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  • Sun, April 29, 2018 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Ellen Goodwin, Doug Lesar

    Weather: Sunny, very windy, low 50s at the start (that felt like the low 40s) rising to the high 50s (that felt like the high 40s) by early afternoon.  Wind was between 12-15 mph from the WNW with gusts much higher.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27329057  47.6 mi, 1634' of elevation gain.  We took Golden Beach and All Faith Church to MD-6S and Flora Corner across MD-5 to Old Flora Corner and Old Village to a rest stop at the WaWa, then Three Notch Trail, Laurel Grove, Kavanaugh and Loveville into the Mennonite area down to a rest stop at McKays in Hollywood.  On the way back, we took McIntosh to Clover HIll, across Three Notch Highway to Sandgates with an impromptu stop to get out of the wind for a minute at the portolets at restaurants; then Three Notch Highway to Loveville/Kavanaugh/Laurel Grove back to the 3NT.  The route called for a rest stop at Baggett Park, but since we'd already had a stop just a few miles before, we turned left into the wind and followed the Three Notch Trail back to Northern Senior Center.

    MIshaps & mechanicals: none

    AMS: 12.7

    What a weekend!  Saturday from the 50s up to the 80s, but today the full winter rig was back on.  I thought for a few moments I might have overdone it with winter booties and heavyweight tights and my winter wool jersey, but the winter gear was just right.  Instead of the 30 degrees of warming on Saturday, today it only gained 8 degrees and the wind blew most of that away.  It was hard work bucking the wind, too - the stretch back on Three Notch Trail was a bit like climbing an 8 mile long hill.

  • Sun, April 29, 2018 8:48 AM | Tim Murphy (Administrator)

    Leader:  Tim Murphy

    Members:  Olga R.

    Guests: Scot S.

    Route: BWI Loop

    Weather: A little chill in the air and some head winds.

    AMS: Slow Ride. Olga's Pace

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

    Report: We had a great ride. Olga likes the bike path because there is usually no cars on them. However, at the ride start a car go lost in the parking lot and ended up using the bike lanes as a turn around.

  • Sat, April 28, 2018 10:00 AM | Thomas Short

    Ride Leader:  Tom Short

    Members:  Sue Estes, Jim Beliveau, Donald Gardner, Bob Thompson, Chantal Briere, Harold Datz, Rita Zeider

    Weather:  Superb!  Comfortable temperature with just a breeze.

    Route:  This is a very nice route on low traveled roads going through scenic territory with only 1575 feet of elevation gain.

    Mechanicals:  Jim rode to Pisgah Park from Accokeek and broke a spoke on the way.  He hoped to ride the route but at mile 15 of the route the wheel began to wobble so he returned home.  I had a slow leak in my front tire which I dealt with by adding air at the rest stops.  Unfortunately, my rear tire also developed a leak along the way which required a tube change.  Rita also had a mysterious rear tire leak which also required a tube change.  Her leak was mysterious in that she had a brand new tire with no obvious damage.

    AMS:  14.5 mph.  I believe the group could have gone faster but we did not want to.  The day and the route was just too lovely to rush through it.

    Report:  Our group was very congenial and also world travelers.  Harold Datz and Rita Zeider had just recently returned from south Africa where they hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro and went on a wild game safari.  Bob Thompson and Chantal Brierre were leaving the next day for 30 days of riding with their company, Far and Away Cycling, to Albania, Montenegro, and Crete. 

    Our first rest stop was Mallow Bay Park. Usually we just stop at the entrance for the port-o-potty but today we rode to Mallow Bay which I had never done before.  It is a nice place with excellent view of the water.  On this day, Charles County government assisted by several environmental groups was doing a bay cleanup through use of kayaks to gather trash in plastic bags.

    One caution.  This is a rural route.  There are no places for food or water so carry a sufficient amount with you.

  • Fri, April 27, 2018 11:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  Larry Peed

    Route:  Indian Head Rail Trail, Village Green to White Plains r/t

    Weather:  dismal:  heavy overcast, temps in mid 50s but feeling colder.

    Report:  The ride start was moved back to 11 am in hopes of a bit of drying taking place but it was still a damp beginning with no one else at the Village Green except your faithful correspondent.  Larry was encountered at mile marker 4 as he was riding from White Plains.  He was fortunate enough to have some time to ride today.  We rode together back to White Plains and then he headed home.  Only two other bicyclists encountered and a slightly larger number of walkers/joggers.  Note much else of note other than a lot of water in both Mattawoman and Old Woman creeks.

  • Thu, April 26, 2018 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Tom Short, Alan Kurzweil, Lou Dallorso, Sam Perry, Chantal Brier, Bob Thompson, Regina & Mike Saizan, Ron & Barb Haney, Tom Roberts, Joan Oppel, Linda Bankerd

    Weather: sunny, windy, in the 50s at the start (and quite chilly feeling on account of the wind) quickly rising to the 60s and eventually to 70 by ride's end (the CC's ride end, anyway - the ABs were gone by the time we arrived, except for Sam, Mike & Regina).

    Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27242958  36 miles, 2,000 feet of elevation gain - a good deal more climbing than even the average Brandywine ride, with rest stops at McGruders Landing and the Merkle Sanctuary.  Climbing included Baden Naylor from Croom up to Molly Berry, Nelson Perrie, trips down to the Patuxent and back on Magruders Ferry Rd, Whites Landing and River Airport, and Croom rollers between Magruders and Tanyard.

    Heading Down River Airport Road

    Whites Landing Road

    Mishaps & mechanicals: on the climb up from River Airport, a dropped chain and a balky pedal release caused Joan to fall over, cutting her hand.

    AMS: 12.1 at the back

  • Wed, April 25, 2018 5:30 PM | Brad Francisco

    Leader:  Brad Francisco

    Members:  Lynne Blake-Hedges, Mike Wilson, Barb Haney, Blake Altman

    Guests:  Charles Sidwell

    Route:  The usual.  26 miles parking lot to parking lot or 25.1 miles on the "time trial" route which starts and ends on St. Mary's Ave.

    Weather:  60ish at the start.  Breeze only noted on the return trip up Rt 301 (a head wind of course).  Rain gods spared us.  A few slightly wet roads, but every other area around us had rain - just not where we were.

    AMS: 20.9 at the front.  Around 18.8 for the rest.

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None.  At least during the ride.  Lynne rode to the ride and arrived early.  She was refining her flat repair skills before the ride.  She used her one spare tube and she was loaned a new spare tube for the ride.

    Report:  As mentioned above, the weather was questionable all day.  Tough to decide if this ride would stay on the schedule.  It was raining everywhere, except where this ride was going.  For the ride leader the rain stopped when he turned off Rt 5 onto Rt 488 heading to the ride.  Guess what, the rain resumed on his way home when he turned onto Rt 5 from Rt 488.  Who installed the rain force field?

    The lane closure remains on Rt 6.  Now it is the west bound lane that is closed.  The good news is that most of the east bound lane has a shoulder.  But not at a bridge about 2/3's through the construction zone.  We waited at the light until it turned yellow and then went for it.  We were back on the shoulder when the west bound traffic got a green light.  Safe!

    The hill on Rt 6 after the construction zone fragmented the group.  Barb passed the ride leader on the climb and then decided to continue at a more reasonable pace.  Amazing effort since she has very few actual miles on a bike this year since she was too busy eating pasta in Italy.  She rode with Charles for a while and earned a slew of Strava trophies while she finished with a very respectable 18.8 mph average.  Mike Wilson also had a very respectable average speed for the ride especially since he was riding solo a bunch and has very few road miles this year, finishing with an 18.7 mph average.  Good training for the next triathlon!  As Charles (Michie) is not on Strava , based on the time he finished he must have had an average of about 18.7/18.8 mph.  Very nice!

    After the Rt 6 hill, we were down to three riders.  Blake had done an amazing effort to catch Lynne and yours truly before the light at Penns Hill Rd.  Together we did test out the few wet roads and found them adequate for the following riders.  Motorized vehicle traffic was light.  Only one example of a one horsepower vehicle was passed (slowly and on the extreme left side of the road - which didn't seem to please the driver of a motorized vehicle that wanted to pass us).

    We three stayed together on the climb up to Rt. 301.  I think we were all tired.  Then into the headwind.  Where did that come from?  When we got on Fairgrounds Rd.  Lynne took a long pull at the front.  We got to take a rest for a bit.  She was not done with us though.  Halfway down Saint Mary's Ave. she declared that she wanted to push it to the limit and took off past myself and Blake.  I chased and Blake who had been pulling us along for a while, let us go.  I caught Lynne, but she passed me on the last part of the last hill.

    A fun safe ride.  Where were the rest of you tonight?

    We could use an A ride leader.

    If you are not a member, please become one.  If you think that you are a member, check your status as memberships do expire.  At one point I discovered that my membership had been expired for a while.  Club insurance specifies only one ride as a guest.

    This works the other way also.  Invite your friends to ride with us.  They will be hooked after just one ride.  It is much more fun riding with us than riding solo!

  • Wed, April 25, 2018 5:30 PM | Bruce Wright

    Leader:  Bruce Wright, 

    Members:  , Ken Lemmert

    Guests:  Mike  Kenyen

    Ride Distance: 25 

    Weather: 65 degree with overcast 

    AMS: 16.4 MPG

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None 

    Report: Group of three left Casey Jones with AA group, the AA group left the B group on St. Mary.  The group rode together from start to finish.  We have a head wind on Rt. 301 that slow us down a little bit.  Good Ride. 

  • Sun, April 22, 2018 10:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

    Ride Leader: Diane Harris 

    Route: Riverside 44 from Bryans Rd

    Distance:  44 miles

    AMS: ride leader (~ 14, computer didn't capture the whole route)

    Riders: (all members) Janell Saunders, Randez Hadden, Lou Dallorso, Tom Roberts, Ken Meredith, Barb Haney, Phil Mitchell,  Nate Humphries, Ron Leak, Bob Thompson, Chantal Briere, Doug Carter

    Report: This is one of the nicest routes in this part of Charles County because of the lightly traveled roads, scenery, and mix of long flats with occasional rollers.  We started off as a group but separated early on the rollers of Chapman's Landing Rd.  We were able to regroup on the Indian Head Rail Trail before splitting up again on Chicamuxen Rd.  The front group was not to be seen even at ride's end!  My group stopped briefly to tighten cleats, at the closed rest stop for a break, at Friendship Landing Park for a bathroom break, and once more at the Pisgah store.  From there, the only other event was a downed power line with live wires, after the climb up Bumpy Oak Rd, which had us detour through a yard (under police direction) to get by.  From there back to the start, with Janell and Ken going on, Janell home and Ken back to the Accokeek firehouse.   This could easily become one of my favorite rides. 

  • Sun, April 22, 2018 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Patricia Sanders, Karen McMillan, Harry Kidd, Bob Howell, Jessica Hirschhorn and joining us at the second rest stop, Debby Bowman

    Guests (PPTC?): Fred, Theresa, Larry, Nancy

    Weather: Sunny, breezy, predicted to be mid to high 50s but actually became much warmer, getting up to 69 degrees by the end of the ride.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24739993   44 miles, 1500' of elevation gain with rest stops at the Amish schoolhouse on Ryceville Rd and at Gilbert Run Park.  We had to modify the route slightly because of road work on Budd's Creek Rd at the bridge. 

    Mishaps & mechanicals:  None, other than Debby's route to the ride start: after a farrago of missed turns and unfortunate choices, she arrived just as we were leaving and I didn't recognize her or her car.  She caught up with us at Gilbert Run Park after another farrago of missed turns and unfortunate choices but took a shortcut back to the ride start.

    AMS: 13.1

  • Sat, April 21, 2018 9:00 AM | Michael Saizan

    Ride Leader:  Mike Saizan

    Members:  (6) Regina Saizan, Vernon Daley, Broderick Pascual, David Schnirel, Fred Sawyer, Ken Meredith

    Guest: (3) John Wh?, Wayne Blak?, Brook Carly

    Weather: A fairly cool start for April, about 45 degrees but the sun felt good. By ride end, it warmed up nicely.

    Route: This was the B-35 version of the “Start The Season” ride.    

    Ride Report:  The 10 of us in the B-35 group started out together from the parking lot.  As we traveled the IHRT, I noticed there were now way more than 10 in the group.  We had joined with the tail end of the B-47 group.  The new group of 18 all turned onto the long climb of Bumpy Oak Rd together. I stopped at the end of Bumpy Oak for a regroup, but didn’t have to wait for anyone. All 18 reported promptly, Cool!  At Rt 6, the long B’s took a right; the short B’s headed straight to Rose Hill.  At the Goose Bay rest stop, we met up with the AA and A groups.  Apparently, some of my group departed with the AA/A groups.  The 6 remaining in the B group continued on to the Pisgah rest stop and back to the parking lot.  A very pleasent day of riding. 

    AMS:  15.2 for the ride leader

    Mishaps: None

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