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For a good article on Ride Reports and adding photos to Ride Reports, see pages 7 and 8 of the March 2018 "Spoke-n-Word" .

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  • Sat, July 07, 2012 7:30 AM | Anonymous
    I was joined by members Danzie Seaward, Drayton Reese, Chuck Coe, Mike Bivens, Barbara Haney, Darin King, Chantal Briere, Bob Thompson, John Giglio and Michie Sidwell, along with guest Steve Davis on a HOT day.  We started out as a group and were moving well at 19+ mph until we hit Dr. Mudd.  That is when we split up.  Mike stayed back with Chantal, and I stayed back with Steve.  Most of the group regrouped at the elementary school on Oliver's Shop, and we stayed together to the rest stop.  It was nice to see all the groups there at the same time.

    On the way back, I decided to remove Celestial from the ride and substitute it with Young.  Unfortunately that was the last time we saw Bob, Mike and Chantal.  Steve and I stopped at Woodville and Iowa, and I finally called to find out they had turned left on Woodville and would eventually back track to the start.

    The headwind on Brandywine helped cool things down a bit, but with the heat, it really felt bad out.  I stayed back with Steve as the lead group finished and were long gone by the time we finished.

    The was a day we should have done the 40 mile loop that was designed.

    All got back safely, but the heat is nothing to play with.  While we were riding, there was a Triathlon going on at Smallwood State Park.  At least 9 people had to be treated for heat related issues and they cancelled the Triathlon for Sunday.
  • Sat, July 07, 2012 7:00 AM | Samuel Perry

    Also known as the "ride to beat the heat" this ride start changed several times before settling on a 7:30 AM start.  A total of eighteen riders joined the ride leader for a mostly flat ride to Hughesville.

    Members Ken Meredith,Steve Palincsar,Jan Turner,Ron Tucker,Herb Pruitt,Apiril Pruitt,Janell Saunders,Larry Peed,Jon Agazzi,Eric Petersen,Jocelyn Herrington,Jim & Jane Hudnall, Michelle Dyer,Larry G (couldn't make out name),and guests, Fred Hutchison,Fred Telleria, and my brother Kenny Perry.

    Temps were at mid Eighties at start of the ride. The group kept in Peloton form until we hit the hill at Samuel Mudd Rd which seperated the faster riders from the rest. The rest stop was at mile 21, where we were met by the CC riders doing a 34 mile route and later the A riders doing a 53 mile route. The Sunoco Station had some profitable sales on fluids that day. Most of the riders got back at the ride's start by 10:00AM. An enjoyable time, we got to pump up our avs and no mechanicals.

  • Fri, July 06, 2012 9:00 AM | Randy Schoch
    Leader Randy Schoch, Jimmy Bartlett, Brookey Givens, Brookey Givens, Jr., Jim Hudnall, Richard Harrington, Steve Palincsar, Calvin Conyers, Pat Colvin, Pete & Jeanne Ulrich, and Kirk parked on the side of the lot near the out of service laundry.  The Dollar General manager requested that we not park in front of the store.  We managed to start on time with Calvin upholding his rep. as being the last to arrive (with 2 minutes to spare).  We started early because the weather forecaster was predicting triple digit temps. by noon.  As we rode at a moderate pace in a peleton chatting, there was no wild life to be seen.  Perhaps the wild life was more intelligent than we humans for being on a bike ride in such extremely high temps.  We enjoyed the ride and each others company with a leisurely rest break at the White Plains terminus of the trail.  We began our return at 10:30 in order to get back soon after the "11am Weather Advisory".  Richard, Jim, Pat, Calvin, and I enjoyed lunch sandwiches at CaloJero's Deli after which Jim and I went Eugene Burroughs to trim some low hanging branches in preparation of the Water Melon Ride on Sunday.  
  • Thu, July 05, 2012 9:30 AM | Regina Saizan

    It was another very hot sunny day; the humidity was relatively low compared to the previous few days. I was looking forward to help lead my first ride of the summer, but about 1.5 miles from the start of the ride my rear derailleur cable broke. My co-leader Michael Saizan and Steve Palincsar, Larry Perkins, Herb Pruitt, Sam Perry, Walt Chalmers, Tom Short, Jane and Jim Hudnall, Richard Harrington, and Ted Peters continued the ride without me.  Because it was so hot, a couple of riders shortened the route, but the majority did the 35-mile route at a standard B pace.  Noted hills included a couple on Croom Rd.

    While the others were riding and burning off calories from the 4th of July, I returned to my vehicle and took my bike to the Bike Doctor. Luckily when I arrived they were able to service me right away and they replaced my cable. Kudos to the Bike Doctor for such a quick repair!

    I later returned to the parking lot across from the Brandywine Firehouse to meet the riders upon their return.  Most came back exhausted from the heat and welcomed my spritzing them with cool refreshing water. Thanks to all who came out and supported the ride; at least six riders had ridden the day before, so kudos to them for coming out again in the heat! 

  • Wed, July 04, 2012 7:30 PM | Deleted user
    Parking my car at the park & ride lot at the top of the hill from National Harbor, I rode across the Wilson Bridge and joined up with Dan Donahue and Linda Molesworth.  The Mount Vernon Bike Trail was completely devoid of any cyclists or pedestrians much of the way, until we got up to Reagan National.  We slowly rode our way through the massive crowd that assembled and pitched their tents and lawn blankets to watch the fireworks from the opposite side of the river from the National Mall.  Once we got past Reagan National, the dealt with only light foot traffic.  We found a nice empty space on the lawn on the river bank, directly across from the Tidal Basin.  We were an hour early, but we chatted for a good while and watch the boats on the water assemble for the fireworks display.  Finally, and 10 minutes after 9pm, the fireworks started.  About 15 minutes of nonstop fireworks.  We saw smiley faces, box shapes, hearts and the grand finale was spectacular and made my insides vibrate from the multitude of explosions.  We then had to walk and ride our bikes through the crowds on the trail - most of which was foot traffic.  Once we got past the airport, we were able to ride our bikes again.  I caught up to Dan, but we lost Linda in the crowds.  Dan and I waited at a certain point on the trail as we were half eaten alive by mosquitoes. Finally, we saw Linda and rode the rest of the way and back across the bridge.  The bridge path was really cool, lit up by the lights.  We didn't get back to our cars till close to 11pm.  I appreciate Dan, who came all the way from St Marys County, and Linda, who came a long way, as well, from Calvert County.  I hope the fireworks were worth it!  Great times.  Linda took pictures of the fireworks.    Linda's Photos
  • Wed, July 04, 2012 8:00 AM | Deleted user
    This was a road and pea gravel ride--riders were on hybrid/fitness/mountain bikes.  There were a total of 5 riders, including myself:  Tony Ingelido (member), Trish Butler (guest), Diana Donahue (member) and Dan Donahue (member).   Tony does not have a hybrid/mountain bike, so he led the group to mile 7 -- the wooden bridge that separates Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary from Patuxent River Park; then went back.  The rest of us continued on the pea gravel into Merkle.  We stopped at the river's edge to watch the osprey feed their chick; then took a short side trip to the pond to view turtles (well, only 1 today, as it was too early for them to be sunning on the logs!); then around the rest of the gravel road to pavement at mile 10.5 at Merkle Visitor's center.  The last 12 miles were back on the road with few cars overall.  It was a nice ride on a beautiful day that finished before it got too hot!  Dan suggested I offer this ride again, but with more notice so more could attend.  I waffled for quite a while about this ride, as I had never led a ride before!  I will offer this and others in the near future--being a ride leader was fun.
  • Wed, July 04, 2012 8:00 AM | Janell Saunders (Administrator)
    A great way to start the 4th, we joined Blakes A riders with 7 of our own; Steve Palinscar, Sonja Newman, Herb Pruitt, Walt Roscello, Tom Short, new member Michele Williams and Karen McMillan. Tom and Walt started out with the A riders, and Walt dropped back with us on Rt. 6.  We had a couple dogs give chase on 6, but we managed to avoid them with shouts, bells and general confusion of trying to chase 6 riders at once. I think I was spoiled from Bike VA with rest stops every 12 - 15 miles and this ride had just the one stop at mile 28.  It was most welcome, and bonus, the store opened just as we got there. A couple of the A riders were waiting to refuel, so they joined us on the ride back.  No mechanicals were experienced, and we advised new member Michele to join an A ride, she smoked us all!
  • Wed, July 04, 2012 8:00 AM | Blake Altman
    Members Claire Chiamulera, Mike Bivens, Diane Harris, Darin King, Ron Leak, Jon Agazi, Bill Perry Josh Hettel, and Jean Wright joined me for the Donaster and Nanjemoy ride.  Well as usual we enjoyed the quiet roads, shade, and good riding conditions of this ride.  As has generally been the case lately, it was sunny, hot, and humid for the ride but that didn't stop us or slow us down.  We had a quick ride down to route 6 where the group started to fragment.  We ended up as three groups with the ride leader in the rear group.  We regrouped at the rest stop where we found out the store was closed until 10:00 (we arrived before 9:30).  Most of us left before the store opened but Ken and Ron elected to stay and wait for the store to open and return with the B group.  The rest of us continued on and we again split into mutiple groups.  We all returned to the ride start and without issues.  The front group had a impressive average of 19.9 MPH.  The ride leader and the rear group had a respectable average of 18.3 MPH.  Ron and Ken arrived with the B group who were not too far behind.  We have all gotten so fast!  The ride leader would like to note that having a B ride following up the A ride is nice since members of the A group have the option of joining the B group; I send out my thanks to Jannell Saunders for posting the B ride.  We all enjoyed the ride.
  • Tue, July 03, 2012 9:00 AM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)
    Great group of riders today (and every day) and we had a lot going on before and during this ride.  Ride start: I, Joan the leader, had to change a tube as soon as I arrived at the start.  Mike Bivens pretended he was the "team car" and assisted me to get it done quickly.  In the meantime, at the other end of the parking lot, Calvin Conyers was getting a tube change for his tire.  But, off we went on time!  In addition to Mike and Calvin, riders today were Richard Harrington, Jim Hudnall, Sonya Newman, Steve Palincsar, Larry Peed, Tom Roberson, Mike and Regina Saizan, and Loretta Troen.  We all arrived safely at the Pisgah store but then the gremlins took over.  Jim had a flat on Hawthorne, just prior to the Indian Head Trail.  Mike assisted, but Jim's tire and tube would not stay inflated even with fixes.  A friendly driver came by and offered Jim a ride to the shopping center, which he accepted.  Mike rode back.  Next event: Tom's crank came loose on 210, near the intersection with Chapman's Landing and he sat in the shade on 210 while Richard rode back to get his truck and transport Tom and his bike back to the ride start.  

    It was a hot day but we had a fair amount of shade on the route, no blocked roads, though a lot of debris still on the shoulders.  Everyone survived the mishaps cheerfully. 

  • Sun, July 01, 2012 8:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    Second day of power outage for me. No power meant no computer, no printing, and so no cue sheets. We managed just fine, but it meant only one distance: since half the group had only intended to do the 51 mi. route, the 68 mi. version with the long stretch south on Riverside had to go by the boards.

    I tried to employ the "Anne Brown System" [leader leads from the front, designated sweep at the back, and at each turn the rider behind the leader stops to mark the turn until the sweep is in sight] and although Joan served as sweep, the group chose to either stay together or the fast ones got out in front and then waited at the next intersection. In any event, hybrid though it was, it worked: nobody got lost and pretty much everyone stayed together.

    It was a joint OHBike/PPTC ride, with riders from both groups (and, of course, several who belonged to both). In the group were Lisa Okun, Sonja Newman (whose bike was now shifting perfectly after last week's cable break, new cable installed at Spokes in Bellehaven) Jan Tucker, Tom Short, Maloi Kannea, Chuck Coe, Ken Osterweil, Stacy Okuntai, Karen Zucker and Joan Oppel. Either Maloi or Stacy, don't know which, (from Bethesda, a cycle commuter on her first ever club ride) was on the longest ride of her life, her previous high having been 30 mi.

    I feared that the store at Nanjemoy might be closed, thinking if anyplace was going to be without power due to downed trees and power lines, it would surely be Nanjemoy, and on a day that reached 100 degrees running out of fluids could be dangerous, no matter how shady the route; so I alterred the route to go down Fire Tower to the store at Welcome Rd and Rt 6. We bought ice there, and also at the Nanjemoy store, which was open but without power except for that provided by generators.

    To make up for the extra miles in the detour to Welcome I cut off the unshaded section on Smallwood Church and Mason Springs to Pisgah, substituting Smallwood Park as a rest stop, but Smallwood Park was without power, water or bathrooms. As it turned out, the final route was 47 miles, almost entirely in the shade, and cool. It was a bit of a shock to discover on arrival back at Bryans Road that the temperature was 100 degrees, because for the entire ride it felt like the 80s.

    All in all, a lovely ride, and a big surprise to some of the PPTC riders, who had never been in the area. As several put it, it was way better than sitting at home without power, sweltering in the heat.

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