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  • Sun, December 02, 2012 9:00 AM | Chris Zabriskie
    Good ride.  Mother nature cooperated with giving us a very nice December Sunday.  The 45 mile ride was actually only 44 miles because Gilbert Run Park was closed.  Thanks to all the riders for keeping up a good pace and helping me get home by 12:15 (so I can get kitchen passes for future Sunday morning rides.)
  • Sat, December 01, 2012 10:00 AM | Darin King

    Leader:  Darin King
    Riders:  Michael Blaine, Tim Love, Drayton Reese, Scott Walker, John Choate, Pano Gianniotis, Blake Altman, Nancy Avitabile, Richard Edelman, Craig Turner, Danzie Seaward, David Kemp
    Metrics:  http://ridewithgps.com/trips/1038470
    Pictures:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.567246243291376.145731.147336598615678&type=1&l=f5be497986

    We had a really nice turnout (13 riders) this morning for the Bensville 42.  I figured the 10am start would afford us a couple extra degrees of warmth, but the fog cast a pall over the start.  A nice collection of "pullers" carried us to our rest stop in Nanjemoy at a brisk 18+AMS.  By that time, the sun was in full effect and the morning chill had dissipated, only to be somewhat dulled by another dustup with the Nanjemoy Store management.  Enough said...

    For the second half of the ride, the group splintered into approximately 3 factions, resulting in a wide AMS range of 14.5-18.5.  I wandered around through the middle faction (17AMS) while Nancy graciously monitored the back of the pack (Thanks, Nancy!).

    No mechanical incidents or injuries this time!

  • Sat, December 01, 2012 10:00 AM | John Gorman

    Today's ride if a novel would be titled the "Ugly, Better, Good, Flat".

    Rider Leader: John Gorman, was  joined @ the IHRT White Plains start by:  Kenny Statom, Rodine "Wes" West, & cycling from home Jan Tucker & Mike Bivens, joining us on the route were: Janell (tire flats) Saunders, Jim/Jane Hudnall, for the posted B - 40miler.

    Diane Gorman, Judie Artman, and Jerry Finan started from the IHRT White Plains and rode together on it for 26miles.  

    Well the "Ugly" was leaving @ 8:40am from Bowie in a dense fog, (which made seeing the traffic signals until almost passing them a challenge), which already had this "safety 1st" rider leader saying "well at least we can ride the trai"l, but was doubting doing open road riding. Well arriving at the White Plains lot the forecasted above 40 degrees and projected 50s, sure didn't seem to mesh w/ the cold, cloudy, windy feel in the air. As riders came, we all hoped by the time we went up the IHRT to turn left onto Hawthorne to Chicamuxen that the fog would lift. AND yes it did, so the planned 40 miler was intact.

    So now, the chapter "Better" was unfolding, we split into a forward, middle and sweep packs going up to and then down to the Marina @ Smallwood Park,( most were avging a 15.77 mid to better than high B pace), and now with sun out and the "Good" chapter began to unfold, to allow some transition changing in garb.  We proceeded to go down Chicamuxen making a L onto Smallwood Church Rd and all enjoyed the nice straightway and quiet conditions, now w/ a little more warmth. Things proceeded just fine taking another L to the long straightway on Mason Springs w/ another break @ the Pisgah Store, we decided to just continue on Mason Springs back down to end @ the TL of MD-224/225.

    Ok, are you still reading....  Well unfolds the "Flat"... the rider leader (who was in the back all day any way), figured he and another rider would depart a tad before the upper Bs, and figure they'd pass us enroute. So I and Wes were peddling away,  I began to find it strange that upon hitting the rollers, that my mirror showed no relfection of the group.  I did wait at the bottom of hill at Chicamuxen for about 10mins and never saw the group, I thought perhaps those upper Bs decided to do some add on miles or something, but with the posse of experienced riders, I knew they were in good hands.   As I learned from Kenny's arrival at White Plains, poor  Janell Saunders had another flat a 1/4 mile upon leaving the Pisgah store, then apparently after getting that repaired she had another one shortly after that,  Mike, was going to cycle home and get his truck and transport her back.

    (Stats -ams, are a funny thing: (at least for me any way), as expected the inclines thru Smallwood Church/Mason Srpings are going to bring the ams down. But it's always interesting coming back R off of Livingston to the IHRT how there's a considerable head/cross wind & a mild incline on those final 10miles that  really cuts your ams-mph down about 2miles from what you had been doing all day. )

    Ride Leader #s: 40.30 miles, 14.55 ams, riding riding time 2:46 GREAT Group ride today w/ a good blend of riders w/in  the B-range to support ea other's paces.

    Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.568131509869516.145911.147336598615678&type=3

    Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1966098

  • Sat, December 01, 2012 10:00 AM | Reginald Stokes

    On a foggy Saturday morning with temperatures in the high 30's, 11 riders set out on our 34.5 mile ride. The group consisted of:Steve Palinscar, Bill Blankenship, Rita Z, Reginald Stokes, Belina Acre, S. Clement, Ken Meredith, Pat Walthers, Walter M, Sam Perry, Fred Telleria.

    The ride quicky divided into two groups with Steve, Sam, and ken as part of the lead group. The sun came out as we were putting our bikes on or in our cars.

    The ride leaders(Reginald Stokes & Calvin Conyers) rode sweep.

  • Thu, November 29, 2012 10:30 AM | Michael Saizan
    Riders: Regina Saizan, Steve Palinscar, Pat Sanders, Larry Peed, Mike Bivens, Ken Meredith, Phil Greer, Tom Roberson, Sharon Miller, Jim and Jane Hudnall, Sam Perry and John Early (on his new commuter bike)

    A good turnout for this morning’s ride. Temperatures started out in the low 40’s and warmed up to the upper 40’s but with plenty of sunshine.  The ride started down Brandywine Rd for a warm-up, then looped around Baden Westwood, Croom and Covington Rds, then back to the Baden Store rest stop.  Temps were comfortable by then.  For part two, we headed off to loop around Mattaponi and St Thomas Church Rds.  Turned out to be a pretty nice day and a good turnout of riders.

  • Sun, November 25, 2012 1:00 PM | Janell Saunders (Administrator)
    I had four hardy souls join me today for a great and somewhat eventful ride...Steve Palinscar, Linda Bankard, Larry Peed and Deb Reynolds.  It was a chilly start but we were all well dressed for the conditions.  As we headed onto the IHRT, the 1st unscheduled stop was taken while Steve used the Port a John, so we waited.  Then, after the scheduled rest stop at the end of the trail, we headed over to the Village Green and while myself and Deb used the Pink Port a John, Steve had experienced a flat.  We all headed back to assist, even Linda and I helping to pump. But, the tire would not hold...could it be the 3 patches that had already been applied to the tube?  So, Steve used his backup tube, which also had a patch or two, and we waited while this fix was made. On we went, and after Chapmans Landing and Hungerford, upon crossing back over 210, we stopped at the McDs for another potty break.  On down to Marshall Hall Rd and on our way up Barrys Hill, I had dropped back a bit and guess what, I had a flat!  I hollered, loud, to those ahead a couple of times, but guess what?  Did they look back, did they notice? NO!!!!  On they went up the hill and not to be seen.  Hmmmm, what do you think of that? I made a couple calls, left a message with one and figured oh well, not everyone gets waited on. Fortunately, Linda had waited at the top of Barry's Hill and noticing that I had not been seen in a bit, called me.  By this time, I had found a staple in my (new) rear tire and since the time was getting late, as we had a couple extra stops for other folks needs, I asked for a pickup.  While waiting, I replaced the tube, took out the staple, met a couple nice locals that stopped to check, one even helped me get the tire back on the rim. Larry Peed then appeared and we loaded the bike and he gave me a lift back to the house.  So, for those that complain occasionally of being dropped for one reason or another, I don't ever want to hear about it again!!!!! Other than that, it was a great ride. The End.
  • Sun, November 25, 2012 10:00 AM | Chris Zabriskie
    It was a good ride with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees. The eight A and B riders that made it kept a good healthy pace. A great way to get out and enjoy the fresh air, test out that winter riding gear and work off some of that Thanksgiving indulging.
  • Sat, November 24, 2012 9:50 AM | Chris Moriarity
    It was a cool and breezy day.  One hardy BBC rider showed up at the Cloverly pickup point; we did the ride together.
  • Sat, November 24, 2012 9:30 AM | John Gorman

    Rider Leader John Gorman joined by Ken Meredith, Scott Walker, Dave Melville, and Pano Gianniotis, on a cold cloudy start of 41 degrees w/ winds of 15-20 mph & stronger gusts. So when the weatherman talks about windchill chill temps, today is what he's telling you. All riders had the appropriate winter riding gear on and we had no problems.

    The route uses lots of straightways going down to Moreland's Store (Cedarville/St. Peters/Poplar Hill-Dr Mudd/Woodville to the break @ mile 15.  After the break we took another long straightway S. on Gallant Green before turning left thru Bassford/Truman Manor/(ride leader's diversonf) going up Young back to R on Woodville, back up to the 4-way stop & L back on the retrace loop of Poplar Hill (nicely paved conditions)/Cedarville to L -Ashbox & L- Brandywine Rd. Then using the typical  side roads of Gibbons Chruch / N. Keys back to Brandywine and the less than 2mile finish to the lot.   

    As expected on cold riding days there were some stronger riders who came out, Dave & Scott grouped together from the front and rode back  together finishing w/ a 15.85 ams.

    Panu, Ken, and I grouped together on the return (w/ Ken kindly letting me re-group on the inclines), giving the rider leader a final: 14.85 ams, total riding time of 2:43 and 40miles. Total elvation was 1100ft. No mechanical or adverse problems to report. All riders seemed to give me the "thumbs up" for the route and ride.

    As Ken & I discussed on days of this temp & combined winds, it is better for Dec-Feb ride's miles to be 30-35miles.  Look for my future winter rides to be in that range and  my standard offer of 14ish ams, sweep support and lower elvations routes, than the typical OHBC cuesheet libray listings.      

  • Sat, November 24, 2012 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    Although John Gorman had four or five for his faster, shorter and flatter route, it was just Holly and me for the 42 mile CC version. Not too surprising, considering the day: 40 degrees "feels like 30" due to the wind chill at the start, blustery with 20 mph winds gusting upwards of 30, and overcast skies with gray clouds that parted allowing the sun to peek through only as we were in the last few miles of the ride, and then only for a few minutes.

    Even at the end of the ride at 1:30, the temperature never got above the low 40s and felt like the mid 30s. Of course, once you get going and provided you have the right clothing, days like this don't feel cold, exactly, and with a strong north wind you could almost believe you were having a really good day when you're headed south. And that pretty much sums up the first part of the ride.

    We left the ride start a few minutes before the B group, and they didn't catch up with us until the first rest stop at the Moreland Market. My computer quit working after the first few minutes out of the car, probably a dying battery in the pickup unit, but Holly's GPS said we'd averaged 15.1 or so getting to the rest stop; the B group arrived with a 16 point something AMS. We left the store before them and never saw them again.

    Both routes went down Gallant Green and Bassford, but where John's group went left on Young and then retraced back on Poplar Hill and St. Thomas Church, Holly and I went up that steep little rise on Celestial (amazing how quickly it gets hot inside those windproof layers), then took Wilkerson and Dr. Bowen over to the Little Store for a second rest stop. And then the payback began.

    Heading north on Aquasco was tough, but riding the Croom Rollers in the teeth of a headwind was something else again. Normally if you go all out on the downhill you can ride your momentum most of the way up the steep rise at Mill Town Landing, but today the gusting winds meant we crept down the hill and reached the rise with no momentum to speak of. After fighting our way along Croom, we turned on Baden Westwood, once again into head winds.

    Somewhere along Croom my annual mileage rolled over 10,000 and I briefly considered twitting Holly, telling her now that I'd reached my goal for the year I was stopping right there, and she should go back to the car and SAG me back, but the grim look on her face convinced me that wouldn't be a good idea. It was still a tough slog into the wind along Bald Eagle School, Nelson Perrie and Molly Berry.

    Things got better once we made the turn on North Keys, and by the time we passed Cross Road Trail the clouds parted and the sun came out; time to take off the wind breaker and put on the sun glasses! The good times lasted until we got to Brandywine Rd., when the clouds returned and once more it was back into the head wind.

    We arrived at the firehouse after exactly 3.5 hours, unknown AMS, to find the Bs had long since come and gone. A tough winter ride, but fun.

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