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For a good article on Ride Reports and adding photos to Ride Reports, see pages 7 and 8 of the March 2018 "Spoke-n-Word" .

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  • Sun, August 05, 2012 8:00 AM | Claire Chiamulera

    Ride leader Claire Chiamulera with members Darin King, Nancy Avitabile, Diane Harris, John Choate, Blake Altman and Josh Hettel.

    A compact, well-matched group rode from Oak Ridge Park through Port Tobacco, Chapel Point, Bel Alton and Newport before returning to the park.  We had some early excitement as we headed out and spotted a horse trotting into a development off Oaks Road, probably in search of a well-watered lawn. Hoping the owners would come after their escapee, we rode on.

    The group took turns pulling, keeping the pace strong throughout the ride.  A stiff wind tested us at times and the humidity had us dripping.  About midway, some riders stopped at Murphy’s Store while others rode on to St. Ignatius Church, where we regrouped in the shade.  On the return, we enjoyed a tailwind on some roads--just rewards for eating wind earlier.  We were cruising along Bel Alton Road when Blake’s bike started making noise. We stopped and set up shop roadside; after a few adjustments to the limit screw, barrel adjuster, and chain, we were rolling again.

    The final miles were smooth, and we enjoyed the last shady stretch along Keech Road before making the climb up Oaks to the park. Ride leader AMS: 18.7   Photos

  • Sat, August 04, 2012 8:30 AM | Reginald Stokes

    The day began as a beautiful sunny day with cotton ball clouds and continued that way. The parking lot quickly filled with cars as 24 riders came out to enjoy all the day had to offer. We had three guest riders today which we hope will return, two of which rode with us the previous week. Belinda and I would like to thank George Martin, CC Co-ordinator, Calvin Conyers and a host of others, all seeking to lend a helping hand to insure that their fellow riders got as much out of the day, in a safe manner as they themselves. Harry Kidd and Dan Donahue helped us to ensure that no one made a wrong turn thereby being separated from the safety of the group. Marking turns is no easy task as you ride like h_ _ _ after each turn to reunite with the group after falling back, it is a starting and stopping at each turn. Calvin and George assisted us with the sweep. Having so many helping hands allowed such a large group to have a great ride day without mishap. I am sure I also speak for Belinda when I say that when others have their rides we will also pitch in to give assistance. Isn't that what a club is about.

    Congrats to Gale Perry who achieved her new personal best mileage goal!

    The Riders were; ( Please forgive any In-correctly spelled names )

    Susan Donnay, Julie Ann Knowalewski, Clay Rogers, Jimmy Barlett, Shawn Grighing, Lorraine McCall, Latasha Banks, Harry Kidd, Pat Walthers, Dee McChesney, Walter Carrol, Ami Hartini, Herman Young, Diana Donahue, Dan Donahue, Chris Sega, Calvin Conyers, Sam Perry, Gale Perry, Ray Salvagmini, Michael Besch, George Martin, Belinda Acre, Reginald Stokes.

    There were no reported mishaps.

    Reggie Stokes

  • Sat, August 04, 2012 8:30 AM | Anonymous
    Despite the heat and humidity of early August, 19 riders turned out to enjoy this pretty - and pretty challenging - route.

    Despite the hills, everyone had a great ride. There were two mechanical issues that were resolved on the road, but otherwise the ride went smoothly. We passed the CC riders along the way, and were passed by Michie's AA contingent as well. It was great to see so many OHBTC riders out on the road!

    The following riders participated: Jan Tucker; Larry Peed; Ron Leak; Chuck Coe; Bill (illegible); Shiela Marion; Michael Bivens; Jon Agazzi; Janell Saunders; Dana Trevas; Jane Hudnall; Gary Swartz; Ken Meredith; Blake Altman; Hugo Molina; Larry Greene; and guest Megan Jones. 

    Thanks to everyone who braved the heat for a really fun ride!
  • Sat, August 04, 2012 8:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    The forecast called for a hot, humid day, but except for a few isolated sunny patches we didn't feel it: riding on shaded roads with a good breeze makes a huge difference, and we had both.

    This was a joint Oxon Hill/Potomac Pedalers ride. Among those signing up as Oxon Hill members were Debbie Bowman, Mariel Lidral, Kevin Porter, Holly Carr, Dieter Jobe, Linda and Paul Bankerd, Vic Calderola, Mike [illegible], Ellen Bauman and Linda Molesworth [pretty sure some of whom are PPTC but not OHBike]. Also seen and known to be an OHBike member, but not signing on the OHBike signup sheet, was Karen McMillan. I brought 26 cue sheets and we ran out.

    Early in July, realizing what a hellish summer we were going to have, I modified this route to add a stop at Scott's store on Welcome Rd near Fire Tower before the stop at Nanjemoy. It was a fast group and folks didn't stay long there, but shortly after I left the store there was the entire group, turned back by an accident that closed Rt 6. We detoured up Annapolis Woods, then took Poorhouse, Mason Spring and Ironside to get around the closure, unfortunately bypassing the lovely climb up Durham Church. That added 10 miles to the distance by the time we arrived at the Nanjemoy store.

    The difference between the 70 and 52 mile versions of this route is a loop from the Nanjemoy store left on Riverside to Holly Springs, then back to Nanjemoy via Hancock Run and Adams Willet; the 52 mile route skips that loop. Most of the group did the shorter version, but we had at least a half dozen that took the Riverside loop, and as usual, it was lovely: cool, shady, beautiful and almost traffic free.

    Since we'd all added 10 miles on the way out to Nanjemoy, I modified the return route to cut off 10 by skipping the section along Smallwood Church and Mason Spring to Pisgah, staying on Chicamuxen all the way to Hawthorne. Although it may be hard to credit, even Chicamuxen was cool and shady except for a few exposed spots.

    My computer read 0 and recorded nothing today (must have messed up the sensor when I cleaned the bike yesterday) but Debbie, who rode along with Vic and me all day, finished with 69.3 miles and a 14.4 mph average.  By the new standards, just barely-scraping-by B.  By PPTC standards, a CC pace -- after all, PPTC class standards shift the speed range down for hilly terrain and up for flat terrain, and as many PPTC riders remarked, it was "a flat ride."  I'm not really sure the OHBike Board intended for a ride like this to be classed as CC, though.  What do you think?

    All in all, a wonderful ride. I think some of the PPTC riders from the "other" part of Maryland will find their way back for the Indian Head 100.
  • Fri, August 03, 2012 9:00 AM | Randy Schoch
    Joining Randy Schoch were John Riconda, George Martin, Larry Peed, Brookey Givens, and Jean Davis Barger on this fairly cool (80*) but humid morning.  This was Jean's first ride in awhile and she wanted to try a ride that wasn't difficult.  John, Larry, and Brookey rode at a fast pace while George, Jean, and I swept the rear.  Besides visiting, we saw and heard wild life (turtles, birds, deer, etc.) and other human trail users (walkers, joggers, skaters, bikers).  It was a great ride with no problems (other than Jean dropping her chain which she fixed in no time). 
  • Thu, August 02, 2012 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    Not all that warm by current standards, 80s at ride start and low 90s shortly after noon, but humid. Kind of hard to say who came today, as there were effectively three rides: the Official B ride, the impromptu CC ride (Joan's, but nobody came) and the unofficial C ride (Randy and friends). Signed up for the B ride were Sonja Newman, Larry Peed, Mike Saizan, Tom Short, Mike Bivens, Dana Trevas, Sam Perry, Jane Hudnall, Richard Harrington, Tom Roberson and leader Steve Palincsar. Lou Dallorso was seen early in the ride, and John Early joined at the rest stop.

    Joan and Steve, riding at what until last month had been a mid-range B pace, but now is a just-barely-over CC (did you know they moved the goal posts a few days ago?) were dropped early in the ride but rejoined the group (or, at least, the just-barely-scraping-by stragglers) at the IGA on Aquasco Road.

    Richard took some photos before we left the parking lot:  https://picasaweb.google.com/110125906362162717921/BestOfBrandywineRide8212
  • Wed, August 01, 2012 5:30 PM | Anonymous
    Ten veteran club riders came out and rode a spirited pace on our weekly ride to the Potomac River.  Storm clouds and thunder lurked about, and forced an early departure from our river rest stop.  But, as is frequently the case of late, no rain fell in the locale. 

    Joining ride leader Shane LaBrake were Kirsten Watts, Randy Schoch, Debi Jiggitts, Sonya Newman, Calvin Conyers, Reggie Stokes, Diane Harris, Walt Roscello and Jane Hudnall.

    Walt rode his new recumbent from his home near LaPlata and then back again. 

    Diane worked on a high cadence spin most of the ride, and Sonya and Jane made a rapid run to the river from the outset.  Six of us stayed in a cluster a bit behind them, and Calvin and Randy rode sweep. 

    The weather was warm and humid, but that seemed to affect the riders little.  Kirsten actually posted her fastest AMS to date!

    There were no mechanical issues (apart from Walt making a few adjustments to his new bike), and a fun time was had by all.

  • Tue, July 31, 2012 6:00 PM | Anonymous
    Today's ride went off without a hitch.  I was joined by Jeff Lagana and Holden Hudson.  This evening, we switched up the route a little bit.  We headed toward Route 6, did Dubois and Old Stagecoach, and came back via Bowling Road, did some of the Three Notch Trail, and then wandered around Hughesville a bit through back neighborhoods.  By the time the ride was over, we did about 35 miles.
  • Tue, July 31, 2012 9:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    Partly sunny and cooler today.  It's amazing how comfortable the 80s feel after a July in Hell.  Present at the festivities today were Larry Peed, Tom Short, Randy Schoch (who took off on his own, as usual), Linda and Paul Bankerd, Mike Bivens, Sonja Newman, Mike and Regina Saizan, Tom Roberson, Alan Kurzweil, Jeff BNrady, Herb Hanm, Richard Harrington, Jon Agazzi, Sharon Miller and Steve Palincsar.

    The route, another new combination, went down Livingston to Hawthorne, up Mason Spring, Poorhouse to Burch, then Rt 6 to Blossom Point to the rest stop at Goose Bay.  Return was via Fire Tower, Annapolis Woods to Ripley, Hawthorne all the way to Lower Wharf, then Chapman's Landing back to Bryans Road.  Noteworthy was the repaving - fresh, brand new, still going on in the opposite lane, on Hawthorne all the way from Ripley down to the Chicamuxen intersection.

    As for the ride -- no idea.  I was dropped and no longer part of the ride by mile 3.   Note to all: it's all very well and good for Southern Exposure to become an A ride, but if so, you ought to list it that way in the schedule and you need to find some A riders to lead, because it's for sure it ain't me, babe.

    Richard took some photos:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/107113808916139260792/albums/5771445813522075313
  • Sun, July 29, 2012 7:00 AM | Sylvia Pope (Administrator)
    Beautiful morning for an early ride! Michelle Wilkens, Dana Middleton, Mike Bivens, Ken Meredith and German De Ortube were among the early risers today. Thanks for coming out. 

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