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  • Tue, April 03, 2012 10:00 AM | Michael Bivens
    Ride Leader Mike Bivens, subbing for Steve, was joined by members Randy Schoch, Jimmy Bartlett, Linda and Paul Bankerd, Regina and Mike Saizan, Joan Oppel, Tom Roberson, Tom Short, Richard Harrington, Diane Harris, and David Van Amevden, on this 39 mile B Ride, through what Steve describes as “Mikey Land”. 

    This route, with portions on Livingston Road in two different counties at three different junctures, had four short climbs (Barry’s Hill, Chatsworth, Mill Hill, and Bumpy Oak), flats on Middletown, Rosewick (including the Rosewick Roller), Washington Ave, and a gradual ascent up Hawthorne, with a rest stop at WaWa on Billingsley and 301.  Randy and Jimmy took a couple of short cuts and rode at a CC pace. 

    Yea, Joan and Tom R, having biked and hiked in the Valley of Death, “feared” the longer route, and cut the ride short since they hadn’t fully recovered from their trek.  Mike and Regina, still recovering from their trip to Oregon and skiing in powder, remained with the Ride Leader to sweep.  School was out for spring break thus no buses to contend with and even though it was primary election day, not much traffic near polling places.  No incidents and a 14.5 AMS at the rear.  
  • Sun, April 01, 2012 1:30 PM | John Gorman
    Our 1:30pm started off overcast and near 60 degrees., starting from the Brandywine VFD lot. Riders for the day were all club memebers: Pat Walthers, Tom Short, Hugo Molina, Jay Lewis, Jimmy Bartlett and ride leader John Gorman. The created route was a modification from the posted cuesheet library. After the break at Moreland's store it heads down Wilkerson and Celestial Ln, thru Truman Manor and back up Gallant Green and retraces the initial roads off Cedarville back to Brandywine Rd, without crossing over to the hilly areas of Molly Berry, N. Keys, to get back to the start. Riders expressed a vote of approval in elminating many of the standard steep inclines, normally encountered on this original cuesheet posting and made for a more enjoyable experience for  CC-B level riders w/ added miles.  Hugo came out for a recovery ride from his Sat's 55mi ALP ride w/ Nancy/Richard,  Tom grouped w/him,  and Jay followed their faster pace. John swept and/or monitored from the front @ times on the route for Pat and Jimmy, we grouped together at times as well.   The weather after the 15-mile reststop, became a nice sunny pleasant day. Ride leader had a 13.60 ams.
  • Sun, April 01, 2012 10:00 AM | Walt Roscello (Administrator)
    As Janell said, there were not a lot of cherry blossoms left, but we did see two nice beds of tulips, so I'm re-christening this the Tulip Ride.

    The CC group stayed together as this was a no-cue ride, and went directly to the Zoo via Rock Creek Trail. We had a rest break in the sun while watching the llamas at the farm animal exhibit.  We found that some members had never been to the zoo, so we hope they get a chance to return now that they know the way.  By the end of the day it was neither too hot nor too cold, so it was a very pleasant trip.  Everyone had a good time, even despite one fall at a stop sign.

    Thanks to Calvin and Polly for leading the way on parts of the ride.
  • Sun, April 01, 2012 9:30 AM | Janell Saunders (Administrator)
    No rain today, just a bunch of clouds. I was joined by Steve Palinscar and Linda Bankerd on the long route to Bethesda, but, had more riders show up for a CC shorter loop. Walt Roscello, Dan and Diane Donahue, Theresa Jackson, and Calvin and Celeste Conyers. Walt took the lead for the CC group and we headed out. We found Polly Choate on the Mt. Vernon Trail on the way to the Jeff. Memorial and when we all met up at the Tidal Basin, we had our photo op. And, what do you know? There were still a few trees in full bloom; must have been a different breed of cherry tree. After leaving the Tidal Basin, the B group took the long loop with a bagel break at Bethesda Bagels. Highly recommended for future rides. We did the Kenwood loop but no blossoms there. On the way back, we skipped the stop at the Zoo and kept going. The sun finally came out as we headed down Rock Creek Parkway. Steve broke off for home at Four Mile Run on the Mt. Vernon trail and Linda and I continued on into Old Town, and found the rest of the group had just arrived at La Madelienes. We had a stop for a snack and Linda headed home while the rest of us continued back to OH. On the bridge, we came across Holly Carr coming back from a visit to friends in Huntington.  A great recovery from the failure last weekend.  Hope next year we can get this right!|
    [Group photo]
  • Sun, April 01, 2012 9:30 AM | Claire Chiamulera

    A crisp Sunday morning with bursting colors of spring all around -– a great morning to ride. John Giglio, Al Manley, Ken Meredith, Blake Altman and Chris Zabriskie joined me on a route from Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville to Port Tobacco and Chapel Point. The wild dogwoods and redbuds lining many roads provided a lift (and a distraction while climbing Rose Hill). We took a break at the midpoint at Murphy’s Store before continuing on to Chapel Point and the climb up to St. Ignatius Church. After a short restroom break at the church, the group rode together back to Oak Ridge, with everyone sharing in the pulling. Al said farewell at the 34 m. mark while the remaining five continued through Newport before returning to the park. The route received a favorable response from the group and Blake deemed it "repeatable", so perhaps I'll give it another whirl sometime.  

  • Sat, March 31, 2012 10:00 AM | Oxon Hill Bicycle and Trail Club (Administrator)

    Despite rain in the forecast we had a great group ready to ride in all conditions. The weather held up and it was an overcast and cool day – perfect for a long bike ride. In addition to our Oxon Hill members Ron, Diane, Carole, Danzie, Bill and Michael, we were able to introduce 4 riders new to the club. They had lots of positive things to say about our club and may join us as members. Despite a mess up copying the cue sheets (I made 2 sets of the 52 mile ride and none of the 47 mile ride), we had a great ride.

    Submitted by Nancy Avitabile and Richard Edelman

  • Fri, March 30, 2012 1:00 PM | Jackie Schoch
    Leader was Jackie Schoch and Riders were Randy Schoch, John Riconda, Larry Peed, Jimmy Bartlett, Jeff Ashly (Guest), Matt Huch (Guest) Calvin and Celeste Conyers.  Well Mother Nature was playing with us again.  I didn't see any rain in the forecast but it was just a drop here and there when we started.  Before we got to the trail my regulars who has gotten very wet in the past were bailing out.  Randy and I caught up with our 2 new guest from Andrews and told them what happen with everybody else.  I told them since we have done this before with the rain we were turning back.  They decided to go on since this was the first time for one of them.  I hope they read this and will get back in touch with me to tell me how far they went.  Hopefully they will come on another Friday.
  • Thu, March 29, 2012 4:40 PM | Stephen Palincsar
    "Seasonal" weather returned, bringing sunny skies, temperatures in the 60s, March winds somewhere between "breezy" and "$#@!*&" depending on which direction we were riding, with tree pollen at record levels. In other words, a beautiful late March day!

    In the group were Larry Peed, Patricia Sanders, Richard Harrington, Grant Bagley, Jay Lewis, Mike Bivens, Jeff Brady, Jim McDermott, Sharon Miller, Alan Kurzweil, Dave VanAmayden, Ken Meredith, Ken Williams, Sam Perry, Erica Kane and guest Matthew Huch, while John Early made a cameo appearance as his route doing errands overlapped with ours on Surratts and Thrift roads.

    The route today was another variation on Surratts backwards to Cosca Park: down North Keys and Martin, up Van Brady, across 301 and Surratts across Rt 5 (where Jay headed back, on the Rt 5 shoulder) to Brandywine and Thrift (where Dave VanAmayden experienced his flat tire and his flat replacement tube) to a rest stop at Cosca Park.

    After the rest stop the route went down Thrift Hill (into a head wind that reduced the speed of the descent by at least 10 mph!) to Floral Park and Danville, where a car fire brought a fire truck and an ambulance blocked traffic for a while; up Danville hill (a genuine hill, that one) to Accokeek and McKendree to a second rest stop at the WaWa.

    From there it was a flat, fast trip along Cedarville with the wind at our backs, and a brutal slog into the wind heading back on Brandywine, relieved only by diversions along Gibbons Church, North Keys, Old Indian Head and Tower that cut sideways across the wind.

    Averages don't mean much on a ride where you spend a quarter hour waiting for rider with a flat tire and another stuck in a line of traffic waiting for the Fire Department to open up the road, but a B or better was maintained by all.

  • Tue, March 27, 2012 8:45 PM | Ronald Leak
    I was joined by guests Dan Hoefert and Ray Salvagini along with Ken Meredith on a route that went from Theodore Green to 301 to Demarr to St. Charles Pkwy to Washington Ave to Hawthorne to get on the trail.  Now with all the nice 70 degree days we have been having, it would have to be a slightly below average 55 at the start of the ride.  This was a shorts and long sleeve jersey or arm warmer day.  Very good ride.  This was Ray's first group ride.  Hes showed up in the parking lot, and we asked if he wanted to ride, and low and behold he came on with us.  He said it was better than talking to himself on a ride.
  • Tue, March 27, 2012 6:10 PM | Stephen Palincsar
    After 86 degrees and sunny on Friday, today's wintery 36 degrees when I left Accokeek to ride down to Bryans Road, and the 40 degrees when the ride left, were a bit of a shock.  Shorts and short sleeve jerseys, developing tan lines, and next thing you know, it's back to booties, balaclavas, long sleeve wool and fleece-lined tights! 

    We might not have had much of a Polar Bear winter, but today was definitely a Polar Bear day.  And none were there but the hard-core polar bears: Mike Bivens, Linda Bankerd, Sharon Miller, Darryl Lowery, Richard Harrington, Grant Bagley, Randy Schoch and leader Steve Palincsar.

    We'd done this route once before, on Feb 7 -- to warmer temperatures, sunny skies and strong winds.  Today we had the sunny skies and strong winds too, but not the warmer temperatures and, for some reason, not the spectacular lighting.   Bottom line: a winter ride with pollen.   Last one in by a long distance (there's something about being amply endowed with frontal area on a windy day to really slow you down at times), 14.1 mph average.

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