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Final 2020 Ride-Brandywine 12/31

Fri, January 01, 2021 8:10 AM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)
  • Leader:  Joan Oppel

    Members:  Alan Kurzweil, Ron Altemus, Mary Scala

    Route:  Brandywine Road to Cedarville, then Dent/St Peter's/Poplar Hill/Dr Mudd to the Moreland Store. From there Young, Truman Manor to Gallant Green, pass the Moreland Store again and head via Mt Pleasant to Covington. Make the awful left onto Aquasco and then take Horsehead, Baden Naylor and Molly Berry for the return.

    Weather:   Very pleasant! Temperatures in the low 50's, with more sun than predicted.

    Report:  After having a three-fourths full ride, it turned out that only three riders joined the ride leader at the start. We experienced the usual truck traffic on Brandywine and Cedarville, though the dump trucks were polite, one even gave a cheery "hello" horn toot. Once on Poplar Hill, there was more traffic than expected - and then, we heard sirens approaching from behind. Then we heard a loud megaphone voice saying "All bikers need to get off the road".  There were two motorcycle cops escorting a funeral to the cemetery on Poplar Hill. Waves and smiles were exchanged, and after the cops left the funeral procession and were returning, more waves! I think the cars waiting behind us to pass at that point took note of the cop/cyclist connection and were extra careful passing. Uneventful ride after that, a really nice day to close out an (insert your adjective here) year. 

  • Joan

  • (PS - back at the parking lot, knowing Mary is a birder, I suggested we ride around to the pond at the back of the North Keys park. We didn't have binoculars but could identify coots, mallards, geese and a still unidentified all white duck.  If you're a birder, check it out some time.)

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