Lewis, Harold Datz & Rita Z.

Weather: A typical August day in the DMV: just under 80 at the start with 78% humidity rising to the high 80s (and feeling like over 90) with 62% humidity.  Partly cloudy to mostly sunny, 7 mph breeze.  It felt pretty decent in the shade (of which there was a reasonable amount) but it did feel hot out in the sun.

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27242958   36 miles, 2013' of elevation gain.   As a necessary antidote to the excessive flatness of last week's ride, today's route was perhaps the hilliest of all the Best of Brandywine routes, featuring rollers on Croom Rd from Magruders Ferry north to Tanyard augumented with three no-outlet journeys down to the Patuxent and back on Magruders Ferry, Whites Landing and River Airport Roads. the 9.6 miles from Magruders Landing to the turn on Tanyard including 780' of climbing. 

Riders from the Shenandoah Valley and the New River Valley would no doubt find it amusing to call this "hilly," but by our standards, on a day with the temperature at 90 degrees and humidity over 60%, it certainly did the job.

Mishaps & mechanicals: Around 10 miles into the ride LaTasha was having difficulty breathing and turned back, accompanied by Pat Sanders.  Rita broke a shifter cable a week ago and the replacement seemed to have stretched or was slipping, leading to some autoshifts on the climb out of River Airport.

AMS: 12.2

Besides LaTasha and Pat, several other riders cut large or small pieces off the route.  The CC contingent (the AB group having gone off the front before we got to Molly Berry) waiting for LaTasha at the far end of Bald Eagle School was 8 or 9 strong, but when we encountered the ABs on Magruders Ferry Rd half the group U-turned and joined them, skipping the rest stop.    We saw Alan on River Airport and caught a glimpse of three or four of the fast group leaving Merkle as we were entering the Sanctuary.

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