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11/7 Southern Exposure: Welcome>Smallwood Church CC & friends - 36.6 mi

Wed, November 07, 2018 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

Leader:  Ron Altemus

Members:   Joan Oppel, Tom Short, Steve Palincsar, La' Tasha Banks, Donaro Gardner, Alan Kurzweil, Pete Czapiewski, Barb & Ron Haney

Route:   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28874627?beta=false    Livingston, Hawthorne, Ripley/Annapolis Woods, Fire Tower to a rest stop at Scotts; MD-6, Durham Church, Ironsides/Mason Springs, Smallwood Church, Sweetman/Bicknell to a second rest stop at Pisgah Store; final leg Mason Spring, Hawthorne, Lower Wharf, Chapmans Landing, Hungerford, and Livingston back to our start.  36.6 miles, 1224' elevation change.

Weather:  brilliant sunshine at the start, giving way almost immediately to overcast skies as we traveled down Livingston Road.  Aforementioned sunshine had us starting  in the upper 50s but the overcast, with occasional breaks of sun, caused the temps to yo-yo up to the mid 60s and back down to the mid 50s repeatedly.  All the same, much more pleasant than having it rain on us.

AMS:  swept at 12.5.  Without doubt, all of the "friends" were faster than the CC contingent.

Mechanicals/Mishaps:   Flat tire on Annapolis Woods just before Fire Tower is the only known difficulty encountered today.

Report:  Tuesday's rains made it necessary to reschedule if year-end mileage goals were to be kept in the reasonable chance of achieving range.  So a decent turnout of adaptable club members rode today.  Can't really report too much on the "friends" ride(s) but the CC contingent had a nice, leisurely pedal.  Steve cut his ride short by taking Chicamuxen and Livingston back to the start so he could attend to other matters.  Joan and your faithful correspondent added a bit extra by going down to Stuckey after Pisgah Store.  For our efforts, we were rewarded with a pet peacock crossing the road in front of us, and then a bit farther down along, wild turkeys evidently on the move to avoid Thanksgiving dinner. 

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