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  • Tue, March 13, 2012 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    March 13 - Southern Exposure: Mattawoman Creek Water Views   Leader: Steve Palincsar

    Three days ago winter came calling; today it was early summer.  Clear blue skies, breezy, low 60s as Norm, Darryl and I rode down from Accokeek, but it was 77 by the end of the ride and most definitely was shorts and short sleeve jersey time. 

    In the group today were Randy and Jackie Schoch, Jimmy Bartlett, Thomas Short, Larry Peed, Linda Bankerd, Richard Harrington, Norm Lisy, Mike and Regina Saizan, Darryl Lowery, Jim Hudnall, Mike Bivens, Jay Lewis, Miche Sidwell, Joan Oppel and David VanAmayden.

    The route, found at http://ridewithgps.com/routes/973442 came down Chapman's Landing, jogged over to Potomac Heights on Glymont, then followed the IHRT to Mattingly.  We went left on Mattingly almost to the end (well, the cue sheet turned around at Mattingly Park, but only the leader actually followed the cue sheet, everyone else going all the way down to the end of the road and the very bottom of the hill) for a spectacular view of the Mattawoman Creek.  We then retraced on Mattingly and followed Strauss to Hawthorne, Bicknell and Sweetman to a rest stop in Smallwood Park, with another view of Mattawoman Creek.

     After the break we took a loop around the park up past Gen. Smallwood's house, then took Smallwood Rd. to Mason Springs and a second rest stop at the Pisgah store.  From there it was Pisgah Marbury, Chicamuxen, Hawthorne and over the hill on Livingston back to Bryans Road.  Total, 38 miles and 1224 feet of climbing, Lanterne Rouge finishing with a 14.0 average.


  • Sun, March 11, 2012 2:00 PM | Holly Carr (Administrator)
    On a sunny, but breezy afternoon with the temperature in the mid 60's, five riders (Richard Harrington, Jimmy Bartlett, Mike Bivens, Dana Trevas, Theresa Jackson and trip leader Walter Carr) set out on the familiar Tour de Acokeek.  After a rest stop at Marshall Hall Landing watching the returning fishermen, we returned safely to the firehouse via the infamous Berry,s Hill Road.  No unusual events (flats or falls).
  • Sun, March 11, 2012 1:00 PM | John Early
    Leader John Early was joined by Janell Saunders, Jim & Jane Hudnall and Robert Golding. The five of us had a delightful ride on this sunny mild day full of blue skies. There were no flats or breakdowns. All went well, other than a large truck that buzzed us while riding on Duley Station Road.
  • Sun, March 11, 2012 10:00 AM | Blake Altman
    Ride leader Blake Altman. Members Drayton Reese, Ken Meredith, Nancy Avitabile, Richard Edelman, Diane Harris, and guest Bill Homan joined me for the 48 mile Hidden Amish ride. It was a clear sunny day but somewhat windy. Temperatures at the start seemed a bit chilly but we warmed up quickly in the sun and it got fairly warm by the end of the ride. Ken had his new bike which he seems to really like!  Nancy and Richard pulled away from the rest of us after we crossed Route 6. We regrouped briefly at the first rest stop and then split up again afterwards.  The rest of us rode together and we took a brief second rest stop after crossing Route 235. The back group had an “A” ride average at the end.  I imagine Nancy and Richard’s average was more like an “AA” pace. It was a nice ride with no problems.
  • Sat, March 10, 2012 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    Sat March 10. Gallant Green (Truman Manor the Hard Way, Even Longer). B, 45 mi. Leader: Steve Palincsar Winter came calling today, and he brought his friend, the wind, along for company. It was a clear, sunny day but although the temperatures almost touched 50 the booties, balaclavas and wind layers never came off, thanks to the wind. There was a big crowd at the Brandywine Firehouse, with both my B ride and John Gorman's CC 35 mi version drawing good crowds. Polly's ride was canceled. Among the B's were Richard Harrington, Mike Bivens, Jan Tucker, Cathy Wilson, John Rady(?), Sam Brasel, Janell Saunders, Ken Meredith, Holly Carr, Jane and Jim Hudnall, Herb Pruitt, Michell Dyer and guest Danzie Seaward. The route was an extended version of one of the routes we do on Thursdays from the Firehouse to the Moreland Market by way of Dent and Dr. Mudd for the first rest stop, where we met with John's CC group. After the break, both groups headed south on Gallant Green to Truman Manor, dividing when we got to the grade on Celestial - John going left on Young to bypass the hill, while the B's went up it to Wilkerson, back to Aquasco and east on Dr. Bowen (backwards from the usual) to a second rest stop at The Little Store. [p] From the second break it was a tough slog into a 12-23 mph north wind on Brandywine to Croom (the Fast People motoring off in a pace line, leaving a trail of stragglers behind), where we turned left and went back to Malcolm, then north on Horsehead over to Baden Westwood and east on Westwood to Bald Eagle School. It's the first time I've been down the hill on Westwood in years; the new pavement is simply marvelous. From there, a quick jog over Nelson Perrie to Molly Berry and Martin to North Keys back to the Firehouse. Lanterne Rouge and the Cycling Snails finished with 14 mph averages; who knows what the Fast People did, they were gone when we arrived. [Photos]
  • Sat, March 10, 2012 10:00 AM | John Gorman
    Today's ride was a combined ride start with Steve P's B-pace was a similar extended route. Today's temps of course (after several days this week near 60) for us weekend only riders, was only in the low 40s w/ 10-15mph winds, but very clear and brillant sun. Ride leader John Gorman, was joined by members Pat Walthers, Belinda Acre, and Kenny Statom.  I had never gone as far south as this PG/Charles County route travels, but for those who enjoy a nearly flat with long stretches of straightways before the reststop at mile 15, it offers a wonderful fairly traffic-free rural ride. We and the B group gathered together at Moreland's Store about the same time. Thanks to Steve P's suggestion to avoid a major steep hill midway thru Celestial Ln, we took a left on Young Rd which added 2-4 miles onto the cuesheet, but our cassettes, chains,  and legs were happier for it.  (no need to waste a nice ride because of non-level ground)  Considering eventually, this route takes you back thru the hills of Molly Berry, and N Keys, before heading home on Brandywine Rd.  Also this route, which Belinda availed herself to, offers a shortcut at mile 26 and goes straight back on Brandywine to the parking lot. I would highly recommend this route to C riders using the 31 mile short cut (this shortcut elminates the hills on the return), and others who are looking for a ride that doesn't leave you exhausted at the end.   No mechanical problems to report. The ride leaders' pace was 13.34 between sweeping/leading/covering .
  • Fri, March 09, 2012 1:00 PM | Jackie Schoch
    Leader was Jackie Schoch.  Riders were Randy Schoch, Brian Riley (Guest), Larry Peed, Jan  Tucker, Debi Jiggitts, Richard Harrington, Paris Watson (Guest), Jane and Jim Hudnall, Steve Palincsar and Jeanne Ulrich.  What a great day for a bike ride and it didn't RAIN.  A group of us had dinner at the deli.  A great time by all. [Photos]
  • Thu, March 08, 2012 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar
    March 8 Best of Brandywine: Croomium Plus. Leader: Steve Palincsar. Today the lamb roared. As promised, it was indeed sunny, temperatures getting up to the low 70s, but you'd never have known it except when climbing the "sunken road" section of Molly Berry, out of the wind, when it felt like 90. We had a big group today: Patricia Sanders, Grant Bagley, Mike Bivens, Ken Meredith (on his new custom Titanium Seven - and it really looked like his size, too!) Holly Carr, Alan Kurzweil, Tom Roberson, Richard Harrington, Diane Harris, Thomas Short, Paul and Linda Bankerd, Jane and Jim Hudnall, Sharon Miller, Sam Perry and David VanAmayden -- 18, two more than the number of cue sheets I printed. Normally that's no big deal, given how well most of the Thursday Regulars know the roads around Brandywine, but today it didn't work out for Sharon, who had no cue sheet and lost contact after turning back to the parking lot. She called Jim, who went back, linked up and met us after the break at Magruders. The route included Croom, more Croom, even more Croom, and a few extras for good measure: an initial 13 miles with only 160' of elevation gain and loss of 200', including a stretch on Malcolm riding directly into a 20 mph headwind doing all of 8 mph; followed by the Croom Rollers and Magruders Ferry Rd. with their 14+% grades, some more rollers on Croom, then over Nelson Perrie, up Molly Berry and a loop around Candy Hill and Nottingham to a second rest stop at the Nottingham Store. Normally going north on Croom from Aquasco is "The Hard Way" (14.6% grades do have that effect on you) but today, with 20 mph winds and 40 mph gusts behind us, Croom seemed pretty easy. Not so Magruders Ferry and North Keys, though: gusting, irregular cross winds whirling around in every direction made for very hard work indeed. 38 miles, 1734' of climbing, overall average in the low 13s. Overall summary: "The Seagull, with hills." [Note: photos up on the OHBike Facebook page]
  • Thu, March 08, 2012 10:00 AM | Jackie Schoch
    Leader was Jackie Schoch. Riders were Randy Schoch, Erica Kane and Ruddy Elly.  What a great day for a ride and it didn't rain, but the wind was mighty strong.  This is one of Randy's famous short cut rides.  We didn't have to climb Bumpy Oak Road, did the trail instead and no Rose Hill.  Erica went ahead of us since she had to catch a plane later that day.  Since this was the first time for this ride (officially), we stop to mark the mileage along the way. Randy and I have decided that since he has all of these "Short Cuts" in his head we need to give them to the club so other people might like to lead a ride. Be prepared for more rides will be coming.
  • Tue, March 06, 2012 4:55 PM | Stephen Palincsar
    Tuesday, March 6 - Southern Exposure: a Pilgrimage to Mount Carmel  Leader: Steve Palincsar
    It was a cool, sunny morning with a good breeze; according to weather reports Darryl heard, supposedly the "last winter day of the season."  It was 37 when we left Bryans Road, 47 when we returned 37 miles later, and balaclavas, booties and wind layers stayed on all day.  In the group were Darryl Lowery, Richard Harrington, Mike Bivens, Linda Bankered, Grant Bagley, Jim Hudnall, Sharon Miller and Joan Oppel.  It was a relatively easy route today, only 1185 feet of climbing and the pace reflected it: 14 mph my pace as the slowest rider.  [Note: photos now up on the OHBike Facebook page]

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