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DC Monuments on New Year's Day

Tue, January 01, 2019 4:16 PM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)

Leader:  Joan Oppel

Members and Guests: A bit difficult to sort out members from guests because some people didn't indicate one way or the other but I know they're members! So here's the list of 17 people who started with me today (more on that later):

Belinda Acre, Ron Altemus, Steve Brown, Beth Baynes, Steve Forman, Karen Gibbs, Jim Hudnall, Jane Hudnall, Alan Kurzweil, Frieda Lucy, Karen McMIllan, Sharon Miller, Chuck Miller, Steve Palincsar, Tom Roberson, Janell Saunders, Leslie Tierstein

Route:  We visited the Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, Korean War Memorial (very moving), Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, White House, US Capitol, Japanese American Memorial (for those Japanese Americans who served in WWII), Supreme Court, Library of Congress, National Mall, Washington Monument (and a cafe)

Weather:  Headwinds (15mph or so) heading into town 

AMS:  The group stayed together

Mechanicals/Mishaps: Ron Altemus stripped his left pedal and was unable to continue the ride. When last seen, he was heading to Foggy Bottom metro. 

Report:  Aside from the wind, which only impacted riders for a short portion of the beginning of the ride, it was a pretty nice day for a ride. Temperature hovered in the 50's.  Bikers and pedestrians on the paths but not much traffic on the roads in the city. Some people had never been on the 15th St and Pennsylvania Ave cycletracks. Several people left the group after the rest stop at the Cosi cafe near the White House but the rest of us continued on, enjoying the company and the tour. Sharon and Chuck, Jim and Jane, Belinda, Beth, Steve F and Janell returned to the start at Daingerfield Island with me. 

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