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  • Sun, July 15, 2018 8:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

    Ride Leader:  Diane Harris 

    Riders (Members):  Barb and Ron Haney, Theresa Rowell, Troy Eddy, Randy Hadden, Chris Fairhill who had the longest commute to the ride, ~350 miles from NC!!), Donaro Gardner, Sue Estes, and Tom Roberts and Phil Mitchell who both rode to the start location.  Janell Saunders met us on the route after the climb up Marshall Hall Rd.   I pride myself in getting to the start with plenty of time to get ready for the ride but this morning I was running late.  On my way to the start I realized I had forgotten my phone and had to go back home to get it.  Fifteen minutes before ride start I got a call from Randy asking if the ride was still on because no one else was there!!  I assured him it was still on, got there at ~7:50 and within the next 10 minutes all the other riders had come.  Once we got started we stayed together until the climb up Marshall Hall Rd split us up.  We regrouped and stayed together until Janell and I dropped off on the Indian Head Rail Trail.  We met up with the group at the first rest stop at the Mt Carmel Monastery after riding the rollers on the beginning part of Mitchell Rd.  I love these because you can pick up enough speed on the downhills to get you up the other side but it was pointed out that this road has blind spots, curves, and no shoulders which present hazards to cyclists.  I like this road.  There were more climbs, Chapel Point leading to the rest stop at St Ignatius Church, Bel Alton Newtown, Rose Hill, and Bumpy Oak.  After that it was smooth sailing back to the start.  No mishaps, no mechanicals.  The ride leader ended with a 15.1 ams with the faster riders as high as 17.5 ams.  The hot humid weather that was expected?  We didn't have it!  It was very comfortable throughout the entire ride.  Thanks to all who came out. 

  • Sun, July 15, 2018 8:00 AM | Ken Lemmert

    Leader:  Ken Lemmert

    Route:  35 miles

    Weather:  80 degrees

    AMS:  16 mph

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  none

    Report:  Was looking forward to a beautiful ride on beautiful roads.  Most came true.  The route was to take us out past a Bison farm.  Neat to see Bison in the field instead of the usual cows.  It is one of my favorite rides in the area.   After crossing route 113 they just chip sealed the road.  I was thinking they probably only did one smaller section...nope, about 6 miles....just short of the Bison.  Good news is there is another way to get to the farm and it was not chip sealed.   Fortunately no flats or accidents.  Only saw two cars and a big piece of farm equipment on this section of the road.  Overall a very enjoyable and scenic ride.  

  • Sat, July 14, 2018 9:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Janell Saunders, Jay Lewis, Harry Kidd, Jule Thorne, Pat Walthers, Jane & Jim Hudnall

    Guests: Steve Cohen

    Weather: a thoroughly delightful summer day: sunny, temperatures ranging from the high 60s to the low 90s, not too humid, breezy (except when riding right into it at the end, when it became "windy").  Either it was really nice today, or we're getting acclimated.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28019362, created for the occasion (Bastille Day, as it happens, although no one took note of it) featuring some old roads we used to take but don't do much anymore (Rt 6 south to Morganza Turner) and some roads we generally don't do in this direction (such as McIntosh from Hollywood to Sandgates, and Sandgates northbound) with two rest stops in Baggett Park, one to take advantage of the newly re-opened restaurant -- but if you want ice cream you'd better get there before they close at 1 pm (we just made it) and you'd better hope their cash register is working better than it was today.  48 mi, 1500' of elevation - generally not very difficult, but with a few surprisingly challenging climbs on Rt 6 and in the Loveville Mennonite area.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: Pat's front shifting troubles showed up again, this time only days after having had her bike serviced to fix this problem.  We were checking it out at Baggett Park, and it looked suspiciously like an issue I'd had at Bike Virginia in Staunton, gunk in the cable guide under the bottom bracket shell.  We had nothing in our group to remedy the problem, but Janell noticed a Boy Scout group getting ready to ride the Three Notch Trail, and true to their motto, they were prepared with a spray can of generic WD-40.  A healthy spray down the slot, a wee tweak on the cable adjuster, and voila!

    AMS: 12.8  mph. Jay said something at the start about the club rides he'd been on recently, B rides going at an A pace and CC rides going on a B pace, and Oxon Hill turning into a club that was all about nothing but riding fast, but I assured him that wasn't going to happen today.  Nor did it: we rode together, waiting to regroup when necessary (shifting troubles on MD-6, trying to catch a break in traffic on Three Notch Highway) took our time at McKay's and Baggett Park and finished with a mid-range CC average.

    Facebook album at https://www.facebook.com/pg/ohbike/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2238682686147715

  • Sat, July 14, 2018 8:30 AM | Brad Francisco

    Leader:  Brad Francisco

    Members:  Matthew Lewandowski

    Guests:  None

    Route:  Northern Senior Center (St. Mary's County) to Avenue

    Weather:  70's to 80's

    AMS:   19.0

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  None.

    Report:  Another nice day for a ride.  Where is everyone?

    Matthew and I had the ride to ourselves.  Some sections of deteriorated road surface mainly at the beginning of the ride.  Very low volume of car and truck traffic.  Nary a single motorcycle.  Lots of boats being pulled on trailers.

    Not much to write up.  It was a nice ride, nothing went wrong, we got our ice cream/sherbet (two scoops for me and one scoop for Matthew), and I was glad to have company.
  • Sat, July 14, 2018 8:15 AM | John Gorman

    Ride Name: N. Keys to Eagle Harbor/Gallant Green 50 Class B (14-15) 50milesLeader: John Gorman   Members: Liam Healy  

    Weather:  8:15 AM start.  Brilliant sunshine high 60s/ending in mid 80s. Beautiful low humidity.   

    Stats:   50 Miles/14.7 AMS/Elv-1168 ft gain/Riding time-3:24/elapsed time-3:53    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  None    

    Report:  This was an easy out and back to Eagle Harbor community and loops thru the Gallant Green Community. (Celestial/Bassford/Gallant Green/Mooreland’s store/Young/Truman Manor/Gallant Green). The route, (though it wasn’t all that hot for July), does offer shade. Other than Brandywine Rd, limited traffic due to using the nice community streets of Gallant Green. Nice relatively quick easy 50miler.

  • Fri, July 13, 2018 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Susan Altemus, John Riconda, Randy Schoch, Susan Henn, Belinda Acre, Roger Cubbage, Robin Garnett, Jane & Jim Hudnall.  Joining us at White Plains - Diana & Dan Donohue.  Passed on the trail:  Yvonne & Michael Dong, Bev White

    Route:   Indian Head Rail Trail with a summer start point at the Livingston Road parking lot.  Up to White Plains and return w/an option to continue on to the Village Green and back, which no one did.

    Weather:  Very pleasant.  Temp range of 77-84; humidity lessening; some wind from the eastern quadrant; lots of sunshine and blue skies.

    Report:  Not only was the weather pleasant but the riding companionship was excellent.  Not much in the way of wildlife:  a turtle and a snake.  Numerous other trail users.  Of note - this was Roger's first time riding the trail and he really enjoyed it, saying he would be back.  Several of us went on to lunch at George's afterwards and thought the food was back to being good.

  • Thu, July 12, 2018 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Harry Kidd, Sonja Newman, LaTasha Banks, Tom Roberts, Jane & Jim Hudnall, Linda Bankerd, Pat Walthers, Joan Oppel, Lou Dallorso, Ron Haney.  Larry Peed was there at the start too, although he didn't sign the waiver and I don't think I saw him at either of the rest stops.

    Weather: sunny, 70s rising to the mid 80s by early afternoon; a very pleasant day.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28016080   35 miles, 1575' of elevation gain, with rest stops at the Nottingham Store and the McDonalds in Marlton.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: Lou Dallorso had a flat on Candy Hill early in the ride, and Jim's bicycle was struck by a car, damaging his rear wheel, on the way to the second rest stop.   A driver pulled out of Grandhaven onto Duley Station just as Jim was going by and hit his back wheel.  The driver didn't stop.  Jim didn't go down and wasn't hurt, but the wheel had a wobble so he and Jane cut the ride short.

    AMS: 11.9

    This was Pat's first Best of Brandywine and only her second ride since her crash while on tour two and a half months ago.   As many of us know first hand, six weeks off the bike for rehab makes you feel like you've forgotten how to ride, and a bad crash really steals away your confidence, especially on fast downhills.  Joan and I rode with Pat at the back, and by the time we finished she was feeling a lot better than before we started.  

    Although this wasn't billed as a birthday ride, it happens to be my birthday and somebody leaked that information, so after the obligatory photo the group sang Happy Birthday.  At least I didn't have to wear a sombrero...

  • Wed, July 11, 2018 5:30 PM | Blake Altman

    Ride Leader:  Blake Altman

    Date: July 11, 2018

    Ride Name:  Casey Jones Express

    Ride Distance:  25 Miles

    Average Speed of the Ride:  22.2 MPH (lead)

    Ride Class:  AA/2 Express

    Mechanical Issues:  Flat tire

    Mishaps:  None

    Weather: 90’s, humid, partly cloudy

    Guest Riders:  Holden Hudson, Alonzo Baxter, Mike Mullinott, Wesley Harris, Anthony Carter, Orlando (?), Kevin O’Clair, Josh Hettel

    Member Riders:   Eric Williams, Douglas Carter, Brad Francisco, Tyler Hill, Mike Wilson, Sue Estes, Tom Roberts, Chuck Coe, Jason Hendricks, Michael Blaine, Michael Kenyon

    Ride Report:

    We had a big turn-out for this ride!  Some of this might have been A/B riders who tagged-along with us since there wasn’t an A/B ride this week.

    The ride was somewhat slow to form-up out of the parking lot since there were some breaks caused by waiting for traffic at intersections.  By the time we reach the end of St. Mary’s Ave. the ride had consolidated and it was off to the races.

    So far as I can tell, the ride was pretty much together until the hill on Route 6 where the typical break-up of the ride occurred.  Today was a bit noteworthy in that the lead group was much larger than usual and the number of trailing riders was much smaller.  A chase group of 3 riders managed to catch the lead group with the assistance of the traffic light at Penn’s Hill Road.  The rest of the ride was too far back to join.

    The lead group was together until crossing Budd’s Creek Road were traffic again split the ride.  The lead group slowed until the trailing group caught-up on Allen’s Fresh Road.  The group again fractured due to traffic when rejoining Budd’s Creek.  The lead group did not slow down at this point since it was assumed that the trailing group (who had most of the stronger riders) would soon catch up on the hill.  (This was the rider leader’s decision but a bad one; it was pointed out to me later that this may cause trailing riders to make dangerous crossings in order to not get separated.  I will not be doing that again.)

    It took most of the trailing group until a few miles down Route 301 to catch the lead group.  This was a big surprise given the strength of the trailing group.  Once they rejoined the lead group stayed together until the end with the pace going from fast to really fast depending on who was leading.

    Unknown to the ride leader Tyler suffered a flat tire and was delayed returning to the start.  Chuck went in his car to find him but we subsequently learned that Tyler had repaired the flat and rode directly home.  We were able to call Chuck and let him know.

    Sue achieved another personal best for the ride with a 20.3 MPH average; great job!  This seems to be a pattern with her as she seems to top her past performance each week!

    It was another fun ride.

  • Wed, July 11, 2018 5:30 PM | Jim Hudnall (Administrator)
    Leader: Jim and Jane Hudnall

    Members: Randy and Jackie Schoch, Troy Eddy

    Guest: Denise Davis

    Route: This easy ride winds through Accokeek and goes down Marshall Hall Road to the Potomac River. After a break, up Barry's Hill and back to the fire house.
    Weather: It was warm, but a cooling breeze and lots of shade made for pleasant cycling.

    AMS: 14.8 mph in the middle with some faster and other slower.

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report: It was great to do this ride again and have Randy, Jackie, Denise and Troy join us. Troy arrived early and had already done the loop once. This was Denise's first time to ride with the club and we looking forward to seeing her again. The rest stop on the Potomac River is always peaceful and we watched a boat pulled from the water and another one launched. This is an easy ride for beginning riders but can also challenge stronger riders with a fast descent down Marshall Hall Road and a bit of work getting up Barry's Hill. Extra treat - everyone ended up at B&J's after the ride for sandwiches and ice cream.  Join us on Wednesday for this ride.
  • Wed, July 11, 2018 7:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

    Sam joined me on this early morning ride where the goal is to get in as much climbing as we can while staying within a couple miles of the start location.   We practice different techniques of climbing to figure out what works best on which type of climb.  We started with the usual warmup, mostly flat until we get into the area of climbing.  Up and down, turn, more up and down, more turns, and repeat until the final short climb up Bock Rd.  We ended with 20.5 miles and ~1500 feet of climbing.  Thanks Sam for joining me!

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