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  • Sun, August 04, 2019 5:07 PM | Holly Carr (Administrator)

    This was a wonderful ride.  So many successes.   We had the good fortune of two members (Pat and Neal) who never before participated in OHBIKE rides join our ride.  So the first success was new riders.

    The second success was shared by Sherwood and Pat, who were not sure of their climbing endurance.  And because Walter was there as SAG, they were encouraged to try.

    The third success was shared by Pat, and Sherwood (and Walter) because they completed the entire ride on their own.  Having Walter there gave the encouragement to go past what they would normally do.  And so they did it.

    The fourth success was an observation that doing new and different things benefits the club.  OHBIKE can extend beyond canned rides in Southern Maryland!

    The fifth success was shared by all other riders, including Linda, Darrell, Michael Dong (who rode for San Diego Cyclo Vets), Diane, Tony and myself for the camaraderie shared by all.

  • Sun, August 04, 2019 3:05 PM | Stephen Palincsar

    Longhorns Posing in Nanjemoy - Baptist Church Rd at Bowie

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Ron Altemus, Jay Lewis, Janell Saunders, Mary Scala, Sarah Clement, Walt Roscello, Debby Bowman

    Guests: Loretta Troen, Cathy Miller, Stephen Greene

    Weather: Sunny, humid, 80s to low 90s in the sun; cool and pleasant in the shade (of which there was plenty, this being the back roads of Nanjemoy)

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30603402  28 mi, 1100' of elevation gain (29.8 including the detour to visit the Nanjemoy Store)

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none on the bikes, but Sarah had a tire problem with her car, which Mr Tire in Bryans Rd was able to fix.

    AMS: 10.8 at the back

    It was a lovely day for riding out in Nanjemoy today.  It was sunny, hot and humid (this is summer in the DMV, after all) but there's always plenty of shade in Nanjemoy.  Nobody was interested in the nearly-50 mile companion ride, but Debby did arrive early at Friendship Farm Park and did an additional 10 mile loop, and Walt rode to the ride start.  

    There were faster riders and slower riders today, and eventually the ride broke up into two separate groups; but early in the ride the fast group waited in the shade at the turn where Adams Willet becomes Hancock Run - initially to take a drink, but eventually we all collected up and waited for Ron, who was sweeping.  I was about to call him when he came into view riding with Stephen Greene, who arrived late and had chased him down. 

    We detoured to the Nanjemoy store for drinks.  It's been renovated, but nothing's changed in the layout.  There's no public rest room, but it was cool and the drinks on offer were much tastier than what you can get from the hose bib at the Nanjemoy Community Center.

    We stopped to photograph the Longhorns on Baptist Church Rd.  Someone expressed disappointment that they weren't "more exotic," being common old Texas Longhorns - but Texas Longhorns are pretty exotic for Nanjemoy in my book, and the break in the shade was definitely welcome.

    As far as I know, this is the first time OHBike's had a ride originating from Friendship Farm Park, although we've stopped there in the past.   I don't think it will be the last. 

  • Sun, August 04, 2019 9:00 AM | Thomas Short

    Leader:  Tom Short

    Members: Mike Saizan, Tom Roberts, Luis Dall'Orso

    Guests: Dwann Buford

    Route:  Sunday Morning 40  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30020279.  An enjoyable route with only 1100 feet of climbing over 40 miles.  Long stretches of nearly flat and excellent pavement.

    Weather:  At ride end my car thermometer registered 91 degrees but at no time on the ride did I feel hot nor did anyone complain of the heat. The early 9:00 am start was a big part of our comfort.

    AMS:  16.3 mph for me but I was the last person in. 

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  None.

    Report:  Tom Roberts, Luis, and Dwann held back for the first 23 miles until the rest stop.  From there it was 18 miles to the finish with only 4 turns and they were off!  I was soon left behind but Mike Saizan stayed with them for about 9 miles until, he said, their speed became too much to keep up with.  Mike waited for me and we rode in together.  I enjoyed the route and the people I rode with.

  • Fri, August 02, 2019 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Donaro Gardner (and saw Bob Moye on the trail)

    Guests:  Steve

    Route:   started at Livingston Road, up to White Plains, returned all the way to the Village Green, and then back to our cars.

    Weather:   not as forecast - overcast outbound, sunny on the return, temps ranging from the low 70s to upper 70s w/manageable humidity.

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  none

    Report:  the forecasts consulted prior to announcing the ride was a go indicated a window up to noon before a much higher chance of thunderstorms.  Nonetheless, your faithful correspondent, in an effort to hold off any possible rain brought his "rain" bike (the Monkey), had the rain cover on the front bag, didn't put on any sunscreen, changed the start to Livingston to shorten the return, etc.  Evidently, all of these actions were successful as we had most pleasant weather and the trail mostly to ourselves other than a group of walkers in the White Plains area.  The deserted trail resulted in quite a few wildlife sightings:  white herons, rabbits, deer, turkeys, and a snake on side of the trail.

    The aforementioned guest, Steve, didn't see the start location change so he rode from the Village Green and met up with us at about MM 8 on our return.  We rode back together and invited Steve to join us for upcoming rides in the area.

  • Wed, July 31, 2019 5:30 PM | Donaro Gardner

    Leader: Donaro Gardner

    Members: Carl Hattery and Tim Murphy

    Guests: None

    Weather: 80 degrees

    AMS: 10.5 in the rear and 16 in the front.

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: Flat tire

    Report: The skies where cloudy on this ride.I thought we would get rained out and have to return early.However the weather did hold up.Tim moved on ahead of me and Carl however he did have a flat on his return to the start point.A motorist was trying to let me know Tim had a flat.She spoke spanish and there was a communication problem.However I did call Tim to see if he was ok,and left a voicemail message.Tim did fix the tire before we arrived.Later after leaving he let me know he did a have a flat.All in all a great evening for riding.


  • Tue, July 30, 2019 9:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Patricia Sanders, Jan Tucker, Steve Palincsar, Alan Kurzweil, Pat Walthers, Jim Hudnall, Jay Lewis, Lou Dall'Orso, Karen McMillen, Sam Perry, Barb Haney

    Guests:   David Mann, Andy Schuller

    Route:   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16355330  30.2 mi, 794' elevation gain. Outbound down Bumpy Oak and then the IHRT to White Plains and a rest stop at the IHRT trail head. Continue via Marshall Corner to Hawthorne, descend mighty Mt Pisgah, traverse Lower Wharf and Chapman's Landing back to the start.

    Weather:   plenty of sunshine, temps starting in the upper 70s and maybe reaching 90, SW breezes that felt refreshing, and the ever present summer humidity.

    AMS:   swept in the low 12s, most were faster, a couple slower

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:   none known or reported

    Report:   billed as a shorter and flatter SE, a nice size group showed up.  Three of us (Steve, Pat, your faithful correspondent) rode considerably slower than the others and when we reached White Plains, the fast group was leaving.  Jay stayed back and rode with the ride leader while Steve and Pat took an alternate route, going down to the IHRT at Bensville in search of more shade.  The latter two finished a bit later but said they had an enjoyable ride.  I hope everyone else did, too.

  • Sun, July 28, 2019 8:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

    Leader:  Diane Harris 

    Members:  Jay Lewis, Josh Sieben, Karen McMillan, Tom Roberts, Lou Dall'Orso, Phil Mitchell, and Sue Estes 

    Guests:  Irvin Green

    Route:  Manokeek Espresso, 36 miles

    Weather:  Starting in the mid 70's going up to mid 80's

    AMS:  13.8 for the ride leader, higher for the rest of the group

    Mechanicals/mishaps:  None

    Report:  The 8:00 ride start was perfect because it got us back before the heat of the day.  We started as a group but the climb up Berry Rd quickly separated us into the B group and the not-so-B group.  I like this route because it has us mostly on roads with wide shoulders and little traffic.  The 2 groups met at the first rest stop, refueled, then continued on, bypassing the optional second rest stop because we only had 20 more miles to the end.  Jay opted to cut the ride short and apparently made it back to the parking lot as his car was gone by the time we got back.  The ride was completed before 11:00 allowing us plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day.

  • Sat, July 27, 2019 9:00 AM | Jim Hudnall (Administrator)

    Leader: Jim and Jane Hudnall


    Jim McDermott, Jan Tucker, Ann Sawyer, Janell Saunders, Charles Williams, Jane Hudnall, Kirk Fedder, Wiley Grant, Roger Cubbage and Dan Wells
    (not in photo: Jim Hudnall, Nancy Hankin, Steve Palincsar,  Belinda Acre and Sarah Clement)

    Route: Picnic 28 

    Weather: Pleasant, especially when in the shade. Much better than the August heat and humidity of the last few picnics.

    AMS: Somewhere in the CC range of 12 to 14 mph Average Moving Speed

    Mechanicals/Mishaps:  none

    Report: At 5.6 miles, the route splits into the 28-mile route and the 15-mile route to Kings Landing Park. Nancy decided to take the 15-mile route. The others continued on to Lower Marlboro at 11.6 miles, regrouped at the waterfront and took the group photo. Steve, following doctors' orders of keeping his heart rate down after triple bypass surgery, had dropped back, and Belinda and Sarah stayed back with him.
        The main group went up Flint Hill Rd, a delightful road with much shade and no traffic. It is closed to through traffic, but easy to bike through the barriers half way up.  Steve enjoys going down flint Hill Road, so he, Belinda and Sarah reversed the loop, going up Chaneyville Road and down Flint Hill Road. We all met for a rest stop at Fridays Creek Winery. The winery had not opened yet, but the owner brought out a large pitcher of cold water and let people use the restrooms. 
        We returned to Linda Molesworth's Fresh Meadows Farm and found plenty of food and cold lemonade, tea and water.  Thank you to Troy and Mary Ann Eddy for the delicious grilled ribs, chicken and salmon; to everyone who brought side dishes; and to Ron Altemus for bringing ice, coolers, drinks and everything else that was needed. It was great seeing some of the club members we haven't seen for a while and meeting new members and guests. Linda has a wonderful place for a picnic and we appreciate her sharing it with the club.

  • Sat, July 27, 2019 9:00 AM | Randy Schoch

    Leader - Randy Schoch

    Members - Robin Garnett, Carl Hattery, Polly Choate, Walter Carr, and Renibe Bean.

    Guests - Jay Hauser (unintelligible) and M Johnson.

    Route - The 15 mile ride to Kings Landing and back.

    Weather - 70's to the 80's - sunny, hot and humid.

    AMS - 12 mph.

    Mechanicals/Mishaps - None.

    Report - The 8 of us started on time at 9 am. We maintained a true C pace and had a very enjoyable start. The 2 guests dropped of the back shortly after the first 5 miles and we didn't see them again until the picnic. They did their own ride of a little over 15 miles and had a nice time. The six of us had a pleasant ride to the Kings Landing rest stop on the Pax. River. Ron Altemus and Larry Peed hooked up with us at the rest stop and rode with us on the return.  After our rest break, we rode back to Linda's farm for the picnic. 

  • Sat, July 27, 2019 8:30 AM | Walt Roscello (Administrator)

    Leader: Walt Roscello

    Members: Pat Sanders, Sonja Newman, Rita Zeidner (and Harold), Karen MacMillan, Bill Silva, Karen Hass, Ellen Goodwin, Pat Walthers

    Route: The standard Calvert county picnic route

    Weather: mid-70s at the start to 90 at the end, sunny, mild breezes

    AMS: about 14.0 at the back

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: none

    Report: The CC 43 ride went off smoothly.  The group stayed together most of the way to the rest stop.  We enjoyed a bit of cooler weather before the heat built during the day.  I saw some egret and vultures during the day, and enjoyed the views of the water leading to the stop. 

    After the rest stop I left after the group so I rode with the second to last rider for the rest of the day while the group was ahead.  The cooler than average day and the slightly relaxed pace made the stretch from Marlboro Landing and along Huntingtown Road more enjoyable than many years, although it's always challenging.  The rest of the route was just enjoyable without qualifiers :-) .

    I'm glad I added this ride as the large turnout indicated a demand for it.  It was great to see everyone including on the other rides, especially Steve as he works his way back to his usual riding.

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