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  • Wed, September 05, 2012 5:00 PM | Anonymous
    Nine riders came out on a very muggy night to take our weekly ride to the river.  Joining ride leader Shane LaBrake were Kirsten Watts, Jim Hudnall, Jane Hudnall, Jeanne Ulrich, Peter Ulrich, German Deortube and guest riders Rodney Cobb and Ron Brown.  

    Jeanne and Peter cut the ride short taking the turn at Barry's Hill Road rather than continue to the river.  Ron missed the start but caught us at the river.  He had a friend riding a vintage Peugeot moped with a a "bikers ahead" sign tacked to the back.  German had a problem right out of the firehouse with a short chain not synchronizing with his newly installed cassette.  He and Shane had the situation remedied in short order though, and caught up with everybody at the Food Lion in Bryans Road. 

    Out rest stop at the river was cut short due to a stinky port-a-john and rumbling in the sky.  With thunder at our tail and a hill to climb, we left the river with all due haste. 

    We were all back at the firehouse safely by 7:00 pm. 

    Please note:  Ride now starts at 5:00 pm!
  • Wed, September 05, 2012 9:00 AM | Judy Mutty
    Ride leader Judy Mutty was joined by co-leader Bev White, and Carl Hattery - the happy threesome! This was Carl’s second ride with the club and we were delighted to show him a new route. No malfunctions and no rain!
  • Tue, September 04, 2012 2:19 PM | Samuel Perry
    Partly cloudy most of the day and humid in the low Eighties for today's ride.  About nine riders joined the ride leader for a 38 mile trip through Waldorf, White Plains and the IHRT. Only one mechanical on Barry's Hill RD (rear flat tire). A new tube and a boot to the tire and we were on our way again. At the rest stop about three riders took a short cut back to meet their afternoon obligations. With the new 10AM start time we got back a little after 1PM. Attending riders were Joan Oppel, Steve Palincsar,Tom Short,Mike Bivens,Regina & Mike Saizan, Loretta Troen, Larry Peed,Noem Lise.
  • Mon, September 03, 2012 9:00 AM | Darin King

    Claire, Lou, and myself rolled out a couple minutes after the other groups.  About 10 miles into the ride, we were joined by David and Andrew.  After a couple/few miles at a 19+ pace, David and Andrew bolted ahead and swept up Claire in their vortex...never to be seen again (hope they made it).  Lou and I labored on.  Our weatherman (Lou) guaranteed rain before the end of our 60 miler, so we converted our A+ ride into the 43 miler, finishing at 18.0AMS.  It did start to sputter a few minutes after we finished, but I think that was about it...never trust the weatherman!

    The course was well marked, and I think the IH100 riders should have no issues.  The only squirrelly part is the entrance to the Mattawoman Creek Art Center, which takes you down a not-so-improved asphalt/gravel "road" to the MCAC.  I'm sure this is necessary to keep a smooth exit flow from the nice marina side of MCAC.

  • Mon, September 03, 2012 9:00 AM | Jim Hudnall (Administrator)
    Ride Leaders Jim and Jane Hudnall were joined by Jan Tucker, Sonja Newman, Deborah Bowman, Jim McPherson, Larry Peed, Dave Schnirel, Celeste Marin, Mike and Regina Saizan, Ruth Anne Cumberland and Sam Perry on the 43-mile B ride. The traffic light at MD-224 and MD-225 split the group in two, and the lead group was soon out of sight. 

    At the rest stop at the Mattawoman Creek Art Center, Jim arrived with an AMS of 16 mph and found that most of the lead group had gone on, probably continuing to the Smallwood State Park marina for water and rest rooms. Larry and Michael and Jon doing the 60-mile B ride were still there, as were the three riders on Judy's 16-mile D ride. Jim unlocked the art center so we could get water and use the rest room. 

    When we returned to our bikes, Jon told Sam, "Good news and bad news. The good news is you only have one flat." Sam, with assistance from Jane, Ruth Anne, Larry and Sonja, put a new tube into his rear wheel. We continued on and finished the ride with no other problems.

    After 37 miles we turned onto the Indian Head Rail Trail at Bumpy Oak Road and felt the first drops of rain. Fortunately, it was only a mist and felt good. After the ride, Larry, Sam, Ruth Anne, Jane and Jim stopped at George's BBQ...delicious.

  • Mon, September 03, 2012 9:00 AM | Anonymous
    First Time Ride Leader Michael Tyler Levesque was joined by Jon Agazzi for what was going to be a 60 mile route. After the first rest stop at MCAC, Jon indicated that he had to finish some work stuff and was going to part ways come Rose Hill Road. While on Route 6 a Charles County Police Officer stopped Jon and me and told us someone was complaining about a group of two riders obstructing traffic on Poorhouse Road. He did not take any names and he was aware that the law allows us to ride and that we had right of way, but just wanted to wish us a safe trip and let us know about the complaint. Jon split off at Rose Hill and I took Causeway to Chapel Point Road and made a stop at St. Ignatius Church were I met up with Steve Palincsar, Mike Bivens and a couple other riders that I didn't get the names of. After loading up with ice and water I set out to complete an abbreviated ride taking Fairground Road to St. Mary's Avenue instead of the loop on Bel Alton Newtown Road. I stopped at Starbucks grabbed some water and a scone. Took off and the rain started on Route 6. Knowing my front derailleur was acting odd I abstained from taking Rose Hill and took Quailwood Parkway to Hawthorne where I finished the route per cue through Bumpy Oak and the Rail Trail. I had a fun time riding and wish to lead some more rides with hopes I will have more people to lead.  I finished at 57.45 miles with a 16.7 AMS.
  • Mon, September 03, 2012 8:00 AM | John Gorman

    Rider leader John Gorman was joined by (riding from his home) Ken Meredith and Dana Trevas for the 8am start. With the original forecast for this day projecting to be a washout, we were very pleased to have cloudy skies and then sunshine most of the ride. This route has been done recently during the summer and I just swapped out one road @ mile 26 to make it a lower elevation and then (as Steve P. says) using the "W", coming back on Brandywine Rd to the lot.

    The start is a pleasant tree covered ride thru Cedarville/St. Peters Church and then some mixed elvation changes thru Poplar Hill/Dr. Mudd and rollers thru Hughesville to the 1st reststop on Old Rt 5 Business (Sunoco). From here, you do have to take GREAT caution crossing over Rt 5 before connecting to Gallant Green north. Also take caution in crossing the RR Track(the angled one w/ a large gap in the rail- suggestion- STOP AND WALK OVER IT)(I had a bad crash and ejection literally out of the saddle on this a month ago).  From here the ride travels thru the McMansions of Bassford/Truman Manor/Celestial (& my way) up Young coming out to Moreland's Store on Woodville Rd. From here you head east/north going thru the 5-way stop sign before getting back to Brandywine Rd. I tend to take the side roads off/on Brandywine back to the lot, then as mentioned, using the "W" before coming back down Cherry Tree Crossing to the finish. 

    We rode together and/or pulled over to re-group slightly, w/ Ken turning off @ Baden Elm School to return home. Stats: 14.45ams, 44 miles, 3:04 riding time. elv aprox 1300 ft (enough to have done something, but no sore knees or dropped chains). No mechanical or other noted issues. 

  • Sun, September 02, 2012 8:30 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

    The weather this entire weekend was iffy with overcast skies and a chance of rain each day but 3 club members (Ken Meredith, Blake Altman, Michelle Williams) and guest (John Clark) took a chance and joined me on this ride.  The weather held out and was actually quite nice during the ride through Anne Arundel County.  The 5 of us were joined by a few guests that had ridden to the ride and stayed with us until the rest stop.  At that point they decided to wait for the remainder of their group while the 5 of us continued on our way.  Beautiful quiet roads make this one of my favorite rides.  No mishaps.  We finished the 46 mile ride with an ams of 17.5.



  • Sat, September 01, 2012 9:00 AM | Jim Hudnall (Administrator)
    Ride leaders Jane and Jim Hudnall were joined by Norm Lisy and Lou Dall'Orso for this 42-mile B ride from the Pisgah Fire Station. Jan and Ron Tucker signed in to ride, but a few rain drops, dark clouds and an ominous patch of green on the weather radar on a smart-phone led them to decide to go back home and cut their grass before the rain came. The rain never came, but the sky stayed dark and several times we thought the rain was about to fall. 

    We made numerous stops on Riverside Road, most of them being to spray bright orange paint around pot holes to warn riders on next Sunday's Indian Head 100. One stop was for Jim to change a flat after a boot placed in the front tire of his touring bike many years ago gave way. It is time for a new tire, after years of trouble-free touring on 700x32 Schwalbe Marathons.

    The Riverside 42 route has two stops at the Nanjemoy General Store. The store clerk was very pleasant, but told us the restrooms were out of order. We didn't go to the store for the second stop, and therefore reduced the Riverside 42 to 40 miles. 

    Norm and Lou wanted to ride more than 40 miles. Lou did so by biking to the ride start from his home in Waldorf, and Norm continued on from Pisgah to get in an additional 10 miles.

  • Sat, September 01, 2012 8:45 AM | George Martin (Administrator)
    George Martin, ride Leader, Larry Perkins co-leader with members Deborah Bowman, Harry Kidd, Julie Ann Kowalewski, Ron Leak, Mark ?, Dee McChesney, Karen Morgan, Loretta Troen, and Pat Walthers enjoyed a ride under an overcast sky.  A few drops of rain made the ride interesting.  After a stop at the Goose Creek Marina, we took a brief detour to ride to the river and check out the house with an airplane landing strip in the front yard. On the ride back, some of the riders opted to ride up Hawthorne Road instead of Rose Hill.  Good group ride with an average speed of 12.7 mph.

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