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11/3 Goose Bay: Burch & Chapmans Landing 40 mi CC

Sat, November 03, 2018 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

Members: Jay Lewis, Sarah Clement, Harold Datz, Rita Z, Ken Meredith, Barb Haney, Wayne Hunt

Weather: Sunny, 50s, 12-15 mph winds

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/4406398?beta=false  Actually, designed some years ago as a Southern Exposure route, but forgotten in the shuffle.  The route takes Livingston to Bumpy Oak to Hawthorne, then Ripley to Poorhouse, Burch to MD-6 and down Blossom Point to Goose Bay; and returns on Mill Swamp, Fire Tower, Annapolis Woods to Poorhouse and a second rest stop at the Pisgah store.  After that stop, it takes Mason Spring to Pisgah Marbury, Bicknell and Chicamuxen over to Chapmans Landing.

Mishaps & mechanicals: I got a puncture on Bumpy Oak.  I barely made it to Sartik's, where I stopped to replace the tube.  Sarah, Harold and Rita stopped with me.  Barb continued on Hawthorne, and Jay must have gone with her.  Ken was waiting on Hawthorne and Wayne on Poorhouse.

AMS: 12.5

A brisk, cool but sunny day.  Lots of leaf color, but mostly muted.  We enjoyed the rest stops - it was hard to get going after Goose Bay, everyone was enjoying the break so much.  I made a slight alteration to the route to stop at the portolet at Livingston and the IHRT, but the group got separated by the traffic light at Hawthorne and Chicamuxen so only Ken, Wayne and I ended up at the IHRT; the rest missed the light, must not have heard (or didn't understand) the diversion, and kept on going.  Wayne turned off at Hungerford and Livingston and Ken turned off on 210, so I finished alone - to find Sarah, Harold and Rita at the parking lot.

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