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  • Wed, January 01, 2020 3:31 PM | Jessica Hirschhorn (Administrator)

    Alas, minus Joan. 

    An attempt was made to reproduce Joan's Annual Monuments ride. Co-leaders were Jessica Hirschhorn and Michael Arnold, who was our valiant sweep.  

    Weather was cool and clear but folks were well bundled and remained comfortable, especially as the temp soared into the 40's!  

    A BIG TURNOUT of about 25 enjoyed this social ride, that included stops at Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, MLK, and Lincoln.  We passed WWII, Botanical Gardens, Supreme Court, Capitol, Old Executive Building. 

    Total milage 20.5.  

    About half the group split up at the end to do 1 New Year's loop around Hains Point before heading back to Dangerfield Island. 

    Barbara Hoover had a flat, and one rider got lost at Hains Point but was rescued. 

  • Tue, December 31, 2019 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Patricia Sanders, Diane Harris, Alan Kurzweil, Pat Walthers, Janell Saunders, Karen McMillan, Tom Short, Lou Dall'Orso, Donaro Gardner

    Route:  Outbound via Bumpy Oak, Rose Hill, and MD-6 to a rest stop at Scott's in Welcome.  Return via Hilltop/Annapolis Woods, Poorhouse, Pisgah Marbury, Chicamuxen, and Livingston.

    Weather:   periods of sun and overcast, temp range 46-53, winds out of the SW

    AMS:  swept in mid 12s

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  Tom's left ankle gave out just prior to the start so he decided not to ride.

    Report:  When the sun was out, a most delightful day; when overcast, a bit nippy.  A congenial group that rode mostly together to Scott's; after that, a few with time constraints went ahead while the rest of us enjoyed the last ride of 2019.  For the most part, traffic was light and the short route left some us desiring a few more miles to enjoy the day.

  • Sat, December 28, 2019 4:50 PM | Stephen Palincsar

    Photo op on the Three Notch Trail

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Janell Saunders, Fred Robbins, Patricia Sanders, Ron Altemus, Karen McMillan, Sarah Clement, Pat Walthers

    Guests: Ray Hastings

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31641649  39 mi, 1270' elevation gain.  The ride featured a trip through the Thompson Corner Amish community including a rest stop at the Amish schoolhouse,  a visit to Wicomico Shores Landing, a stop at Chaptico, then Baptist Church to the 3NT back to Northern Senior Center.

    Rest stop at Wicomico Shores Landing

    Weather: a gorgeous, sunny early spring day that just happened to fall in late December.  Sunny skies, 50s at the start rising to 65 by early afternoon, with a gentle breeze.  A perfect day at any time of year, but especially so as the last weekend ride of the year (since tomorrow's forecast is calling for rain).

    Mishaps & mechanicals: another lost cleat screw (there was one on the Friday IHRT ride on the 20th, too) solved with little drama.  You don't need cleat screws often, but when you do need one you really need one - and they're small and light, so I carry a few (having had that emregency myself this year).

    AMS: 11.9 at the back

  • Sat, December 28, 2019 10:00 AM | Samuel Perry

    Riders: Diane Harris, Tom Roberts, Ken Meredith, Lou D'Alloso,Vanessa Ridgeway, Donaro Gardner.

    Temps: 50 degrees at start and 65 degrees at the end.

    Mechanical: Donaro had a rear flat tire on the Charles County Parkway. 

    Best weather that you could ask for during December in the DMV. 

    We rode from Accokeek MD to LaPlata MD. Our group stayed together for most of the ride's route. The route was mostly flat with rolling hills in LaPlata, and the final hill on Bumpy Oak Rd. The Rest Stop was at the Dash- In on Marshall Corners Road.

    Ride Leader finished with a 14.8 AVS. Most of the group was the same .

    This route was from  the Library of Blackmasterson, titled Stars and Stripes.

  • Sat, December 28, 2019 10:00 AM | Susan Henn

    Leader: Eric Nielsen

    Members: None

    Guests: Jenniffer B., John B., David S.

    Route: RWGPS 31662521 (revised from original)

    Weather: Sunny with intermittent cirrus clouds, high temperatures low 60soF, winds less than 10 mph from NE backing to NW

    Average speed: 17.0 mph

    Mechanical: Rear flat at mile 23

    An exceptional early winter day for bicycling on the Eastern Shore because winds were light and temperatures were well above average. Three of us were on fixed gears. All four of us bicycled together, and we maintained a comfortable late-season pace to the end. Lunch was enjoyed at Mispillion River Brewing in Milton, DE, with sandwiches purchased two miles earlier. We also treated ourselves to post-ride snacks at the Market Street Public House in Denton, MD before motoring home.

  • Fri, December 27, 2019 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Leaders - Jackie and Randy Schoch

    Members - Janell Saunders, Ron Altemus, Monica Imler, Robin Garnett, Steve Palincsar, and Esther Steward.

    Guests - Cynthia Cypress

    Route - IHRT

    Weather - Low 40's, cloudy, over cast.

    AMS - Varied per rider

    Mechanical/Mishaps - None

    Report - A good turnout of mostly regulars riders. Jackie started at White Plains and met us near Bumpy Oak Pond. Very few other riders this morning but we did pass the two riders with the fat tire E bikes, several walkers , and a jogger with bare arms and legs. Not much wild life ether just a few squirrels. We had a short break at White Plains because we didn't want to cool down too much. A quick pace back to the Livingston Road parking lot. We all went our separate ways for lunch. Next Friday we start a new year of IHRT rides. 

  • Tue, December 24, 2019 4:42 PM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)

    Ride Leader:  Joan Oppel 

    Ride Distance: 36 miles   

    Weather: Bright sun, close to 40 at ride start, warmed up into the low 50's

    Member Riders:  Ron Altemus, Donaro Gardner, Alan Kurzweil, Karen McMillan, Steve Palincsar

    Mechanicals: Flat tire

    Ride Report: Our route took is in a large half circle up Barry's HIll to Accokeek and then Davis over to Berry Road, where we took Mill Hill and eventually arrived at the 7-11 rest stop at Middletown and Smallwood roads.  Unlike most Tuesdays, traffic was busy today - must be last-minute shopping. But we also spent about 8 miles on the Indian Head Rail Trail. The group rode together on some sections, hung out at the rest stop together, rode until we hit the trail for the 6 mile section between Middletown and Hawthorne, then split along the trail. Ron, Steve, Don and I regrouped at Livingston - just in time for Ron to have a flat near the intersection with Hawthorne. It was quickly fixed with a team effort and we headed for Chapman's Landing and the return.

  • Sun, December 22, 2019 6:15 PM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)

    Ride Leader:  Joan Oppel 

    Ride Distance: 37 miles   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31622998

    Weather: Bright sun, about 32 degrees but warmed up very quickly and was in mid 40's by noon or before

    Member Riders:  Alan Kurzweil, Steve Palincsar, Fred Robbins, Patricia Sanders, Pat Walthers

    Ride Report: A sunny beautiful day for a ride - not too much traffic and the West River at Galesville was deep blue, placid and picturesque. We stopped to appreciate the 1929 Rosenwald School in Galesville (now the town Community Center. See below for the history.

    Scenery also included lots of horse farms and horses, and one pileated woodpecker and a red shouldered hawk on a telephone wire with feathers gleaming in the sun. 

    Here's a bit of history for the Rosenwald Schools - 

    Julius Rosenwald was part owner of Sears and In 1912, in reaction to the substandard conditions of black rural schools in the Jim Crow South, Booker T. Washington enlisted his friend Rosenwald’s support in building six new schools for black children in Alabama. Rosenwald was so impressed with the results that he proposed enlarging the program.

    The Rosenwald rural school building program was a major effort to improve the quality of public education for African Americans in the early twentieth-century South. His charity committed large sums of money for the construction of schools,  in poor, rural and primarily African American school districts in 15 Southern states. These schools were cooperatively built with assistance from the local African American communities. Donations of land and labor by the local community were matched by financial contributions from the Rosenwald Fund. At the program's conclusion in 1932, it had produced 4,977 new schools, 217 teachers' homes, and 163 shop buildings, constructed at a total cost of $28,408,520 to serve 663,615 students in 883 counties of 15 states.

  • Fri, December 20, 2019 10:30 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Esther Steward, Jane & Jim Hudnall, Donaro Gardner

    Guests:  Jay Hudnall

    Route:  the Friday standard - Indian Head Rail Trail from Livingston Rd parking lot to White Plains and return

    Weather:  Sunshine, slight breeze out of the north, temps ranging from low 30s to upper 30s

    AMS:   mid 13s

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  a new shoe/cleat combination caused frustrating problems but after much head scratching and finagling, was resolved allowing the affected member to ride.

    Report:  a later start in hopes of temps above freezing worked and the riding really wasn't that cold.  Guess other cyclists weren't as hardy as our group since we didn't see any other riders and only a few walkers.  Son Jay is home for the holidays and it was most pleasant having him join us for the ride and get to know him.

  • Wed, December 18, 2019 5:29 PM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)

    Ride Leaders:  Joan Oppel and Ron Altemus

    Ride Distance: 12.5 miles

    Weather: Mid 30's - Before the ride: Rain, then drizzle - which stopped as a holiday gift before we departed the parking lot

    Member Riders:  George Sexton

    Ride Report: The ride leaders were a little late to the parking lot because they noticed it was unexpectedly raining 15 minutes before the start time and hurried to find and put on rain gear. Two riders who drove to the start decided not to ride but one who rode to the start was waiting for us. The drizzle came to a halt as we pedaled out of the parking lot. Ron designed the route and we saw lots of fun decorations (even without the Collingwood House, there was plenty to appreciate). 

    A few pictures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ohbike/photos/pcb.3152978731384768/3152978404718134/?type=3&theater

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